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So much homework, dear sweet baby Jesus so much homework, but I'm not suicidal anymore. (It occurred to me that the fact that my hormone levels were bottoming out last night probably didn't help matters, then, either.) Off to go do some of that homework now. With friends, so it's actually going to get done!

But first, news! The judge signed my order today! From the record on the Internet: "ORDER TO CORRECT GENDER DESIGNATION SIGNED 9-13-2010." Yay! XD I assume they'll probably be sending me a copy in the mail.

Other things I'm going to be getting in the mail: Dexter in the Dark, She's Not There, and SN s5. And Sam finally returned my Seeker s1 to me today (and I forgot it at work, haha). :)

So excited for Thursday. I've never been this excited for Career Fair before. It's amazing what nice clothes can do. It's like magic.

Oh, and it seems like every religious organization on campus set up a table next to the sidewalk between Walker and Couch today. It was like a religion gauntlet. "Have you heard of Paradigm?! :DDD" YES OMG IT'S MY FIFTH YEAR, I WOULD HAVE TO BE DEAF, BLIND, AND DEAD NOT TO HAVE HEARD OF PARADIGM. Still not interested, kthx. >_< Thankfully, I survived. I'll have to find a new way out of the building if they're there regularly. I'm not entirely sure they appreciated my presence anyway. "Are you interested?!" "No." "...Well, at least he's honest." Sorry, you guys, there's just only so many of you I can be polite to at once, especially when I'm having a week like this. Try again one at a time and I'd be happy to deliver your flyer to the recycle bin for you.
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I have about a bazillion things that need addressing, so here goes.

Cut for length and spoilers. )

OK, I’m at almost two pages in Word – I hope my cyberethics essay can get this long! – so I should call it a day and go have lunch. Later!
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Someone already claimed the prompt I wanted, you guys! ): And I know I could make a second claim on it, but I don't think I have enough ideas for it, anyway. So, what should I write? Think I should try and get SP done in time for the fest? Alternately, there's my trans!Dean story. Or that WH13 prompt. Or the Burn Notice one. ETA: Or the Psych one (2353, "Psych, Shawn/Gus, Shawn left home for many reasons - one of which was because he really didn't know how to tell his dad that he was Shawn and not Shawna. Gus was the only one he's told, and he's always known."). Or so many many other things. Or I could just give up and read everyone else's fic instead because I can't write long fic. Your thoughts?


*deep breath* More calmly: You guys should go claim things. Not enough of the transfic is getting claimed and this is a travesty.

In unrelated news and simply because it fit slightly better here than in the srs bzns post (religion, part 2) I'm planning for later, my coworker/supervisor A told me yesterday that I was in a dream she'd had. Apparently it was just a cameo, lol, where I literally ran in one side of the scene and out the other ("hey, there's Justi--aw, darn, there he goes."), which I think is hilarious. But the best part is she was like, "Yeah, and it was great, because I had this awesome car. And you'd had surgery -- I know I had no way of knowing that, but it was one of those things you know for no reason in dreams." Pretty fantastic dream all around. (And with luck surgery will be more than a dream soon; I'm narrowing my choices slowly but surely. Or, becoming more informed, at least. >_<)

ETA (3/27): Claimed my own WC prompt this morning (#3766). It occurred to me that a) my claiming it doesn't stop anyone else from also claiming it, b) if I don't get it finished, it's my own prompt, so it hopefully wouldn't be as disappointing, and c) I had left it vague so other people could have their own ideas -- and hadn't noticed the vagueness allows me to write any of the three ideas (past-fic, present-fic, bodyswap) I'd had in that verse and still meet the prompt. So, I think I may be able to do this. (And, um, I requested the last possible posting date, so. That ought to help, too. Heh.) Wish me luck!

ETA 2: Someone also claimed the MTF!Ellen prompt, the FTM!Dean prompt, and last year's FTM!Pepper-from-Good-Omens prompt. Way to be awesome, fandom. Sooo looking forward to May now.
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Just finished watching yesterday's HT ("Sanctuary"). Wow. Wow wow. How was THAT for a mytharc ep? Geez. My opinon of this show has just skyrocketed. Awesome. Also? I think zip-lining down a cable car is in the top-ten list of coolest things I've ever seen. :D (And for the lulz, the COMICS. I about died. Freaking hilarious.)

Speaking of hilarious: yesterday's WC ("Vital Signs"). Cut for incoherent spoilers. ) THIS EP WINS FOREVER. Mhmm.

Oh, and Leverage was awesome, too. (Had a heck of a time believing that was Luke Perry, but -- yay, Luke Perry! It's been too long since Jeremiah!) The end in particular. <3

ETA: And how could I have forgotten about last weekend's Seeker, "Perdition"? To put it succinctly: My reaction. )

Finally, I am super-excited about tonight's SN, "Song Remains the Same". This Anna stuff is... disquieting..., but the rest of it? *glee* "This is a pivotal Supernatural episode for one big reason that will become obvious as soon as you see it, and in many ways, the final scenes play out a bit like the end of 'Changing Channels'." Yes plz do want. XD

ETA #2: SN spoilers. )

And, off topic, some links:
How freaking cool is this? http://casip.ou.edu/summer_session_galapagos.html Crying shame I have no time or money. And if you haven't already seen it, this, too; how cool is this? U.S. Tax Court Rules in Favor of SRS Deduction. Not that I make enough to pay taxes, but still. :)
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I have a list of things I wanted to say that I left at home (I'm in the computer lab at the moment, semi-working on my take-home Stats final while waiting until my Data Structures review session at 5:00), so I'll save the fandom stuff for another post (expect LotS, Dexter, and BH).

Long college ramblings. )

In other news, I finally solved the weird work mystery involving my coworker K. I have two cards that I use regularly on campus; one is my ID card, with the right name on it, and the other is the Loyalty Card (X amount of extra points for living on campus again), that they printed before I got my name changed, so it still has my old name on it. And K runs the cash register a lot at work. So that explains everything. (And thank god she doesn't appear inclined to question me about it directly -- that'd be way too awkward a conversation to have in a crowded line if I even wanted to.)

In other, unrelated news, my secret got posted over at fandomsecrets, and while that is, apparently, just me, I got the only commenter someone to watch the show, so success! (And I'm consoling myself with the fact that it's just because no one watches the show that no one agrees with me and trying not to remember that I got way more comments for that Island secret way back when, and no one'd read that, either.

Finally, I randomly discovered this song (see "Music"; 5:57, SFW) on YT and can't stop listening to it. <3
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The week of doom (last week) has apparently decided to last two weeks. D:
The week before Dead Week can kill. )

And clearly it takes being overwhelmed with school work to get me to be productive, because I've totally been cleaning and doing laundry and whatnot. And last night instead of more paper I wrote an epic emo poem. And then this last night/this morning -- well, I knew those trans bunnies come in twos, but I was still hoping to not have to fend off FTM!Neal Caffrey quite so soon. On the contrary, I don't think I've had a muse this insistent since Chloe Logan. I haven't written anything yet -- that poem was time-wasting enough as it is -- but hopefully I won't forget it all before Saturday comes and I have a spare second to write it down. Wish me luck with that. (Also, if anyone happens to know or have a good guess as to how old Neal and/or Elizabeth are, I'd appreciate that info thrown my way. I am so bad with ages, you have no idea, lol. And um, apparently no matter what version of Neal I'm writing, Neal and Elizabeth are BFFs. Lol, I don't know either. I just write what they tell me. I blame that fic where they were brother and sister ("brother dearest", and all its prequels and sequels.))

TV (spoiler-free) )

Weird work mystery. )

Finally, my birthday (22! yay?) was not as bad as it started out. Yay for that. Thanks for the wall posts/cards/cake/good thoughts, guys. And even the renditions of "Happy Birthday". ;D Oh, and thanks for the virtual cookie, [livejournal.com profile] obsessed1. Happy holidays to you as well. They can't get here soon enough for my tastes!
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On Friday, there was less than ten minutes left until I got off my shift at work, and who showed up except Sam, an old friend of mine that I'd hardly seen in ages! When I got off work, we hung out for a while and it was good times.

The funniest thing, though: She'd dyed her hair, so I was having trouble recognizing her, and when I finally found her, I told her so.

...She just kind of looks at me and points out that I'm hardly the one to be saying that.

Oh. Right. >_<

Touche, Sam. Touche.
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1. Still grounded. Gonna go out looking for a job next week, and with luck I'll find one and they'll ease up.

2. Last weekend, over the space of two days, I watched the entire six-episode miniseries The Lost Room. (Half the reason my parents want me out of the house; so much TV, and all the time in the world for it!) Can I just say, it was FANTASTIC. Relatedly, I'm now a ways into a Castle/LR crossover fic that's going to hopefully be equally awesome. Fingers crossed, anyway.

3. Also watched a bunch of XF this week ("Irresistible" through "Paper Clip" over the span of three or four days). Still haven't found my first-ever ep, though. I could've sworn I'd recognize it if I saw it, too. Dunno. At any rate: "Irresistible" was awesomely creepy, the makeup in "Dod Kalm" was damn near unbelievable, "F. Emasculata" is definitely in the top-5 most disgusting eps ever (not bad, though), "Soft Light" was pretty awesome, and "Fresh Bones" was really awesome. All in all, not bad at all.

4. For anyone not in the loop: Chastity Bono is transitioning (plus commentary from Jamison Green).

5. Oh, and we got a free month of premium channels, so I caught Stardust last night. You know that surrounded-by-puppies-and-flowers, warm-and-fuzzy feeling happy endings give you sometimes? That one that makes you feel like a ten-year-old girl but god it feels wonderful anyway? Yeah, that one. That's the ending of Stardust. *sappy happy expression* Yeeeaah. Great movie. *nod*

6. Finally, just remembered: my dad lost his job, so our insurance is changing, and I'm worried I'm going to have to switch to injections. D: So I'll definitely post more on the topic if there's anything new and different to note. Still on the gel for now; it'll be five months in three days. T update; cut for TMI. )

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Cut for hugely-long college stuffs. Click for RL. )

Also, I printed off a bunch of Day of Silence speaking cards earlier, so I'm all set for that on Friday.

Speaking of, I talked to my speech prof yesterday, and he was happy to promise me a Monday slot for the informative speech. Yay.

Finally, Castle was pretty much made of pure awesome last night. The vest. Oh my God. I burst out in... okay, they might have been giggles... every time that thing was on screen. It was amazing. :D Win.
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*awkward turtle* )

In other news, I snagged some of the Being Human music before the bh_fans mods killed the post. If you're interested in what I have, hit me up.

ETA: Crossposted the awkward to alittleawkward. Hopefully it's less of a be-there moment than last time. Also, it occurred to me that sometimes, being stealth is a lot like winning the Game. Once you realize you were, you aren't anymore. (And yeah, you lose. ;P)
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Lots of bullet points, even more random. )Now to close more tabs so my computer stops yelling at me for using all its virtual memory. >_<

ETA: What the hell, LJ? Mysterious removal of chunks of my post is mysterious and rather a lot of Do Not Want.
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Inauguration. Cut for politics and religion, lol. )

Things that happened a little closer to home today:

Cut for GIANT TEAL DEER re: school )

And I'm sure I'm forgetting something, but that'll do it for now. I'm gonna watch the Mentalist tonight, and Psych at some point on Hulu, and then there's classes tomorrow, so I'll have plenty of places to ramble on about anything else I forgot, lol.

PS: YouTube needs to go DIAF. )
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IHU too, body. But just wait! I'll have the last laugh! Muahaha.

Seriously, though. I feel like shit today. And I feel like I pass for shit today. And today just bites. Thursday nao plz. Or preferably next week. Next week would be nice. Gahhh.

Got tagged by Clex for a meme that I'll do when I have time and/or stop feeling like shit. So maybe tomorrow. Nothing to do tomorrow till I go into work at three. God, though, I close Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. It blows. D: None of my friends are going to want to have to stay this long to take me home. Hell, I don't want to. Suuuuucky.

And, some tab-closing: Good Omens/Supernatural crossovers, my favorite GO fic to date (100 Things Crowley Would Do Before the World Ended), and anthropomorfic over at crack_van.

And now, um, I guess I'll go eat. And then maybe try to get some writing done. Or watch one of the two remaining eps of QL I have on my computer that I haven't seen. Or finish that 12-chapter Barken fic I'm reading. Or something. God, I feel like shit today.
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Things that happened today: )

ETA: [livejournal.com profile] mini_nanowrimo, your prompts/my fandom = OTP. Tonight's word count: 230. I'll post the final draft (and the terrific quote that inspired it) soon, once I can get it edited and a) feel like I'm looking at the weird voice it has in perspective and not judging it too harshly, and b) don't want to fall asleep at the keyboard. Night!
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Effectively reverse-chronological order:

Logic midterm. )

NaNo. )

Advising, etc. )

Teh ghey. )

Oh, and internshippy stuff! They told us at Career Services' "How to Land an Internship" thing I went to that internships don't chase you down, but apparently this one does! :) The nice Wal-Mart people I think I mentioned in my Career Fair post? Well, I emailed her my resume but slacked off on figuring out how to get a transcript, etc, and then I figured it was too late, that kind of thing that I sabotage myself with all the time. However, on Monday, I got an email as follows:

Email from the Wal-Mart recruiter. )

How awesome is that? Looks like I get a second chance, and I won't be letting this one go by.

For now, though, got to go do piles and piles of homework. D: Worst week EVAR.

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In more or less reverse-chronological order:

10 Things That Happened This Week )

I'm sure there's other stuff I haven't mentioned, but I've got homework and laundry to do, so I'll stop here. Later!

ETA: And NaNo's tomorrow! This ought to be... interesting.

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College, and a sample of the sort of amusing conversation we have at work. )

Finally, have some links:
1. Now this would be interesting. Ah, the joys of one missing comma and [livejournal.com profile] badfic_quotes.
2. I saw one of these ads once and lol'd. I'm half-glad and half-disappointed they finally figured it out. I really want to know what they thought it meant, anyway. I'd say some twenty-something working there had a hand in getting it out in public for the lulz, except I doubt anyone who knew what it meant would have been able to keep enough of a straight face for that to work. Plus, that would be career suicide. However, the idea that no one there knew that phrase is mind-boggling. *shakes head*
3. And I know that one guy's been spamming every trans comm on LJ with this, but I thought it was a cool story, so for folks who haven't had their flists eaten by all his posts: the trans chicken.

Oh, and [livejournal.com profile] writing_game's still open, don't know for how long. I may or may not try to sqeeze in another fic before the board closes. If I do, I'll edit.

Did it. All I had to do was fake to the muses that I was going to sleep, and I had the first paragraph within three minutes. (Lol, I'm onto you guys!) Anyway, here's the double-drabble I came up with. (I was complaining to the muses that Sam/Ruby isn't even my OTP, so they showed mercy and got the Wincest in there too.)

And That Was All (200 words) )
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Don's =D look at the end? I wanted to hug him.

That's all. Just thought you should know.

Oh, and so I can find it later: Heroes Season 3 on BuddyTV

And I almost forgot, I have a story! Arielle warned someone today for using someone else's ID, so I mentioned to her what I was telling Liam the other day, about feeling annoyed that I hadn't been bothered about mine yet. And she tells me about one day when I got lunch or whatever at Quizno's and actually had to pay with my ID and my coworker Chelsea was working the register instead of Arielle. Apparently Chelsea asked her afterwards, "So does Justin have a twin or something?" Since I look just like the girl on my ID, after all, save the hair and the name. (Arielle said she was like, Oh God, how do I explain this tactfully...?) Lolol. I was amused.

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Yesterday (1-3) )

Today (4-7) )

ETA (9:02pm):
Why can't I ever catch a break? Someone's watching a CSI:Miami marathon over in the TV lounge, and a huge group of people is watching some anime thing on the first floor. I wonder how much I'd have missed if I go up to the 12th floor really fast...

ETA (10:02pm): Hooray for the study hall having a TV lounge. Numb3rs was pretty terrifically angsty, but I guess this means I'm going to have to catch it next week, too; I need to see the conclusion to this story arc.


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