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X-Files. )

Also, I wrote more of that Castle/LR crossover, got to the part where my OC, Dante, encounters a cop and Things Happen, and had a question. So I got online to ask the good folks at [livejournal.com profile] ask_a_cop, and while I was there, did some research. Lo and behold, I'd forgotten again that Castle's set in NYC. I don't know why I have such a hard time remembering that, honestly. It just seems like all my shows are either set in California, D.C., or Miami, so I get confused, I guess. At any rate, this could pose a problem. And I don't have a comm yet to ask questions about NYC, although I contacted the mod over at [info]newyorkers to see if they'd be open to that. (If so, I'll be sure to add them to the list, along with [info]law_questions and [info]lawquestions_au.) While I wait for a response, anyone else up to answering a lot of random questions about NYC? I sense a lot of rewriting in my future if I got the right impression from Google Street View, so I may as well get it right.

Finally, have a meme (stolen from [livejournal.com profile] sashataakheru):

Character List Meme:
1) Make a list of 15 characters and assign each character a number.
2) Without telling anyone who's on the list or the character's assigned number, get questions from your flist about what they'd like to know about them, i.e. "If 3 and 4 were trapped in a cave together with only a blanket and a toothpick, what would they do?"
3) Post list and answers.

Anyone want to give me questions? You know you want to! ;)

ETA: And I still have no idea what I'm writing for JuNo next month (that would be the pseudo-NaNo Zera and I are doing). Your cracky plots, suggest them to me!
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1. Still grounded. Gonna go out looking for a job next week, and with luck I'll find one and they'll ease up.

2. Last weekend, over the space of two days, I watched the entire six-episode miniseries The Lost Room. (Half the reason my parents want me out of the house; so much TV, and all the time in the world for it!) Can I just say, it was FANTASTIC. Relatedly, I'm now a ways into a Castle/LR crossover fic that's going to hopefully be equally awesome. Fingers crossed, anyway.

3. Also watched a bunch of XF this week ("Irresistible" through "Paper Clip" over the span of three or four days). Still haven't found my first-ever ep, though. I could've sworn I'd recognize it if I saw it, too. Dunno. At any rate: "Irresistible" was awesomely creepy, the makeup in "Dod Kalm" was damn near unbelievable, "F. Emasculata" is definitely in the top-5 most disgusting eps ever (not bad, though), "Soft Light" was pretty awesome, and "Fresh Bones" was really awesome. All in all, not bad at all.

4. For anyone not in the loop: Chastity Bono is transitioning (plus commentary from Jamison Green).

5. Oh, and we got a free month of premium channels, so I caught Stardust last night. You know that surrounded-by-puppies-and-flowers, warm-and-fuzzy feeling happy endings give you sometimes? That one that makes you feel like a ten-year-old girl but god it feels wonderful anyway? Yeah, that one. That's the ending of Stardust. *sappy happy expression* Yeeeaah. Great movie. *nod*

6. Finally, just remembered: my dad lost his job, so our insurance is changing, and I'm worried I'm going to have to switch to injections. D: So I'll definitely post more on the topic if there's anything new and different to note. Still on the gel for now; it'll be five months in three days. T update; cut for TMI. )


Jul. 31st, 2008 05:05 pm
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X-Files )

And finally, I have links. 
Retriever Adopts Tiger Cubs at Zoo. The picture is bizarrely hilarious. Also amused by the pic of "Princess Chunk". Heh.
Name Change Cases. There's a line between "creative" and "no, dude, don't. really. please." I only wish I'd saved the article about the awful names parents tried to give their children (e.g. "Violence", "Yeah Detroit", and my favorite, "Number 16 Bus Shelter"). Makes "Dixon and Willoughby" look downright normal.

Oh, and 'Fringe' Pilot Leaks Before Premiere. X-Files rehash or not, I'm interested.

ETA: Downloading Fringe and season 3 of QL. Hooray for seeds.
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It was good. I don't know what everyone's problem was. Yes, it did watch like a two-hour-long episode, but it didn't feel like a fourth-season Twilight Zone where they dragged a half hour on for an hour (or like S9's "Sunshine Days", which dragged on for about an eternity). It watched fine; I was entertained. Very glad Skinner was in it. In fact, my biggest problem with the movie was the beaver on DD's face for the first half of it. *g* Trufax.

TL;DR: I enjoyed it. *thumbs up*

Off to go read the last 17 pages of FTF now. (I was so close to finishing it first!) 

ETA: FTF was good, too; particularly the end. And I randomly discovered today that Stephen King cowrote "Chinga" with CC. That explains why it was so creepy, then.
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Can I just say my sister is awesome? Because she is. :D

And, in other news, this article is hilarious. Especially because I've been watching X-Files all afternoon (and speaking of, "Kitsunegari" was even better than "Pusher"). Heh.

Back to it, then. About to watch "Schizogeny".

ETA: "Schizogeny" was... interesting. "Chinga" was creepy as all hell. And I didn't expect "Kill Switch" to be so... well, Imma have nightmares now, I think. I mean, holy crap. *shivers*
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So, I decided just now, on a whim, that I'm going to be spoiler-free for Season 3 (or at least 3x01...), but if anyone else would like some, here's Comic-Con spoilers for Heroes volume 3: http://www.buddytv.com/articles/heroes/live-from-comiccon-heroes-21520.aspx

Also, I've heard exactly one good review of XF:IWTB from the critics, two from fans, and everything else was negative. Now with this unfortuntate business cropping up over in queer_rage, I'm a little worried. Still going to see it, but nervous all the same. (I was trying to stay spoiler-free for this movie, too, but it's been a little dificult. Maybe I should have tried harder.)
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For Pete's sake, how many vids have I got going now? About a billion? *sigh*

And now, muses, you want me to make the AU a crossover, too? Screw that. Yes, it's neat that the eps of both shows included the same hotel in Vancouver. But no, I am not about to download "Wetwired" just to (somehow) edit it into this vid. So go away.

At any rate, I feel better now: http://community.livejournal.com/note_to_muse/508913.html


Jul. 24th, 2008 12:00 am
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Sweet. ...Except now I'm craving me some cheesecake. >_<

In other news, I watched "Teso dos Bichos" earlier tonight. Verdict: mediocre with a pretty awesome ending. So, not too bad.
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I'm sure this will die down at some point after I see the movie on Monday, really.

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1. Posted that Moonlight fic I talked about a while back, "War Stories". I'm pretty happy with it.

6. Screw you, ovaries. Didn't you get the memo? GTFO.
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Best freaking X-Files video ever: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x41deT8JDXk If you want the iPod-format video to download, I can send you the link. It's what finally got me to spend the time figuring out how to work with MegaUpload. :)

Possibly equally awesome is this one (fellow ML fans will no doubt recognize the song): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zRXcselgE3M

Oh, and this is arguably the weirdest thing in the world, ever. o_o

And in other, other news, I finished reading Just Add Hormones by Matt Kailey today (Leigh's entry about The Testosterone Files convinced me to finally go buy Just Add Hormones and Becoming a Visible Man). I'm really glad I did, and I'm really glad I had that highlighter: It was great. But it deserves its own entry -- which I promise to do later.
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God, I am so excited already.

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BuddyTV Heroes article: http://www.buddytv.com/articles/heroes/heroes-season-3-premiere-may-b-20917.aspx

Check out that Season 3 trailer. *mind boggles with glee*

OK, now back to your regularly-scheduled programming of "Oh my God, the X-Files movie is coming!" (Yes, I'm a bad fan because I haven't seen the first one yet and, heck, I'm still making my way through the episodes, but I am so going to the freaking theater for that one at some point. Probably scarily soon after it comes out.)

Oh, and speaking of, I now own every season but #2. Barnes and Noble, I love you and your buy-two-get-the-third-free month-long DVD sale. For the freaking win.

And hey, X-Philes on my flist? I'm trying to come up with the name of the ep that got me into the show. Mostly so I can finally see how it ended. See, I discovered it really late one night on TNT, and so I only watched the teaser, and then the VCR decided to fail at life and not tape the rest. All I can remember is that someone's kid (daughter, I think) got kidnapped or something. And I remember the room in the teaser was kind of weirdly dark, in a way I would recognize on sight but can't describe. The ep isn't "Obliette" or "Sein und Zeit". Ideas?
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Been a while, yeah? Here's what's new.

On the TV front, which is where my mind is at the moment so forgive me:

TV List )

And in other news:

1. I also got an iPod for Christmas. It is made of awesome. For real.

2. I actually started writing something this morning. A Moonlight/Journeyman crossover that unfortunately broke my brain with all the time travel and then kind of petered out after a few paragraphs. But I have faith because it was going to be awesome! So we'll see how that goes.

3. I'm going to get to go with my friend 

[profile] zerawolfe7to a WWII airplane museum in Addison this weekend. How cool is that? :)

3.5. Also, Zera, I promise that SN/ML crossover's gonna get written one of these days. I promise.

4. Finally, I got my pictures developed. Guess which ones didn't come out? That's right, folks, the ones of me in my binder. I have plenty of airshow pics, but, no joke, all three of those didn't come out somehow. *eyeroll* Mom offered the use of her digital, though, so one of these days before I go back to school I promise I'll get around to it. Really.

And I think that's it. Except that I got my grades, and I made three Cs (Thermo, Intro, and Calc) and two Bs (Statics and Physics), and have a cumulative 3.04. (So, it's acceptable. I have to do better next semester or I start losing parts of my scholarship [had to keep a 3.25], but for now it's okay.)


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