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A/N: Two more ficlets written for [livejournal.com profile] writing_game . These are set in the same universe as He Who Fights Monsters. If you haven't read that and intend to, you should do that first. Spoilers follow. And angst. Lots of angst.

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"I hacked history!" has got to be one of Leverage's best lines ever. XD

In other news, I hope this board at [livejournal.com profile] writing_game goes on forever and ever (read: I'd at least like a warning before it closes, kplzthx). My epic plan, it is epic. I ended up switching some prompts around, and not writing Monsters fic for the one I'd planned to, but I'm still having bunnies, so yay. (I would have written more today, but I made the mistake of reading a very intense collarkink fill this afternoon that really stuck with me and ruined me for all my stories until a few minutes ago.)

Now, fic-wise:

1. The MTF!Neal verse-thing (lol idek what it is) unexpectedly grew something approaching a plot tonight while I wasn't paying attention. Not sure whether this is good or bad. I think I'd trade that in to just know her name, but what can ya do. (Besides, I'm hardly one to talk -- I didn't know my own for a solid few months post-social-transition. But then, that annoyed me too, so at least I'm being consistent?)

2. Monsters-verse has developed the levels of angst probably everyone but me saw coming. (Although, really -- even the dog is angsty?! That's just wrong. My head is a scary place sometimes, I tell ya.) Now I need to just, y'know, actually write it down. *nodnod*

2b. Spoilers for my fic 'He Who Fights Monsters'. )

3. If "dialogue-only WC zombie apocafic" sounds like something you'd enjoy, you should know I posted just such a drabble yesterday at writing_game. Turns out it worked better for that prompt than Monsters did. And it makes me laugh. XD

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This is a belated Christmas present for [livejournal.com profile] zerawolfe7, who is mostly to blame for the idea in the first place. ;) Thanks are also due to [livejournal.com profile] dime_for_12, who beta-read for me -- and who wasn't there for SPAG, so any errors and all grammar/punctuation murdering are mine alone.

Title from Nietzsche, of course. Story is pre-series (spoiler-free); AU, bordering on crack; and basically gen (pre-slash if you're wearing your goggles). 1,560 words/4 pages. Enjoy.

He Who Fights Monsters )


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