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Fandom/TV post ought to be coming on Sunday after LotS (which, can't wait!!). And will no doubt be huge, so brace yourselves. ;)

Anyway, I'll probably forget some things, since I forgot to bring my notecard with my notes on it down to the computer lab, but here's the good parts of real life lately.

1. The (nonreturnable) video cable I bought for my computer didn't help, so I sprung for the new LCD this second IT guy suggested (who seemed a lot more sure about it). It came in the mail today and I'll get it to them on Monday, hopefully, so I'm hoping to have a working laptop by this time next week. (And then you'll be seeing the fic, Dime. First thing I'll do. :))

2. Got a Valentine's Day card from my parents today. I dug around in the archives and I don't seem to have mentioned this, so I'll say it here: the card I got last Valentine's Day. It was pink and glittery and had a doll and a unicorn and a dress and etc on it (I had to bring it to Shoshanna in order for her to fully appreciate just how over-the-top it was -- I've got a scan of it on my laptop, but sadly no laptop, so you'll just have to imagine). And if you're thinking it couldn't get any worse? It said "However old you get, you'll always be our little girl." ... And yes. I'd been out to my parents for about 6 months at this point. They just weren't thinking. D: I still feel a little of that seething rage when I think about it. Anyway, they clearly had their brains turned on this time at least. This new one ("for you, son") reads, in part, "What matters is that you're happy". *nodnod* Thumbs up.

3a. Had this convo with my dad a few days ago in which he -- my words, not his -- basically wanted to know why I'm not stealth on Facebook. Um, because I don't want to be right now. Kthxbai. I mean, I got a taste of that in Public Speaking, and it was really interesting, kinda nice, but when I'm still living with a bunch of girls and legally female, it's just not something I think is entirely possible or that I really want to do with everyone. Too much hassle and anxiety.

3b. Dad also seemed to think it made sense for me to just be done now and not worry about top surgery/gender marker, and somehow didn't see top surgery coming. But he's of the opinion in general that I should try and finish transitioning in college and before I really get out into the job market, so he's more or less on board with it. Which is nice, since I have the money together.

3c. OTOH, I have to figure out how I'm going to pay for college first -- I have the funds for one or the other but not both, and maybe not enough for college at all -- before I spend half+ of my life savings on top surgery. I've never taken out a loan in my life and I hear they're harder to come by now. :-/ (But on the top surgery front, I'm narrowing my choices (Raphael, Brownstein, Medalie, maybe Fischer). And I'm sure that'll serve as motivation to get this college stuff figured out ASAP.) Some guys from Goldman Sachs were at GLBTF the other night and, among other things, mentioned that Goldman Sachs pays for GRS -- as in, company insurance doesn't cover it, so the company picks up the tab themselves! Makes me wonder if I shouldn't save my money for college and work for someone awesome like that, but seems like too many ifs and too long to wait. Sadly. Still awesome, though.

4a. Fandom-related, but not about TV specifically, so it goes here to save room later. The FTM!Neal fic is finally, finally starting to come along. I've got several sentences (ETA: in present tense! who writes pre-series fic in present tense? idek.) and half a plan (pray the rest of my plan is on my latop!), but the best thing I've got now is the title, which got an extremely positive response from Zera (jealousy ftw?), and I think it's one of my favorite titles of mine ever, too: "Self-Portrait, In Skin". And I find titles motivating, generally, so if I can remember the rest of the plan (or figure out the parts I can remember) it ought to be coming along.

4b. And Zera's FTM!Nate fic, while not actually getting written, I don't think, is still coming along, too. She's got more of a plan than I have, so we've still got hope on that one as well. Once she stops having to write papers. Silly Zera and her English major. ;)

4c. Unfortunately, progress on Self-Portrait basically means no progress on this one. Or, well, some progress, but not a whole lot, and not terribly recently. I still have hope, though (and likewise on NCT, but even less to report on that front). But then, I still have hope for Tracks. So yeah. >_< That means nothing. A title would help, I bet, if anyone has thoughts. I'm fresh out, after the unexpected flash of brilliance that was "Self-Portrait".

4d. Oh! And I was trying to work on SP yesterday and somehow ended up writing "Swap Meat" Samverse. Yeah. The train of thought (Neal in prison --> the nurse in "Sam, Interrupted" --> "Swap Meat") makes more sense than it should, but still was rather disappointing given how long I've been at SP. Not a bad fic, though, and I'll post it once I can think of a title (and which version I like best). SP seems to have used up my quota of awesome titles for the next eon. Which, well, was worth it.

ETA: Here's the things I forgot. First up, the TMI post. Oh dear god, I cannot stop laughing. Like seriously, I was just laughing out loud, hard, in the middle of the otherwise very, very quiet computer lab. (Most recently, it was the fault of "Like those endangered tree frogs, but a little brighter yellow.", page 9. ETA: And this, oh my god. Horrible and yet BRB LOLING FOREVAR.)

Also, have some links:
Scott Bakula Jumps Into McCain's Body Just Before Election [Onion]
'I Am Under 18' Button Clicked For First Time In History Of Internet [Onion]
I lol'd. Finally, some awesome:
TV Drama [The Forgotten] Helps Family Find Missing Loved One

Oh, and as far as things that aren't links, my floor made Mardi Gras masks and Valentine's Day bags yesterday (and were still there after the WC rerun that ended at freaking 11, so I made one too). My mask turned out pretty good. I think there were pictures; if I can get ahold of one, I'll show it off. And somebody made my bag for me since they didn't think I was going to show, and had the good sense not to make it all pink and heart-y, so I'm happy. Candy's always nice, besides. <3 holidays. XD

Date: 2010-02-13 08:04 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] dime-for-12.livejournal.com
hahaha, oh god. I seriously just got done reading all 13 pages of that TMI post.

I love it. The longest sustained actualfax LOL of my life. I'm still rolling around in the baddirtywrongohsogood of it :D

Also, yay! for your laptop and the ficcy on there (and that your priorities serve to further my own fic-reading goals).


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