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Backwards, vague spoilers for Numb3rs 6x16, 'Cause and Effect'. )

Huge spoilers for Medium, 6x16 'How to Beat a Bad Guy' and 6x17 'Allison Rolen Got Married'. )

WC sf ('Out of the Box') spoilers. )

Spoilers for Castle 2x16, 'The Mistress Always Spanks Twice'. )

Anyway, before Castle were the BN finale (hooray for Garret Dillahunt continuing his streak of making an awesome villain in everything I watch), and WC's "Front Man", which: we can has some hurt/comfort already, you guys? Please? Hello, there was 1x13 'Front Man' spoilers ). A+.

Oh, and there was Human Target on Wednesday, too, that I watched, that was as crazy-actiony-awesome as usual (and hey, there should be a BN crossover with that, that would work well. someone get on that!).

And that's it for the relatively recent TV. The Psych finale is conspicuously absent, I know; I'll be watching that rerun tomorrow.

In other news, college and RL stuff. ).

Roy Zimmerman )

Last but not least, I saw this hilarious WC vid to "Skullcrusher Mountain", and in so doing was introduced to Jonathan Coulton. Check him out, he's hilarious, and the songs on that page are free to stream in full. My faves are "Re: Your Brains", "Skullcrusher Mountain", "Code Monkey", and most of the others that I've listened to, but to list them all would rather defeat the purpose of favorites. ;) Enjoy.
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I love my shows. I don't know how they all manage to be so amazing.

Lie to Me:

LTM (2x6, 2x7); cut for length. )

Castle: Equally great, although the three I finally caught up on (2x7-9) weren't my favorites. (ETA: Tonight's was fantastic, though, wasn't it? I was tearing up a little at the end there.)

White Collar: Show, I love you so much. "The Portrait" was TERRIFIC. I loved the end. <3 God, Neal just keeps getting more and more awesome. The whole thing with Kate broke me, though, omg. ):

Legend of the Seeker: I FREAKING ADORE THIS SHOW. CAPSLOCK DOES NOT EXPRESS HOW AWESOME IT IS. "Broken" really was kind of predictable for the most part -- e.g., the second "You don't want to know" came out of Cara's mouth, I remembered what that guy had said in "Denna" and went "Oh, god" out loud -- and yet, they still managed to make it the kind of awesome you can't look away from. And the parts I didn't see coming. Holy. Freaking. Cow. That is all. Already can't wait till next week!

And, Dexter: Holy crap, the end of "Hungry Man". I thought we'd already gotten our twist for the episode! Didn't see that one coming! Omg. Also, I love this show's writers, too. Awkward and creepy Thanksgiving dinner was awkward and creepy, and more-frequently-than-you'd-expect awkwardandcreepy at the same time! Trinity sure is a scary SOB, isn't he. Damn.

RL and NCT; cut for length. )
Gahhhh. Thank god for Thanksgiving Break. D:
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Procrastinating --> LJ post that is probably going to end up being gigantic. Ah well. At least I'll finally be caught up and I can start getting better about making more smaller posts rather than fewer huge ones. Hopefully.

First, as always: TV.

Cut for Supernatural spoilers. )

Cut for vague FlashForward spoilers. )

Mentalist, after SN, sure had its work cut out for it. It was no contest, in comparison, but still very good even so. Jane is just awesome.

Cut for Legend of the Seeker s2 spoilers. )

Cut for length. )


NaNo, plus important news for anyone following my progress on NCT. )

Which will be finished once I say two more things. The first: I got two shirts from ThinkGeek and they are awesome. I Never Finish Anyth, which I've wanted for years; and Enough Social Interaction, which is just plain hilarious. :D

The second thing: more links.
15 Supernatural Crossovers We Want to See
13 Scariest Episodes of Supernatural
Awesomest candidate for TX governor ever
Annoying Food Jingles
BuddyTV article/interview re: the end of FF's "The Gift" (spoilers)
TV Shows Most Likely to be Cancelled
Creepiest Children's TV Shows
'Being Human' to be Americanized (please don't!)

OK, all caught up. Until next time!
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Somehow, despite the fact that I only have one class and work, Mondays are always so exhausting. So I thought I'd update LJ while I relaxed.

TV (see the tags for a list of shows discussed under the cut) )

More name change madness. )

Finally, three four things:

1. The fire alarm has gone off three times in the past two nights, at 5:30am, 7:30am, and last night at 12:45am. THIS NEEDS TO STOP IMMEDIATELY. DX

2. NCT isn't dead yet! It's coming along, slowly but surely; the notes document (in which I'm including the actual text of the story as I write it, my notes and ideas about things to come that I haven't written actual text for yet, and massive chunks of text copied from (*cough*) websites (*evil grin*) (and in one case, from an interview on the DB site)) is about 9.5 pages long now. Which doesn't say a whole lot about the story itself, given that there's still flashbacks I need to (somehow) incorporate into the present timeline of the story itself, some bizarre tense changes I recently introduced that I now need to deal with by changing the tense of the entire story, and a(n Excuse) Plot I have yet to figure out -- but it's still promising! I have hope, anyway. :)

3. Links:
a) Obama's speech at the HRC National Dinner. <3333
b) Legend of the Seeker on DVD. :D
c) And the comment thread that explains so much about Twilight it's scary-yet-wonderful.

4. I finished "Wizard's First Rule"! Finally! All 820 pages of it. FTR, the show is better, but the book isn't half bad either. I don't think I'll read the next one, though, unless s2 is particularly awesome; books of that length are just too much of a commitment. For now, it's onto "Dexter by Design", and then finishing "American Gods".

Now, time for dinner and then skipping LTM and Castle in an attempt to figure out what on earth we're supposed to do for this Data Structures project. >_< Until next time!
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X-Files. )

Also, I wrote more of that Castle/LR crossover, got to the part where my OC, Dante, encounters a cop and Things Happen, and had a question. So I got online to ask the good folks at [livejournal.com profile] ask_a_cop, and while I was there, did some research. Lo and behold, I'd forgotten again that Castle's set in NYC. I don't know why I have such a hard time remembering that, honestly. It just seems like all my shows are either set in California, D.C., or Miami, so I get confused, I guess. At any rate, this could pose a problem. And I don't have a comm yet to ask questions about NYC, although I contacted the mod over at [info]newyorkers to see if they'd be open to that. (If so, I'll be sure to add them to the list, along with [info]law_questions and [info]lawquestions_au.) While I wait for a response, anyone else up to answering a lot of random questions about NYC? I sense a lot of rewriting in my future if I got the right impression from Google Street View, so I may as well get it right.

Finally, have a meme (stolen from [livejournal.com profile] sashataakheru):

Character List Meme:
1) Make a list of 15 characters and assign each character a number.
2) Without telling anyone who's on the list or the character's assigned number, get questions from your flist about what they'd like to know about them, i.e. "If 3 and 4 were trapped in a cave together with only a blanket and a toothpick, what would they do?"
3) Post list and answers.

Anyone want to give me questions? You know you want to! ;)

ETA: And I still have no idea what I'm writing for JuNo next month (that would be the pseudo-NaNo Zera and I are doing). Your cracky plots, suggest them to me!
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Time for some tab-closing. It's mostly TV stuff. You can has.
Dexter )

And, next fall's TV lineups:
under the cut )

More links:
snip snip )
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Cut for hugely-long college stuffs. Click for RL. )

Also, I printed off a bunch of Day of Silence speaking cards earlier, so I'm all set for that on Friday.

Speaking of, I talked to my speech prof yesterday, and he was happy to promise me a Monday slot for the informative speech. Yay.

Finally, Castle was pretty much made of pure awesome last night. The vest. Oh my God. I burst out in... okay, they might have been giggles... every time that thing was on screen. It was amazing. :D Win.
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(Cuts are for length only; no real spoilers or anything like that.) In no particular order:

1. I've decided not to pay for FanStory (well, I could be persuaded otherwise, but since no one looks up to doing that, I'm pretty decided). Everyone there's just too good for me to hope I'd actually get the money. I'll finish up the story and post it over at my nice, free FictionPress account and have that be that.

2. Speaking of finishing stories, I've been finishing an ancient (3+ years old) one for someone on comment_fic, and I'm just about done with it. :)

3. Chuck )

4. Lie to Me )

5. Ran into Kali on Thursday and lent her Luna. I had it because I was going to read it in the library before class (to finish it officially, y'know), but then I wrote more on "Death and Taxes" (see #2) instead, so it worked out for the best for everybody.

6. Flashpoint )

7. Numb3rs )

8. Harper's Island )

9. The homework I haven't been getting done. )

10. Why I haven't been getting it done. )

11. Amazon is my enabler. )

12. Speaking of Heroes s3, it's on Hulu in its entirety until August 1st. :D

13. Castle )

14. Intersession: the conclusion of the enrollment saga. )

15. Some cool, trans-type happy-news links. )

And I think that's about everything. Until next week!


Apr. 5th, 2009 11:04 am
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Spoilers for SN and Eleventh Hour. )

1. Flashpoint (spoilers) )
2. Numb3rs was a rerun, but I barely noticed because I was too busy being in love with this fic: "Mind Games". Seriously. I might wear out my refresh button waiting for her next update.

Checked out Lie to Me yesterday. Hulu's five-week rolling stock of episodes meant it only goes back till ep 4, but I've officially seen 4 until now. It's good stuff.

Although, when I watched the Castle pilot after that, I kept getting distracted by their facial expressions, lol. Castle's good too, though. Actually, even better, really. I couldn't stop laughing. :D Looking forward to catching up more.

In other news, I get emails from FanStory for the prompts, and recently I got one for a "flash" (500-800 words isn't flash to me, but hey) story with the prompt "the secret". Having just read Luna, well, I was inspired. I figured if I could manage to write 500 words, I'd submit it. I could use $100, y'know?

Unfortunately, when they say "contests are free to writers", they don't mean they're not free to everyone else, they mean you have to have a paid subscription to participate. I know I've got some writers on my flist. Anyone had experience with FanStory? It gives off that "scam" vibe more than Poetry.com ever thought of doing, if you ask me. I don't know if it's worth it. Not least because if you win second or third you get member dollars, and then I'd feel like I had to stay and use them. So what do you guys think? Should I go for it? Once I get the ending of the story pinned down I'll post it over at FictionPress and link it from here so you can check it out, but I'm pretty pleased with it.

One more thing: I got a research assistant position with my old Logic prof. It's pretty terrific. :D


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