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Samverse doubledrabble set during "Swan Song". Major spoilers, of course. And I didn't get all I wanted to address addressed in this one -- and I had to cut it down from about 260 words as it is! -- so I'm expecting this to be the first of two. We'll see how it goes; this one was hard enough! Enjoy.

“Destiny is no matter of chance. It is a matter of choice. It is not a thing to be waited for, it is a thing to be achieved.” -- William Jennings Bryan 

A Matter of Choice )
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More or less written 2/10/10. Finally finished it up just now. I'm expecting this to be the first of at least two "Swap Meat" drabbles in this 'verse, but we'll see. For now, here's Sam's. (ETA: And I'm not 100% happy with the title, but I figure if the writers can make an otherwise-unrelated, cheesy pun, then so can I. :))

Face Mask )
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Fandom/TV post ought to be coming on Sunday after LotS (which, can't wait!!). And will no doubt be huge, so brace yourselves. ;)

Anyway, I'll probably forget some things, since I forgot to bring my notecard with my notes on it down to the computer lab, but here's the good parts of real life lately.

1. Laptop. )

2. Valentine's Day card. )

3. Me, my dad, and top surgery. )

4. Progress on various fics (WC, DB, SN). )

ETA: Read more... )
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1. How did I forget to mention my favorite part of last HT? The gas mask scene. Omglol. "Feeding the cat. *casually pulls on gigantic gas mask*" Best line ever.

2. Oh my god "Swap Meat" was fantastic. And it gave me so many Samverse bunnies I don't even know what to do with myself. XD *glee*

3a. Seriously, guys. I am going to keep linking this post until someone responds. Anyone? Anyone? Bueller?

3b. Zera could still use the luck, too. Don't you want to read it? I want to read it!

BN, and some real life intruding on my fanboying. *g* )
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So, I won NaNo. Progress on NCT for thirty days straight. One day my progress was hardly progress (hardly anything), but what the heck, I'm counting it.

And the progress actually helped! The last couple of days I listed out and numbered all the scenes I'm going to need (because the day before, I decided I'd write it in scenes rather than trying to make it one big huge epic. So, something closer to "Sam I Am", rather than what it was probably gonna end up like ("Motivations" [three chapters that ended up as one short one] or "Tracks" [still not finished], neither of which are happy endings). This means it's going to be a lot shorter than it really deserves, but hopefully that at least it'll get finished, because I've already written more parts of it than I thought I had. :)

Besides NCT, I've written a mostly-terrible MTF!Neal fic that I intend to rewrite at some point. Then of course there's that one's related RPF bunny that I hope to write as well. And besides all that, new Samverse is coming! I was inspired this morning, and it turned out crappily, but I've rewritten crap in that 'verse before and had it turn out all right, so we shall see.
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Samverse. Yes, really. Finished and everything. For the first time since November. Aren't you shocked? I know I am. Anyway, this one's changed a lot since the first draft of it back in November, but hopefully that's for the better. :) Enjoy.

Merry Meet )
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Or, "Mini_nano, Day 2, take two." Inspired by a combination of the second Day 2 quote prompt ("To change one's life: Start immediately. Do it flamboyantly. No exceptions." -- William James) and my own T research that I've been doing for the past couple of hours tonight. Thankfully, this one is not otherwise based on my experiences. 100 words.

A Son Like Me )


Day 2 word count: 246/100.
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Samverse stories, in chronological order:

Sam I Am (#1) (pre-series)

A Son Like Me (#6) (pre-series)

Getting Reaquainted (#2) (1x01, Pilot)

The Prodigal Son (#5) (1x01, Pilot)

The Darndest Things (#4) (1x07, Hook Man)

The Real World (#3) (2x04, CSPWDT)

Merry Meet (#7) (4x07, ITGPSW)

Face Mask (#8) (5x12, Swap Meat)

A Matter of Choice (#9) (5x22, Swan Song)

Will add to this as I post more, just to keep everything as organized as possible.

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Have a Samverse drabble, inspired by the Day 1 image prompt over on [info]mini_nanowrimo. 100 words. Set after "Getting Reaquainted" (in other words, during 1x01).

The Prodigal Son )

Day 1 word count: 196 words/100.
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Wrote this drabble almost a month ago (6/12/08), finally decided to post it. It's in the Samverse, and set during 1x07, "Hook Man". 

Thanks to

[profile] zerawolfe7, for helping me place it in the timeline.


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So, the other day, my parents and I went to the church for that counseling session I talked about a while back. It wasn't exactly... what any of us were expecting.

Details. )

Finally, I can't believe it's not even July yet. I have never actually looked forward to the end of summer break. This is a first. I want to get back to school NAO PLZ. Gah. 

ETA: I'm expecting all this parent-stuff to coalesce into some kind of a John-related Samverse plot bunny at some point. Hopefully. And I will post that other one sometime. I just can't decide whether it's any good or not. *shrug*
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I do so love this universe. (If you missed the others, they're all tagged so they're easy to find.) And now I've pretty much got no excuse for not fleshing it out and making it a huge project, since this drabble started out at 176 words. I cut out the first 77 words, added a couple, subtracted one, and ended up with what you're seeing here. (That's why it has a summary; to get across the important parts of what used to be in those 77 words.)

Oh, and also, by the way, if you're picturing this universe, you're of course supposed to be picturing Sam about a foot shorter. JP is just inhumanly tall, and impossibly tall for a transguy. I mean, really. He's huge. o_o (And actually, I was rewatching the XF ep "Demons" the other day, thinking about how tall DD looked next to GA, and when Mulder started having visiony things, I decided there needed to be a crossover. If only because they'd actually have fit together on the screen without boxes if they'd tried, lol.)

Anyway. This is not that crossover. Here's the actual story:

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Drabble not for un_love_you this time, but solely for Writo de Mayo.

I'm pretty sure I'll concatenate these into a bigger, possibly epic venture at some point, but for now, it's just the Sam-I-Am 'verse. (Here's the first one.) Have at it:


ETA: It turned into a double-drabble, because I really couldn't handle the random ending. Second half's been edited in. Enjoy. 

Further ETA: New theme is shiny. :)
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I meant to stop flooding poor LJ with posts, and then I saw this prompt over at [livejournal.com profile] all_unwritten. So, here's my offering. (Link goes to the original comment over on the comm; comment there or here.)

The drabble doesn't have it's own title, but if I make it more than a drabble, it'll be:

Sam I Am
Fandom: Supernatural
Spoilers: None; set in a pre-series AU.
Summary: [Too spoilery too reveal, sorry.]
Prompt: all_unwritten, #235, "living someone else's life".
Word count: Drabble, 100 words.

This way...

This muse was hassling me at literally midnight last night, and I've actually been wanting to write this, so... I did. Enjoy.


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