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Fandom/TV post ought to be coming on Sunday after LotS (which, can't wait!!). And will no doubt be huge, so brace yourselves. ;)

Anyway, I'll probably forget some things, since I forgot to bring my notecard with my notes on it down to the computer lab, but here's the good parts of real life lately.

1. Laptop. )

2. Valentine's Day card. )

3. Me, my dad, and top surgery. )

4. Progress on various fics (WC, DB, SN). )

ETA: Read more... )
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So, it's September. The really-long unexpected LJ hiatus was part forced and then part just that I couldn't find the time, but I'm back now! (Hooray! Right? Right?) Now to get on with the really long update.

First, the TV rambling, of course, to make it easier for those who aren't interested to skip it. TV (QL, Mental, Psych, et al) )

Relatedly, I've been all over the place fandom-wise since I got reacquainted with the internets. First, BuddyTV links I've been saving for you guys:
The Five New Shows You Must Watch This Fall
Flash Forward
Lucifer is Coming: How SN Stole Twitter

Oh, and speaking of Supernatural, spoilers, and my thoughts on the s5 premiere, 'Sympathy for the Devil'. )
Moving on...

I was also introduced to these Twilight-series recaps last weekend and they pretty much ate my weekend because they're awesome. The basic point is that she's reading the books so we don't have to, because they're that bad. Heh. And they sure sound it. I mean, Edward twirling part of her engine around in his hands while he gives her that little guilt-trip? Drop it in Criminal Minds and it'd almost be great writing. I don't know how anyone can think he's romantic/a good boyfriend/not a sociopath. *shudder* But so as not to offend, that's all I'll say about that, too. (Oh, except that I woke up the other day with a QL/Twilight bunny in my head. I'll just wait till she makes it through Breaking Dawn and then I'll take a crack at that, because boy would it be an improvement. And Sam roundhouse-kicking Edward wouldn't hurt, either. :))

Finally, in the last two three fandom-related things I think I have to say:
1. I think my new Dexter book is here. Tomorrow the post office opens and I can go get my package. Omgyay.
2. Despite the fact that I don't really like the song and am not completely sold on the ship, this vid (NSFW) is without a doubt the best one in the Dark Blue fandom. Seriously. Watch it. You don't have to have seen the show, and this will make you want to.
3. I am in love with both "Wizard's First Rule" by Terry Goodkind (440ish pages/836, and counting), and the TV series, Legend of the Seeker, that was based off those books. We're talking "watched one episode, found the entire series on Hulu on legendoftheseeker.com (go to the 'full archive' tab), and watched the entire 22-episode first season within the space of two weeks" kinds of love. If you need more encouragement than that to watch it: Craig Horner, who plays the MC, looks like the lovechild of Stuart Townsend and Misha Collins. And there's swordfights. Lots of them. I'm serious, guys. (And you have plenty of time to catch up! Season 2 premieres Nov. 7. Go, go, watch and enjoy!)

Onto other things:
Some news links, some news on how the name change is progressing, and some random. ) Here's the two best vids I've found for LotS, just to give you even more reason to watch and to make sure you don't miss them: one to Breaking Benjamin's "Blow Me Away" and a shippy one to Natalie Merchant's "My Skin".

Okay, that's all. Until next time. Which hopefully will be sooner than, say, NaNo. ;)

ETA: The documentary referred to in this (good) article about a trans British boy is now available on YouTube. Here, if anyone's interested.

ETA 2: Also, risking TMI ).
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(Cuts are for length only; no real spoilers or anything like that.) In no particular order:

1. I've decided not to pay for FanStory (well, I could be persuaded otherwise, but since no one looks up to doing that, I'm pretty decided). Everyone there's just too good for me to hope I'd actually get the money. I'll finish up the story and post it over at my nice, free FictionPress account and have that be that.

2. Speaking of finishing stories, I've been finishing an ancient (3+ years old) one for someone on comment_fic, and I'm just about done with it. :)

3. Chuck )

4. Lie to Me )

5. Ran into Kali on Thursday and lent her Luna. I had it because I was going to read it in the library before class (to finish it officially, y'know), but then I wrote more on "Death and Taxes" (see #2) instead, so it worked out for the best for everybody.

6. Flashpoint )

7. Numb3rs )

8. Harper's Island )

9. The homework I haven't been getting done. )

10. Why I haven't been getting it done. )

11. Amazon is my enabler. )

12. Speaking of Heroes s3, it's on Hulu in its entirety until August 1st. :D

13. Castle )

14. Intersession: the conclusion of the enrollment saga. )

15. Some cool, trans-type happy-news links. )

And I think that's about everything. Until next week!
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TV and college stuff, cut for length. )

Also, I'm rocking over at [livejournal.com profile] writing_game. Turns out having new eps of BH to work off of is extremely helpful. I'll crosspost here when I get a chance, but they're over there if anyone's interested.
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Real life )

TV )

NaNo )
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TV (spoiler-free, cut for length) )

6. Re: Therapy, well, there goes my last shot at getting a script (or at least a letter) by my birthday. Oh well. I've already waited this long, right?

7. Re: Nano. It was Transgender Day of Rememberance two days ago, so I started some Samverse. It's still not finished, but I've got plenty to edit around and add to until it stops sucking. Day 20 word count: 125, day 21 word count: 110. All in the same story. So hopefully it'll get done soon. *cough* After all the homework I have to do today, of course.

8. Apparently LiveSearch took away all the good prizes and gave me back the tickets I paid for the headphones. And now all my headphones are broken and I don't have any more coming. Sadface.
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 Yesirree. Today was pretty freaking terrific.

1. Chilled out, had work, and then came home and watched QL. While I was watching it, I was pretty engrossed, and then I hear, "Justin!", and it's my roommate, trying to get my attention so our RA could do a maintenance check. And inside I was like ":D".

2. Re: the Eagle. )

3. Then I hung out and chatted with Kali and it was good times also.

4. Re: cute dogs. )

I hope everyone else's night rocked as much as mine. Off to watch the last three or so minutes of "Good Morning, Peoria" now.

ETA: Also, I friend-requested my RA today. Will let you know what comes from that. 

Further ETA: Ah, pronouns. )


Oct. 2nd, 2008 08:28 am
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1. God, I woke up this morning at 6:58, and was like "gah. *flops back down* wait, my alarm is set for 7. I have to get up? do not want. ugh." D:

2. And then the first thing I did after I got up? Slammed my thumb in a door. Should have stayed in bed.

3. GLBTF had the Sexperts there yesterday, and it was informative. If somewhat less hilarious than when Brent did it last year.

4. Gotta go do that lab I woke up early for now.

5. PS: If I haven't mentioned it, I got a 33/50 (60%) on the PMath test. I'm pleased. Plus, because of the grade distribution -- my range including the second-most amount of people -- he said it'd probably be a B.

6. PPS: Finally found out when the 1323 midterm is. (Two Tuesdays from now.) So definitely not going tomorrow. :D

ETA: 7. PPPS: Downloading QL 2x8, "Jimmy", and also, I wrote my first Jeremiah drabble for [info]writing_game yesterday. :) And further ETA, I'm working on a coming-out Facebook note for NCOD. Thoughts/suggestions/input?

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1. I'm already over halfway done with the PMath due tomorrow. Gonna finish it once I drag myself away from the computer. :)

2. The suitemate's watching... I think Sneakers? Anyone recognize "It's just you, me, and the FCC"? LiveSearch fails, and I'm curious.

3. The new binder came. It looks like they changed the material. Whatever, it's bound to work better than my old one.

4. I passed with two separate people today at the caf. I usually have a hard time passing there for whatever reason, so that was nice. (ETA: And I wasn't even binding. I love my button-down shirts.)

5. I watched "Blood Moon", QL 5x15, last night. So predictable. And it was worse than The Boogiem*n with the cheese; I lol'd HARD. Plus, Bathory was a woman. Fail, fact checkers. *eyeroll* I'd say that was one of the worst ones I've seen yet. But they're allowed a clunker every once in a while, right? Right.

6. Went to 1323 today. He gave us the majority of the code for the project tomorrow, so it wasn't a total waste. Still don't know when the midterm is, though. I guess I just have to pray that a) I haven't already missed it, and b) he announces it on the website. *shrug* They got through methods today. Soon enough, interesting things will happen. Which will mean I'll have to go again, but at least I won't be worried about missing tests anymore.
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Guess who's finally got an appointment to get his freaking hair cut? That's right: I do! Will post pictures.

In other news, I didn't like "Raped" (QL 4x06) as much as everyone else seems to. It just felt like "L&O:SVU, now with more Sam and Al!". The end was hilariously awesome, though. No one has deserved to get their ass kicked more (well, except for Hamilton in Angel).
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First, a quick addition to something I mentioned in a previous entry: you know that hallmate in GLBTF? She told me when we talked on Wednesday that she has a friend who transitioned (she seems to be having a hard time using male pronouns for him, since she knew him before, and apparently thinks that's an excuse. to her credit, she noticed me visibly wincing during our conversation and switched pretty quick) whom she's willing to put me in contact with. So that's cool.

Oh, and also, Zera and I watched "A Hunting We Will Go" (QL 3x18) earlier tonight. I forgot to ask her what she thought of it, lol, but we tend to have the same taste in TV (or else, I just like everything and force it on everyone else, which amounts to about the same thing, anyway), so hopefully I can convert her.

Finally, a meme, from [livejournal.com profile] dleighc:

Cut for length. )
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Aaaaallergies. DDDD:

Because list-things-as-I-think-of-them is easier than other formats:

Have a list. )

...And that's all for now, I think, cause if I hurry I can fit in an ep of QL before Psych. I'm thinking "Catch A Falling Star". (ETA: Psych was hilarious. And "Catch A Falling Star"? God, I can practically see the scene in the writer's room. "Hey, guys, I thought of a new episode where Scott gets to sing!" Christ on a crutch, that man can sing.)
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Finished all my homework, amazingly. Thank you, Logic, for being fun and easy. :D (And thankfully, I was done with the CS project already, so I could finish the hard Logic question in that class instead. And then read fic. Lots of shiny, pre-series QL fic.)

But seriously, God, I hate Tuesdays. Much much much too long. I need a massage or some shit; being out doing stuff from 8:30 to 6:30 is just not even right. (Breakfast was a donut and lunch was a Snickers, lmao.)

Also, coworker? How hard is it to use male pronouns? God's sake. D: *needs a haircut so bad it's not even funny anymore* (At least I haven't been hassled in the restroom yet. Something to be grateful for.)

Oh, and I saw one of my favorite professors today when I was working (the guy I had for CS for Non-Majors in freshman year). I wanted to say "hi" really bad, but I figured he wouldn't recognize me. (Ah, the joys of being trans: being recognized and not being recognized are equally crappy options.) :(

*sigh* I'm going to go watch some QL now. I need it. And maybe finish the rest of that fic. (ETA 2, 10:30pm: Oh, wow, "Another Mother". I... I have been felled by the adorable cuteness that is Al and Teresa. *dies and is dead*)

ETA: Just remembered something else. I think I had, like, a heart attack or something at work today. I'm trying to make sandwiches and all of a sudden there's this shooting pain up by my heart. Didn't feel binder-related, so beats me what it was, but it scared me half to death. Not to mention it hurt like whoa. :(

P.S.: That memo I missed from work? Apparently they'd put a sign up saying that we were going to come in at 1:00 instead of noon on Sunday. No one was too miffed about my screwing up, though; they just missed me. Apparently, they've had folks just not show up one day and then they never see them again. (Even had one go to the bathroom and never come back. Lol wtf.) Anyway, yeah, so it's fine. Yay.

P.P.S.: Will vlog again when my stupid hair is short again.

ETA: P.P.P.S.: Maybe I should put up a sign, too. "Coworkers and superiors: Male pronouns, please. That would be he/him/his. Thank you, Justin." >_<
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Cracked.com, I freaking love you.

8 Most Obnoxious Internet Commenters

5 Cheap Tricks TV Shows Use to Keep You Watching (as much as I love 4400? That last one = too freaking applicable. And #5 is SN 4x01 to a tee.)

5 Scientific Reasons a Zombie Apocalypse Could Actually Happen

Also, an update: The sick is back, so Sam and I won't be doing anything tonight. And I was planning on coming out to her, too. Upside: She was concerned I wouldn't find anything else to do, so I mentioned I was downloading QL and I'd just watch that... and then she was interested, so I explained the concept and might be on my way to recruiting a fellow Leaper when the Universe deems fit to actually let us see each other.
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I had every intention of going to get my hair cut today, only to find out that the place is closed on Sundays. So, I spent the whole day on YouTube instead. :D

Happily, QL fandom has in fact made it over to YouTube (although quality can be a bit sketchy for the ones that were vidded off VHS). Have some fanvids.

Vid links under the cut. (QL) )

OK, that's all. Back to trying to write for the prompt "quiver". Somehow.

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Got a therapy appointment scheduled for next week that I somehow managed to fit around both my school and work schedules.

And holy crap, "Lee Harvey Oswald". I'm not sure my thumbnail is ever going to recover from the end of that episode. So good though. Still lots of love, show, even after that finale.

And I haven't seen my roomie since this time yesterday. Bet she's hanging out with her clingy parents. Oh well, that's more time I don't have to be sociable. *g*
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1a. Long Ethernet cable >> short Ethernet cable.

1b. Wireless Internet works in the dorms now.

2a. Dean Stockwell (Al on QL) played the MC in one of my favorite episodes of Twilight Zone ever ("A Quality of Mercy").

2b. DS is older than dirt.

3. I'm still a hermit.
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No. No no no no no no no.

(Translation: I just finished "Mirror Image".)

 I've stopped crying, at least. [ETA: ...Mostly.] Show, HOW COULD YOU. D:

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... And I'm pretty sure I had other related things to say, but I don't really remember what any of it might have been, so I'll leave it at that for now.

ETA: Except for this: You Might Be a Fan If...

Further ETA: I watched MIA. Not as much of a downer as I was expecting. Can't bring myself to watch Mirror Image yet. I figure they're saving up all the angst and sadness and gloom for that one, and I'm not sure I'll be able to take it. :( This is my personal canon right now, and I don't really want that interfered with. But I'm expecting it to end up more lilke this, which breaks my heart. *sigh* Show, why did you have to go do that?


Jul. 31st, 2008 05:05 pm
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X-Files )

And finally, I have links. 
Retriever Adopts Tiger Cubs at Zoo. The picture is bizarrely hilarious. Also amused by the pic of "Princess Chunk". Heh.
Name Change Cases. There's a line between "creative" and "no, dude, don't. really. please." I only wish I'd saved the article about the awful names parents tried to give their children (e.g. "Violence", "Yeah Detroit", and my favorite, "Number 16 Bus Shelter"). Makes "Dixon and Willoughby" look downright normal.

Oh, and 'Fringe' Pilot Leaks Before Premiere. X-Files rehash or not, I'm interested.

ETA: Downloading Fringe and season 3 of QL. Hooray for seeds.


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