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Sep. 25th, 2010 10:44 am
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I... still haven't decided what I think about the SN s6 premiere. I think I approve. Thinky-thoughts (and David Paetkau fanboying) under the cut. )

Unrelated to Supernatural:
The Plan To Keep ‘The Event’ From Losing Altitude, Plus Questions Answered (spoilers for the pilot). Tl;dr: They're rerunning the pilot tonight (you should watch it!), and they will actually answer questions, so no worries that it'll be like Lost in that regard.
Lauren Lee Smith and Tara Spencer Nairn join season two of 'The Listener' -- Of note: "13 new episodes are being shot for season two in and around Toronto until February of 2011." AKA Season 2 is really happening, you guys! \o/


Sep. 14th, 2010 09:03 am
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 1. I finished all my SW homework. I haven't yet attempted to run any of it, so I have no idea how much, if any, of it actually works, but just having something that looked plausible was my goal. Goal: achieved.

2. Skateboarder Snatches Quran, Prevents Burning. "He said something about burning the Quran. I said, 'Dude, you have no Quran,' and ran off." Rock on, man. Rock the heck on.


Sep. 9th, 2010 11:56 pm
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1. Dexter is Delicious came out the other day. I wish I'd known sooner, I'd have preordered it! Oh, well, I fixed that. It'll be coming soon. :)

2. MAINTENANCE RANDOMLY CAME AND FIXED MY A/C. IT IS NOT ARCTIC!COLD IN MY ROOM ANYMORE. Warranted caps are warranted. Several times, I've made soup or popcorn mostly to keep warm, that's how bad it's been. (I'd have contacted Maintenance myself, but I thought I just couldn't work the thermostat. I'm still not sure I can work the thermostat, but IT'S NOT COLD ANYMORE YAY.)

3. Holy shit WC finale. I don't even. *flails*

4a. Well on my way to figuring out the perfect set of fictional cursed artifacts to use in my WC SP bodyswap sequel. Sasha or anyone else who has knowledge of ancient Egypt, want to recommend me a good pharaoh? Or "things you might find in a pyramid"? Or just hear the ideas I'm working with so far and make sure they make sense (in a "there are no polar bears in the Antarctic" kind of way)?

4b. Also made progress related to the artifact for my WH13 transfic. I was all set to have to give up and use the same or a similar artifact for both of these, but this turned out to work out better if it's not even Egyptian (unfortunately; I have a pharaoh all picked out if that changes!), so I guess that's good. (Although I still keep confusing this and the above. *sadface* That's what I get for plotting more than one fic with a similar plot device at a time.) I just have to figure out whose it was and what, exactly, it is. And I know that doesn't sound like a whole lot of progress, but you'll have to trust me that it is. ;)

5. In less happy news, I have so much homework. It is going to be horrible. D: Sigh. (I already had to miss the Psych finale, the Terriers premiere, and two hours of Dark Blue yesterday just for one class worth of homework and because I couldn't find an open TV. And these are projects. School, gtfo my life plz. I've had enough of you.)

ETA: Check out my 80 points worth of WC fic over at writing_game. I do believe that's a new personal best. By over ten points. *bows*
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1. USA, stop trying to kill me! BN and RP. )

2. Anyone know where I can find a streaming or direct dl link to this past Tuesday's Warehouse 13? Please? )

3. Belated Degrassi love. )

4. Most importantly atm, because I can't resist a good self-pimping opportunity, I've come back from behind and started kicking ass and taking names over at [ profile] writing_game. If you're a WC fan, you should go check out my new fics over there. Currently I've posted eight of them -- three in the SPverse. Next up is a futurefic, and I'm also planning more MTF!Neal and hopefully a Monsters sequel. Most or all of them will be xposted eventually, but I've been seriously slow on making posts these days, so I can't promise they'll be up any time soon.

5. Dark Blue. )

P.S.: That QL/SN commentfic I've been working on? I flaked on it, and then I just plum forgot, and arghh, idek why I can't finish the thing. But I will. I will. *determined*
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BN, RP, TZ )

Speaking of TV, Is FlashForward Heading to Starz? I certainly hope so. You can always find it online, after all, someone just has to make more first.

And I'd like to take this moment to pimp the Neal Caffrey Is In Your 'Verse Making It Awesome fest (with which I am unaffiliated, but it's fabulous). You can also have this hilarious clip of Matt Bomer on Leno.
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Quick things:

RL )

3. Anyone see the supposed trans character on Degrassi tonight? I, uh, must have watched the wrong Degrassi or something. Idek. Halp? ETA: This explains my problem -- TeenNick decided to air the last of s9 first, so they're behind Canada for a few days. Meaning I didn't watch the wrong thing and Adam is coming, I just have to be patient.

4. I'm working on a SN/QL crossover for comment_fic. I'm partway in and I need your help! Question: What do you suppose God would like to say to Sam Beckett? I mean, obviously Sam has questions -- how should I answer them? (Pre-QL-finale, fwiw. But I could be persuaded otherwise by a particularly good suggestion or two.) Seriously, even if you don't know QL at all, you can just suggest God-type conversation topics, they might help. *hopeful*

5. ...Uh, I just wanted a #5. Here, have the WC s1 gag reel.
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1. NCT )
2-5. Various other fics )

Anybody got requests? What should I be writing? What would you like to see?

P.S.: In RL-news, I have the sore throat from hell, and the return-trip-from-Cleveland post is coming within the next two days, I promise. Also, passport stuff. )


Jun. 25th, 2010 04:39 pm
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An update to this post:

Got loads of help from ftm with the court-order thing -- including contact info for someone who actually knows what they're talking about, and a sample petition (why didn't I think of FTM_DFW to begin with? silly me). I'll probably wait to ask about the passport problem until after surgery, since I don't have any need for a passport in the forseeable future, anyway.

And as far as the DART situation: DART board approves trans protections. \o/

In other news, surgery in less than a week! And I downloaded BitTorrent again and got hooked up with more TV, so between that, Hulu, and MegaVideo I should be set for ages. :D (And thankfully BN and RP air on Thursday nights so I won't be totally stoned while watching next week's -- I'm so excited for those! Yesterday's were awesome: spoilers. ) Shows, you are too good to me.)

Also looking forward to another TZ I haven't seen ("The Mind and the Matter") at 4:30am tomorrow. And then a party. Should be fun.
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Part I:

Been all over the blogosphere today, and ran across this post that I wanted to address. Cut for length. )

Part II: Links. )

Part III: Poems. )
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Dangit, they're Jossing SP already (over at whitecollar_tv here; spoilers for Peter and Neal's backgrounds). Sad day. ): I totally almost went that route, too, instead of the GED, but that was so much harder, you have no idea. Sigh.

In other news, this is made of win. From Craigslist, preserved for posterity @ [ profile] christinareborn: To the Straight Guy at the Party Last Night. XD

For more lols: I'm Comic Sans, Asshole. And less lols: Presidential Rumors (Bush vs Obama).

Finally, I was randomly browsing my own old posts the other night, and I found a meme I'd like to resurrect and see what happens. Under the cut. )

I also kind of want to do that "list fifteen characters and answer questions about them" meme again; anyone up for that?

P.S.: Gah, now that I came up with that example of "Shawn, 3 & 7", I kind of really want to write it. A lot. Oh noes. 9_9
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So, apparently having no homework, no TV, and no fic with due dates any time in the foreseeable future leaves me bored out of my mind. Jeez. I'mma have to start working on NCT or one of the SP sequels or something. Boooored.

In other news, less than two weeks until top surgery! I. Am. So. Stoked. *flails* (Except that I fucked up one of my new button-down shirts with stain remover, gdi. Wtg, self.)

Cut for document-changing worries. )

Ugh. At least after all this it'll be over and I can move on with my life. 9_9

ETA: Oh, hellll no, DART. "DART Guts Transgender Policy".

Further ETA: Posed the questions in paragraph 3 over at [ profile] law_questions and [ profile] legal_questions; hopefully they can help out.
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Omg dnw. Thank you, Facebook friends. D: (And when I say "thank you", I mean "I'm considering hiding all your posts on my newsfeed, just in case". Just so we're clear.)

Brain bleach, stat, for all those mental images I really didn't need.

(I... I don't even have a tag for this. Gahhh.)
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As has been posted and crossposted ad nauseum all over LJ, gender changes on passports no longer require proof of surgery as of today. So I thought, hey, maybe I can change my passport and then use that as ID when I'm flying to Cleveland instead of my license. Anything to make the trip easier, right?

Except apparently not, since I went over to United to make sure you could change the Secure Flight info that the TSA'd asked for when I bought the ticket, only to find that you can change literally everything (including your name and DOB) except for your gender. Instead of the drop-down menu, there's just "Gender  On file". WTF.

Sure, it's unlikely I could have gotten a new passport in three weeks, but still. Thanks for nothing, whoever's fault that is. Way to be.

ETA: Relatedly, Sons of Maxwell's third United song is out. If you haven't heard them, here's "United Breaks Guitars", "United Breaks Guitars Song #2 (Mrs. Irlwig)", and "United We Stand".
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Finally finished my letter of defection ("Actus formalis defectionis ab Ecclesia Catholica") that I started last month. Thoughts/concrit/suggestions are welcome. My grateful thanks to the authors of the letters here, here, and here, from which I shamelessly stole and pieced together my own.

Letter. )

Now to figure out how to contact him and get it printed and in the mail.

ETA: Edited for clarity and to incorporate a change suggested by my parents. (Have to print it out again anyway; the dog ate it. *g* No, really!) Also, I found his contact info, so it'll be going in the mail tomorrow.
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Spoilers for Happy Town 1x4, 'Sleight of Hand'. )

On surgery. Cut for length; TMI-free. )

My plans for tomorrow include depositing my checks (a tax refund and the stipend from my summer class-thing), acquiring a certified check and getting that in the mail to MetroHealth, and possibly going shopping for the various things I'll probably want a month from now (and work shoes, while I'm at it). And probably reading more of God Delusion, because I'm most of the way through Chapter 2 at the moment, and it just keeps getting better. I got thrown off by his quoting that Photoshopped sign as though it was real (anyone know if he's been informed otherwise since publication?), but apart from that, two thumbs up so far. (And this is a pdf I found online for free -- if there's interest, I'll stick it up on 4shared. ETA: Uploaded here.)

For now, though, I think it's time to call it a night.
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...and because my muses are having a cage match over which story is going to get worked on tonight that will almost inevitably result in the answer being "none of them", you can have some rough drafts.

4shared links. )

ANs )


ETA: On request, I added the BN camp-counselor fic as well. That's here.
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OK, so I've literally been online all day today (up at 8:15 this morning, online by 9, it's now 7:30pm -- make that 8:30). Now that we've covered how much I Fail At Life, time for some tab closing, because I need to do something productive, and when things get this bad, that counts. Don't judge. *g*

Tab closing, aka random linkage:
Cut for length. )

In other news, have a cool article on Julia Serano and Ben Barres and a lolarious post from lower_tadfield. A+.

Speaking of grades: I ended up with an A (Tech Writing), three B's (Theory of Computation, Principles of Programming, and Numerical Methods), and a C (HCI) for this semester. Deserved an A in Theory, had been hoping for a B in HCI, but not failing Principles makes up for that. Basically. All in all, I'm okay with that. (Mostly. I emailed my Theory prof. We'll see.)

Oh, and lastly, I have been continuing to fail at WdM. Sigh. That's the only reason I'm writing this post -- because I opened my fic notebook, took one look at SP, and literally sighed out loud, slumped over, and had to use this to procrastinate. *sad panda* But as far as [ profile] lgbtfest goes, at least I have my Seeker fill to look forward to on the 28th! :D

Pseudo-ETA: Oh, and my class has been going alright. Light-speed, though, geez! Unrelatedly, have some epic win: 65 Million Years With a Creationist.

1. Supernatural season 6 spoilers. Huh. I can has s6 nao plz? (And regardless if that's Sam or not, I'm not backing down -- that was, at the very least, not 100% Sam this time. Lucifer and all that blood can't have been good for him, you ask me.)

2. Cute dog rides turtle. :DDDD

3. For 99 years, OED got it wrong. Ha! At least Wikipedia doesn't take a century to figure out when it's screwed up! ;)

Quick post.

May. 7th, 2010 11:49 pm
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Should really be going to sleep -- I woke up at 4:30 this morning to write my entire (admittedly 3-page) HCI essay -- but while I'm here, a quick post. (Yes, quick for real. Really.)

1. I ought to hear back from Medalie's secretary Valerie about my July 2nd date any day now. From there, it's just travel plans, possibly some more paperwork, and practicing how to pronounce his name (because I've been mispronouncing it in my head for years, argh). (And happily, Zera's big on photography, so she'll be the designated Trip Picture-Taker/Video-Camera-Wielder; I expect you'll have a record of anything interesting to look forward to either here or on YT, once July rolls around.)

2. I'm also in the middle of my Letter of Defection from the RCC (which I randomly found out about from here; hooray for undirected Internet browsing). I'm really irritated to hear it's necessary to do this at all (the idea that they count as members everyone who was ever baptized into the church is bullshit, frankly), but all the same I'm kind of excited that I get to. It's like doing course evaluations when you hated the teacher -- it'll be fun. *evil grin*

3. Supernatural 5x21, you guys! I was incoherent. And that preview! O_O You can find my thoughts over at Dime's recap post, if you're so inclined.

4. Finally got an appointment for that haircut I've needed for about three weeks, lol. Oh, phones, why must you be so intimidating?

5. Incredibly behind on WdM. Sigh. Someone pick me another (besides 4) number between 1 and 5? 4 was really helpful, benebu -- I got started! \o/ -- but unfortunately, that section is now already ~150 words. And nowhere near done. Meaning that this fic is going to be a hell of a lot longer than the 5 sections, 200 words/section that I'd intended. ...Unfortunately. Because we all know how I am with long stories. D: Wish me luck! (Anyone want a word war?)


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