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Quick things:

RL )

3. Anyone see the supposed trans character on Degrassi tonight? I, uh, must have watched the wrong Degrassi or something. Idek. Halp? ETA: This explains my problem -- TeenNick decided to air the last of s9 first, so they're behind Canada for a few days. Meaning I didn't watch the wrong thing and Adam is coming, I just have to be patient.

4. I'm working on a SN/QL crossover for comment_fic. I'm partway in and I need your help! Question: What do you suppose God would like to say to Sam Beckett? I mean, obviously Sam has questions -- how should I answer them? (Pre-QL-finale, fwiw. But I could be persuaded otherwise by a particularly good suggestion or two.) Seriously, even if you don't know QL at all, you can just suggest God-type conversation topics, they might help. *hopeful*

5. ...Uh, I just wanted a #5. Here, have the WC s1 gag reel.

The Event

Jun. 24th, 2010 07:27 pm
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Embedded preview under the cut. )

I need this show to be on the air. Now please, NBC. *flails*

Although the fact that BuddyTV called it "the new Lost" kind of makes me cry a little inside. We all know what happened to the last show they called that. D:
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As has been posted and crossposted ad nauseum all over LJ, gender changes on passports no longer require proof of surgery as of today. So I thought, hey, maybe I can change my passport and then use that as ID when I'm flying to Cleveland instead of my license. Anything to make the trip easier, right?

Except apparently not, since I went over to United to make sure you could change the Secure Flight info that the TSA'd asked for when I bought the ticket, only to find that you can change literally everything (including your name and DOB) except for your gender. Instead of the drop-down menu, there's just "Gender  On file". WTF.

Sure, it's unlikely I could have gotten a new passport in three weeks, but still. Thanks for nothing, whoever's fault that is. Way to be.

ETA: Relatedly, Sons of Maxwell's third United song is out. If you haven't heard them, here's "United Breaks Guitars", "United Breaks Guitars Song #2 (Mrs. Irlwig)", and "United We Stand".
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OK, so I've literally been online all day today (up at 8:15 this morning, online by 9, it's now 7:30pm -- make that 8:30). Now that we've covered how much I Fail At Life, time for some tab closing, because I need to do something productive, and when things get this bad, that counts. Don't judge. *g*

Tab closing, aka random linkage:
Cut for length. )

In other news, have a cool article on Julia Serano and Ben Barres and a lolarious post from lower_tadfield. A+.

Speaking of grades: I ended up with an A (Tech Writing), three B's (Theory of Computation, Principles of Programming, and Numerical Methods), and a C (HCI) for this semester. Deserved an A in Theory, had been hoping for a B in HCI, but not failing Principles makes up for that. Basically. All in all, I'm okay with that. (Mostly. I emailed my Theory prof. We'll see.)

Oh, and lastly, I have been continuing to fail at WdM. Sigh. That's the only reason I'm writing this post -- because I opened my fic notebook, took one look at SP, and literally sighed out loud, slumped over, and had to use this to procrastinate. *sad panda* But as far as [livejournal.com profile] lgbtfest goes, at least I have my Seeker fill to look forward to on the 28th! :D

Pseudo-ETA: Oh, and my class has been going alright. Light-speed, though, geez! Unrelatedly, have some epic win: 65 Million Years With a Creationist.

1. Supernatural season 6 spoilers. Huh. I can has s6 nao plz? (And regardless if that's Sam or not, I'm not backing down -- that was, at the very least, not 100% Sam this time. Lucifer and all that blood can't have been good for him, you ask me.)

2. Cute dog rides turtle. :DDDD

3. For 99 years, OED got it wrong. Ha! At least Wikipedia doesn't take a century to figure out when it's screwed up! ;)
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Wall of text re: religion and God. )
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First: spoilers for Human Target ep 'Baptiste' and the Psych sf. )

Second: Speaking of HT, I have bunnies. One is HT/White Collar, which, all that business in "Baptiste" is a perfectly logical reason for Neal to hate guns, don't you think? And/or, I could see Geurrero and Mozzie as friends/acquaintances/partners in crime. And the second one is HT/Leverage, which I'm sure could work somehow. Or just be awesome. Along with that HT/BN that I mentioned previously. Seriously, someone should write me one. I'd love you forever. :D

Third, and the point of the post: Speaking of bunnies! [livejournal.com profile] lgbtfest opened for prompt submisions today, and there are already so many epically awesome ones! Giant, very multifandom list of my favorite-so-far lgbtfest prompts. That you should totally write. ) And, yeah, this really is the short list. I promise. >_< Aren't they awesome?! (Hopefully someone else writes the BN one so I don't have to!) I'll probably be prompting some DB and a bunch of repeats, myself.

Fourth: I've been randomly reading far more than is healthy about a) privilege, and b) religion (and some lulzy religious fail) in the past few days, and, on those lines, atheistcartoons.com has really lulzy cartoons. This one, however, is not so much lulzy as trufax (and happens to be the intersection of (a) and (b)). Unchecked Christian privilege ftl. Sigh.

Finally: Anyone want to make a sign? Due date's the 9th.

Oh, and also this. Mine's the headstone one. ("Body", get it? Hehe. ...Well, I thought it was clever. Shut up. ;))
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Little kids? On MY campus? It's more likely than you think! )

In other news, I posted another vlog. In two parts again. Go check it out. I'll link when I get a chance.

And pray I get to see Richard Dawkins. I just heard it's at 6 and not 7. D:

Finally: Thank. God. It's. Friday.

ETA: Why so closed, w_g board? I wrote my last drabble this morning, only to find this afternoon that there was a new board and there hadn't been a comment telling me so. Sadface. (May still type that one anyway, if there's interest. It's an ep-6-teaser drabble.)

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First, can someone please explain to me how Firefox decides whether it's going to save your tabs or not? Is there some rhyme or reason to this, or is it as completely random as I'm beginning to suspect? I mean, seriously. Last night some updates wanted to install and restart my computer, so I bookmarked a few of my windows and then closed out the LJ window. Firefox asked me if I wanted to save my tabs, and I said yes please, and then we restarted and I thought all was well. And when I open Firefox this morning? O HAI HOMEPAGE. WHERE B ALL MAI TABZ. D: It... it's just so random. Wtf. Asplain, plz.

Secondly, American banks need ads this awesome. Seriously. :D

Thirdly, I rememebered when I woke up this morning that I have my first Java 2 exam today. Oh boy. Cross your fingers for me!

ETA: One more thing. Coming back from lunch with Jessie today (and I've officially got the drop form for Numerical Methods, yay!), I let myself into my hall and there's this woman there hanging up something on our bulletin board. She turns around and looks at me when the door opens, and is like "o_O Is this the guys' hall or the girls' hall?" So I tell her it's the girls' hall and she looks relieved. I must have really confused her for a second there, lol. I was amused.

Oh, and the test went alright. I'm not sure I understood the last question, but I took a shot at it anyway, and I think I at least managed the rest of it okay. :)

Quick post.

Feb. 8th, 2009 06:18 pm
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Before I bust out the Linear Algebra, one quick thing:

I am so excited for episode four of Being Human (next week's) that I could burst. Everything about it sounds like pure awesome. Have some major spoilers if you want them. Am I right or am I right?

That is all.

Oh, except: "Fidelity". Go watch and sign. (After about five or six times, I'm pretty much able to watch it without crying. Mostly. Also, unrelatedly, the girl on the left at 2:51 looks just like a friend of mine. It's almost creepy.)
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Part 1 is here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Mzg_WSE3blo

Part 2 is here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vbb88LgGWcQ

Yes, I may have rambled just a little.

Now off to go ramble on paper before the day is out and I don't make my word count.
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2:00 this afternoon, we had another fire alarm. For God's sake, that's two in about twelve hours.

In other news,
1. My Sam/Ruby is not coming along.
2. Neither is my homework.
3. I can't stop listening to "I Approve This Message" by Roy Zimmerman.
4. And speaking of, I checked the mail today, and my ballot's here. I am totally voting for President. This is so exciting. :D *is a dork*

ETA: 5. This (SN) fic is so gorgeous. F'realsies. "Tea"

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Roommate was mysteriously absent last night, so I broke out the webcam and vlogged. Finally.


You're, of course, more than welcome to comment/friend/subscribe if you want to.
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BuddyTV Heroes article: http://www.buddytv.com/articles/heroes/heroes-season-3-premiere-may-b-20917.aspx

Check out that Season 3 trailer. *mind boggles with glee*

OK, now back to your regularly-scheduled programming of "Oh my God, the X-Files movie is coming!" (Yes, I'm a bad fan because I haven't seen the first one yet and, heck, I'm still making my way through the episodes, but I am so going to the freaking theater for that one at some point. Probably scarily soon after it comes out.)

Oh, and speaking of, I now own every season but #2. Barnes and Noble, I love you and your buy-two-get-the-third-free month-long DVD sale. For the freaking win.

And hey, X-Philes on my flist? I'm trying to come up with the name of the ep that got me into the show. Mostly so I can finally see how it ended. See, I discovered it really late one night on TNT, and so I only watched the teaser, and then the VCR decided to fail at life and not tape the rest. All I can remember is that someone's kid (daughter, I think) got kidnapped or something. And I remember the room in the teaser was kind of weirdly dark, in a way I would recognize on sight but can't describe. The ep isn't "Obliette" or "Sein und Zeit". Ideas?
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I got a C on the test, and had to get an A or a B. I'll be calling the woman I've been talking to about it when she gets back on Friday and seeing what I can do now. But things are not exactly looking up.

In other news, I'll post that Samverse fic ASAP, along with a Moonlight "Five Times" fic I started the other day, once that gets finished (and I stop trying to put trenches in WWII. *fails so hard at history*).

Also, have some links:
1. Weird but cool: http://msn.foxsports.com/mlb/story/8267012?MSNHPHMA
2. Funny: http://www.slate.com/id/2147590/
3. Hilarious: http://www.theonion.com/content/node/81336
4. And more from the Onion: http://www.theonion.com/content/opinion/im_training_to_ruin_a_marathon

Oh, and I've been playing those LiveSearch Club games for a while and was able to win a free webcam. It ought to be showing up in the next month or so.

Finally, I was overdosing on SN season-three-finale vids last night, and I found the two best ones ever. (I hope the vidders get back to me on the download links.)
1. To "Running Up that Hill" by Placebo: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WRP3posqo40
2. To "Somewhere a Clock is Ticking" by Snow Patrol: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ulc77xMps-Y


Mar. 28th, 2008 11:11 am
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That vid I posted about having started a while back? It's finished.

(And clearly, I need a Jeremiah icon. >_<)

See my post on [livejournal.com profile] vidding for info and linkage. Comments are loved (there, here, on YouTube, whatever).

ETA: And I had a PMath test today that didn't go nearly as badly as it could have. Although I did completely forget how to solve y'+xy=0, which should have been ridiculously easy. *sigh* But for the most part, I think it was okay. And definitely better than the first one. :) Not that that's saying much.
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 Arghh, I was writing this entry and accidentally hit the backspace at the wrong time, and it went back and I lost everything. *sigh* I'll do my best to recreate it.

Anyway. Yesterday was my birthday. I'm officially no longer chronologically a teenager anymore. Not sure how I feel about that, but I thought it was worth noting -- if only so all you lovely people can comment with belated birthday wishes. ;-)

And also speaking of fanfic, I had an odd pronoun moment the other day.
In other news: Heroes! Best birthday present a fanatic could ever get, yeah?
At any rate, I'm super glad I got to watch it. Almost had to go to a meeting for a project that's due Thursday (group leader was all "happy birthday! you can download Heroes later." -- not even paraphrasing! harsh, much?), but thankfully I wasn't the only one who wanted to come at 9:00, so he had to let us. We were there forvever, until almost midnight, but it was okay because I had my birthday Heroes. :)

And I think that's about it. Except that the song I'm listening to is totally awesome and you should all go give it a listen. Here's the vid where I found it. (Can't say I've seen the show, but it's a good vid anyway. And as mentioned, the song rules.)

(Oh, and I've moved into my new room across the hall. Roommate hasn't yet, so I get to be by myself for a while. Yay for that. :))
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OK, so on Friday, I made a huge mistake. I watched Moonlight. And now I can't seem to stop. )

In other news: we had an interesting discussion in therapy today about which Heroes character I related to most. It actually got rather deep, which was kind of surprising -- but good, I guess, given the setting. :)

ETA: And, as if this at all surprising, Mick St. John is now in my NaNo, because he makes everything better. Even my crazy crack NaNo.


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