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As has been posted and crossposted ad nauseum all over LJ, gender changes on passports no longer require proof of surgery as of today. So I thought, hey, maybe I can change my passport and then use that as ID when I'm flying to Cleveland instead of my license. Anything to make the trip easier, right?

Except apparently not, since I went over to United to make sure you could change the Secure Flight info that the TSA'd asked for when I bought the ticket, only to find that you can change literally everything (including your name and DOB) except for your gender. Instead of the drop-down menu, there's just "Gender  On file". WTF.

Sure, it's unlikely I could have gotten a new passport in three weeks, but still. Thanks for nothing, whoever's fault that is. Way to be.

ETA: Relatedly, Sons of Maxwell's third United song is out. If you haven't heard them, here's "United Breaks Guitars", "United Breaks Guitars Song #2 (Mrs. Irlwig)", and "United We Stand".
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Really should be sleeping, so I'll make this quick. Numbered list tiems, as I think of things.

1. Taylor, I will get those NCT notes to you. Honest I will. Maybe this weekend. Bother me about it if I don't, seriously. I want to get this done as much as you want me to. (Although SP might have to take precedence initially, because of the fest -- do you watch WC?).

2-4. RL )

5. Check out the fics at http://community.livejournal.com/intoabar/. They are fantastic. Particularly the WC/Firefly one and the WC/Dresden Files one. Go. Read. Enjoy.

6. I love everything Jonathon Coulton has ever written. At the moment, I'm particularly enjoying "Creepy Doll". A+.
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Wall of text re: religion and God. )
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Backwards, vague spoilers for Numb3rs 6x16, 'Cause and Effect'. )

Huge spoilers for Medium, 6x16 'How to Beat a Bad Guy' and 6x17 'Allison Rolen Got Married'. )

WC sf ('Out of the Box') spoilers. )

Spoilers for Castle 2x16, 'The Mistress Always Spanks Twice'. )

Anyway, before Castle were the BN finale (hooray for Garret Dillahunt continuing his streak of making an awesome villain in everything I watch), and WC's "Front Man", which: we can has some hurt/comfort already, you guys? Please? Hello, there was 1x13 'Front Man' spoilers ). A+.

Oh, and there was Human Target on Wednesday, too, that I watched, that was as crazy-actiony-awesome as usual (and hey, there should be a BN crossover with that, that would work well. someone get on that!).

And that's it for the relatively recent TV. The Psych finale is conspicuously absent, I know; I'll be watching that rerun tomorrow.

In other news, college and RL stuff. ).

Roy Zimmerman )

Last but not least, I saw this hilarious WC vid to "Skullcrusher Mountain", and in so doing was introduced to Jonathan Coulton. Check him out, he's hilarious, and the songs on that page are free to stream in full. My faves are "Re: Your Brains", "Skullcrusher Mountain", "Code Monkey", and most of the others that I've listened to, but to list them all would rather defeat the purpose of favorites. ;) Enjoy.
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I have a list of things I wanted to say that I left at home (I'm in the computer lab at the moment, semi-working on my take-home Stats final while waiting until my Data Structures review session at 5:00), so I'll save the fandom stuff for another post (expect LotS, Dexter, and BH).

Long college ramblings. )

In other news, I finally solved the weird work mystery involving my coworker K. I have two cards that I use regularly on campus; one is my ID card, with the right name on it, and the other is the Loyalty Card (X amount of extra points for living on campus again), that they printed before I got my name changed, so it still has my old name on it. And K runs the cash register a lot at work. So that explains everything. (And thank god she doesn't appear inclined to question me about it directly -- that'd be way too awkward a conversation to have in a crowded line if I even wanted to.)

In other, unrelated news, my secret got posted over at fandomsecrets, and while that is, apparently, just me, I got the only commenter someone to watch the show, so success! (And I'm consoling myself with the fact that it's just because no one watches the show that no one agrees with me and trying not to remember that I got way more comments for that Island secret way back when, and no one'd read that, either.

Finally, I randomly discovered this song (see "Music"; 5:57, SFW) on YT and can't stop listening to it. <3
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Should be writing my speech, but a quick post: Duuuuuude. Second famous person to find me online; still awesome.

Check out the YT comment I got! )

I love the Internet! :D
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*awkward turtle* )

In other news, I snagged some of the Being Human music before the bh_fans mods killed the post. If you're interested in what I have, hit me up.

ETA: Crossposted the awkward to alittleawkward. Hopefully it's less of a be-there moment than last time. Also, it occurred to me that sometimes, being stealth is a lot like winning the Game. Once you realize you were, you aren't anymore. (And yeah, you lose. ;P)


Jul. 29th, 2008 11:52 am
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I am in love with "Take Me Home" and "Body Parts".

my heart is full but the pages are not / and when / they ask if I like women or men / how am I supposed to answer them / when I don't even know what I am?

So much word.


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