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1. USA, stop trying to kill me! BN and RP. )

2. Anyone know where I can find a streaming or direct dl link to this past Tuesday's Warehouse 13? Please? )

3. Belated Degrassi love. )

4. Most importantly atm, because I can't resist a good self-pimping opportunity, I've come back from behind and started kicking ass and taking names over at [livejournal.com profile] writing_game. If you're a WC fan, you should go check out my new fics over there. Currently I've posted eight of them -- three in the SPverse. Next up is a futurefic, and I'm also planning more MTF!Neal and hopefully a Monsters sequel. Most or all of them will be xposted eventually, but I've been seriously slow on making posts these days, so I can't promise they'll be up any time soon.

5. Dark Blue. )

P.S.: That QL/SN commentfic I've been working on? I flaked on it, and then I just plum forgot, and arghh, idek why I can't finish the thing. But I will. I will. *determined*
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OK, so I've literally been online all day today (up at 8:15 this morning, online by 9, it's now 7:30pm -- make that 8:30). Now that we've covered how much I Fail At Life, time for some tab closing, because I need to do something productive, and when things get this bad, that counts. Don't judge. *g*

Tab closing, aka random linkage:
Cut for length. )

In other news, have a cool article on Julia Serano and Ben Barres and a lolarious post from lower_tadfield. A+.

Speaking of grades: I ended up with an A (Tech Writing), three B's (Theory of Computation, Principles of Programming, and Numerical Methods), and a C (HCI) for this semester. Deserved an A in Theory, had been hoping for a B in HCI, but not failing Principles makes up for that. Basically. All in all, I'm okay with that. (Mostly. I emailed my Theory prof. We'll see.)

Oh, and lastly, I have been continuing to fail at WdM. Sigh. That's the only reason I'm writing this post -- because I opened my fic notebook, took one look at SP, and literally sighed out loud, slumped over, and had to use this to procrastinate. *sad panda* But as far as [livejournal.com profile] lgbtfest goes, at least I have my Seeker fill to look forward to on the 28th! :D

Pseudo-ETA: Oh, and my class has been going alright. Light-speed, though, geez! Unrelatedly, have some epic win: 65 Million Years With a Creationist.

1. Supernatural season 6 spoilers. Huh. I can has s6 nao plz? (And regardless if that's Sam or not, I'm not backing down -- that was, at the very least, not 100% Sam this time. Lucifer and all that blood can't have been good for him, you ask me.)

2. Cute dog rides turtle. :DDDD

3. For 99 years, OED got it wrong. Ha! At least Wikipedia doesn't take a century to figure out when it's screwed up! ;)
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So, it's September. The really-long unexpected LJ hiatus was part forced and then part just that I couldn't find the time, but I'm back now! (Hooray! Right? Right?) Now to get on with the really long update.

First, the TV rambling, of course, to make it easier for those who aren't interested to skip it. TV (QL, Mental, Psych, et al) )

Relatedly, I've been all over the place fandom-wise since I got reacquainted with the internets. First, BuddyTV links I've been saving for you guys:
The Five New Shows You Must Watch This Fall
Flash Forward
Lucifer is Coming: How SN Stole Twitter

Oh, and speaking of Supernatural, spoilers, and my thoughts on the s5 premiere, 'Sympathy for the Devil'. )
Moving on...

I was also introduced to these Twilight-series recaps last weekend and they pretty much ate my weekend because they're awesome. The basic point is that she's reading the books so we don't have to, because they're that bad. Heh. And they sure sound it. I mean, Edward twirling part of her engine around in his hands while he gives her that little guilt-trip? Drop it in Criminal Minds and it'd almost be great writing. I don't know how anyone can think he's romantic/a good boyfriend/not a sociopath. *shudder* But so as not to offend, that's all I'll say about that, too. (Oh, except that I woke up the other day with a QL/Twilight bunny in my head. I'll just wait till she makes it through Breaking Dawn and then I'll take a crack at that, because boy would it be an improvement. And Sam roundhouse-kicking Edward wouldn't hurt, either. :))

Finally, in the last two three fandom-related things I think I have to say:
1. I think my new Dexter book is here. Tomorrow the post office opens and I can go get my package. Omgyay.
2. Despite the fact that I don't really like the song and am not completely sold on the ship, this vid (NSFW) is without a doubt the best one in the Dark Blue fandom. Seriously. Watch it. You don't have to have seen the show, and this will make you want to.
3. I am in love with both "Wizard's First Rule" by Terry Goodkind (440ish pages/836, and counting), and the TV series, Legend of the Seeker, that was based off those books. We're talking "watched one episode, found the entire series on Hulu on legendoftheseeker.com (go to the 'full archive' tab), and watched the entire 22-episode first season within the space of two weeks" kinds of love. If you need more encouragement than that to watch it: Craig Horner, who plays the MC, looks like the lovechild of Stuart Townsend and Misha Collins. And there's swordfights. Lots of them. I'm serious, guys. (And you have plenty of time to catch up! Season 2 premieres Nov. 7. Go, go, watch and enjoy!)

Onto other things:
Some news links, some news on how the name change is progressing, and some random. ) Here's the two best vids I've found for LotS, just to give you even more reason to watch and to make sure you don't miss them: one to Breaking Benjamin's "Blow Me Away" and a shippy one to Natalie Merchant's "My Skin".

Okay, that's all. Until next time. Which hopefully will be sooner than, say, NaNo. ;)

ETA: The documentary referred to in this (good) article about a trans British boy is now available on YouTube. Here, if anyone's interested.

ETA 2: Also, risking TMI ).
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The week has been long. So is this entry. )
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Inauguration. Cut for politics and religion, lol. )

Things that happened a little closer to home today:

Cut for GIANT TEAL DEER re: school )

And I'm sure I'm forgetting something, but that'll do it for now. I'm gonna watch the Mentalist tonight, and Psych at some point on Hulu, and then there's classes tomorrow, so I'll have plenty of places to ramble on about anything else I forgot, lol.

PS: YouTube needs to go DIAF. )
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RL, cut for length. )

Randomly, how awesome is this?: Dexter Author Stages Cameo. Proving he still likes the show. Good for him.

Being Human fandom is my new crack. )

And Day 30 word count: 111. I win! Didn't finish Sunday's drabble (which is QL, because the BH bunnies I had the other day weren't biting Sunday) because I was tired, but it's not bad, and I'll try to get it up soon. Plus all that Samverse I owe [livejournal.com profile] clex_monkie89. (Unfortunately, as far as the QL is concerned, I'm having the same problem with my brain plagiarizing other people's fics (in particular, "Stolen Bliss"), so hopefully I'll manage to make the idea my own.)

And one of these days, I'll finally get rid of a couple of my Dexter icons or something and make room for QL and BH.
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I did it. So far, I've gotten comments from seven people who didn't already know, and every single one of them has been positive.

And I changed my name on Facebook after I posted the note, which took -- instead of the 24 hours they'd said it would -- about 10 seconds. So you can go friend me now if you want. :D

Finally, completely off-topic: I should be doing homework, but I honestly can't stop watching this fanvid. (There's a dl link here if you need to have it, too.) Spoilers for SN 4x03, "In the Beginning".

*drags self away to the Logic homework and puts the vid on repeat in the background*

ETA (8:26): Or not. But at least I'm doing laundry, right? Also, Tracy's friend Mike commented that it explained a lot, and when I asked what he meant, sent me this message:

"it's weird how things happen, last year i started to fall for you...every girl/woman...w/e...has either ended up being bi or transgendered. it's kinda funny to me i guess. i kinda figured things were gonna work out like this that's why i didn't persue it...you just didn't ever look like you were all that comfortable in your own skin, if that makes sense."

Called that one, didn't he? Life sure is funny sometimes.

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I had every intention of going to get my hair cut today, only to find out that the place is closed on Sundays. So, I spent the whole day on YouTube instead. :D

Happily, QL fandom has in fact made it over to YouTube (although quality can be a bit sketchy for the ones that were vidded off VHS). Have some fanvids.

Vid links under the cut. (QL) )

OK, that's all. Back to trying to write for the prompt "quiver". Somehow.

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For Pete's sake, how many vids have I got going now? About a billion? *sigh*

And now, muses, you want me to make the AU a crossover, too? Screw that. Yes, it's neat that the eps of both shows included the same hotel in Vancouver. But no, I am not about to download "Wetwired" just to (somehow) edit it into this vid. So go away.

At any rate, I feel better now: http://community.livejournal.com/note_to_muse/508913.html

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Best freaking X-Files video ever: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x41deT8JDXk If you want the iPod-format video to download, I can send you the link. It's what finally got me to spend the time figuring out how to work with MegaUpload. :)

Possibly equally awesome is this one (fellow ML fans will no doubt recognize the song): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zRXcselgE3M

Oh, and this is arguably the weirdest thing in the world, ever. o_o

And in other, other news, I finished reading Just Add Hormones by Matt Kailey today (Leigh's entry about The Testosterone Files convinced me to finally go buy Just Add Hormones and Becoming a Visible Man). I'm really glad I did, and I'm really glad I had that highlighter: It was great. But it deserves its own entry -- which I promise to do later.
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I got a C on the test, and had to get an A or a B. I'll be calling the woman I've been talking to about it when she gets back on Friday and seeing what I can do now. But things are not exactly looking up.

In other news, I'll post that Samverse fic ASAP, along with a Moonlight "Five Times" fic I started the other day, once that gets finished (and I stop trying to put trenches in WWII. *fails so hard at history*).

Also, have some links:
1. Weird but cool: http://msn.foxsports.com/mlb/story/8267012?MSNHPHMA
2. Funny: http://www.slate.com/id/2147590/
3. Hilarious: http://www.theonion.com/content/node/81336
4. And more from the Onion: http://www.theonion.com/content/opinion/im_training_to_ruin_a_marathon

Oh, and I've been playing those LiveSearch Club games for a while and was able to win a free webcam. It ought to be showing up in the next month or so.

Finally, I was overdosing on SN season-three-finale vids last night, and I found the two best ones ever. (I hope the vidders get back to me on the download links.)
1. To "Running Up that Hill" by Placebo: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WRP3posqo40
2. To "Somewhere a Clock is Ticking" by Snow Patrol: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ulc77xMps-Y


Mar. 28th, 2008 11:11 am
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That vid I posted about having started a while back? It's finished.

(And clearly, I need a Jeremiah icon. >_<)

See my post on [livejournal.com profile] vidding for info and linkage. Comments are loved (there, here, on YouTube, whatever).

ETA: And I had a PMath test today that didn't go nearly as badly as it could have. Although I did completely forget how to solve y'+xy=0, which should have been ridiculously easy. *sigh* But for the most part, I think it was okay. And definitely better than the first one. :) Not that that's saying much.
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In other news, I finally started vidding again. So now, my projects are the following:

Hopefully, the facts that a) Shoshanna is super-supportive of my vidding (and was totally floored by my LOM vid that I showed her on Tuesday), and b) I don't have any more Calc due for a while, will be enough to get me to actually finish something. Because that would be awesome. And as I finally made it through the entire second season of Jeremiah, I now have no excuse at all. So we'll see. 

ETA: And to anyone worried about my priorities (*cough* Mom and Dad *cough cough*), have no fear. The length of the list of what I haven't finished ought to prove that vids aren't my top priority. And now that I've finished watching Jeremiah, that's one less thing to take my time away from my homework/studying, right? Right.


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