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Backwards, vague spoilers for Numb3rs 6x16, 'Cause and Effect'. )

Huge spoilers for Medium, 6x16 'How to Beat a Bad Guy' and 6x17 'Allison Rolen Got Married'. )

WC sf ('Out of the Box') spoilers. )

Spoilers for Castle 2x16, 'The Mistress Always Spanks Twice'. )

Anyway, before Castle were the BN finale (hooray for Garret Dillahunt continuing his streak of making an awesome villain in everything I watch), and WC's "Front Man", which: we can has some hurt/comfort already, you guys? Please? Hello, there was 1x13 'Front Man' spoilers ). A+.

Oh, and there was Human Target on Wednesday, too, that I watched, that was as crazy-actiony-awesome as usual (and hey, there should be a BN crossover with that, that would work well. someone get on that!).

And that's it for the relatively recent TV. The Psych finale is conspicuously absent, I know; I'll be watching that rerun tomorrow.

In other news, college and RL stuff. ).

Roy Zimmerman )

Last but not least, I saw this hilarious WC vid to "Skullcrusher Mountain", and in so doing was introduced to Jonathan Coulton. Check him out, he's hilarious, and the songs on that page are free to stream in full. My faves are "Re: Your Brains", "Skullcrusher Mountain", "Code Monkey", and most of the others that I've listened to, but to list them all would rather defeat the purpose of favorites. ;) Enjoy.
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First: Numb3rs ("Ultimatum") was, once again, awesome. (Ian broke me, and Don-and-Charlie were fantastic.) I really am going to be annoyed if/when they cancel it. But speaking of: Oh, man, David and Colby at the end of yesterday's? Yeah, that settles it, they really need to hook up before the series ends. <3

Second, my laptop is dead. Not quite as dead as my cell phone, which I dropped in water last week, but dead enough. There are signs of life (the power button lighting up, fans running), but on the screen, nothing. This really was inevitable -- it had been getting wonkier and wonkier upon start-up near the end -- but still. Hopefully when I get home for the break, I can just replace the battery or something and it'll come back to life. And if not that, at least save my files somehow. Fingers crossed. (For now, thank goodness for computer labs.)

And just because the Universe decided I hadn't had a bad enough start to my weekend, I had plans for once, and the bus to take me to them didn't come. FML.

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Yeah, I know I've been posting a lot, but I just ran across these and thought other folks might like to know.

ABC axes 'Eastwick,' orders more 'Forgotten' Five more episodes = great news!

Robert Patrick to appear on 'Chuck'
I really need to start watching this show, don't I.

'Numb3rs' fans can count on closure
I don't want to see it go, but if it has to, then I'm happy with this.

And unrelatedly, but while I'm posting links: the first chapter of Nightlight, the Twilight parody. XD

ETA: And also OT, happy news story: The Pink Dress.
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Procrastinating --> LJ post that is probably going to end up being gigantic. Ah well. At least I'll finally be caught up and I can start getting better about making more smaller posts rather than fewer huge ones. Hopefully.

First, as always: TV.

Cut for Supernatural spoilers. )

Cut for vague FlashForward spoilers. )

Mentalist, after SN, sure had its work cut out for it. It was no contest, in comparison, but still very good even so. Jane is just awesome.

Cut for Legend of the Seeker s2 spoilers. )

Cut for length. )


NaNo, plus important news for anyone following my progress on NCT. )

Which will be finished once I say two more things. The first: I got two shirts from ThinkGeek and they are awesome. I Never Finish Anyth, which I've wanted for years; and Enough Social Interaction, which is just plain hilarious. :D

The second thing: more links.
15 Supernatural Crossovers We Want to See
13 Scariest Episodes of Supernatural
Awesomest candidate for TX governor ever
Annoying Food Jingles
BuddyTV article/interview re: the end of FF's "The Gift" (spoilers)
TV Shows Most Likely to be Cancelled
Creepiest Children's TV Shows
'Being Human' to be Americanized (please don't!)

OK, all caught up. Until next time!
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Time for some tab-closing. It's mostly TV stuff. You can has.
Dexter )

And, next fall's TV lineups:
under the cut )

More links:
snip snip )
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(Cuts are for length only; no real spoilers or anything like that.) In no particular order:

1. I've decided not to pay for FanStory (well, I could be persuaded otherwise, but since no one looks up to doing that, I'm pretty decided). Everyone there's just too good for me to hope I'd actually get the money. I'll finish up the story and post it over at my nice, free FictionPress account and have that be that.

2. Speaking of finishing stories, I've been finishing an ancient (3+ years old) one for someone on comment_fic, and I'm just about done with it. :)

3. Chuck )

4. Lie to Me )

5. Ran into Kali on Thursday and lent her Luna. I had it because I was going to read it in the library before class (to finish it officially, y'know), but then I wrote more on "Death and Taxes" (see #2) instead, so it worked out for the best for everybody.

6. Flashpoint )

7. Numb3rs )

8. Harper's Island )

9. The homework I haven't been getting done. )

10. Why I haven't been getting it done. )

11. Amazon is my enabler. )

12. Speaking of Heroes s3, it's on Hulu in its entirety until August 1st. :D

13. Castle )

14. Intersession: the conclusion of the enrollment saga. )

15. Some cool, trans-type happy-news links. )

And I think that's about everything. Until next week!
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TV. )
Missed Mentalist last night (you bet I'll be torrenting it) to meet with my group for the speech we were supposed to have today. Then today I get there and I'm hyperventilating and shit (like, for real, I was all tingly) and then the sub couldn't get the video camera to work so she cancelled class instead. *g* I'll be more prepared for Friday, honest.

Oh, and after that, I walked over to Goddard and rescheduled my rescheduled appointment, and as I was leaving the receptionist called me Justin. I didn't even know the people at the desk knew my real name! :D And then she was all "is that alright?". Of course it is! Silly receptionist.

Also I had a really good broccoli-cheese bread bowl from Quizno's. So I'm having a pretty freaking good day. Suprisingly enough. :)

Now to go change for work so I'm not late.
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Flashpoint. Wow. I was worried they were just going to Put Jules on a Bus (and I'm curious to know why they're writing her out in the first place), but the look on Sam's face when Kickass New Girl used the Jules restroom (which, btw, I lol'd at)? Thank you, show, for addressing these things. Between this and BH's "Mitchell-and-the-Star-of-David" nod, I'm going to get spoiled by awesome shows actually understanding that, a lot of the time, viewers aren't morons.

Also, kids next week? Oh God. D:

And Numb3rs was... really good. I really liked Cam; they ended things well with him but I'd like to see him come back. Unrelatedly, the very end of this ep (after the omg-awww-sad) made me lol irl. :D All in all, not too shabby. And next week looks... odd, but creepy. Could be good. Reminded me a little of XF s5's "Kill Switch", but I'll withhold judgement until next week.

Oh, and they finally showed a nice long commercial for Harper's Island, and it looks pretty awesome. April 9th. May have to catch that.

T and TV.

Jan. 16th, 2009 10:05 pm
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I took my first dose at 9:15 this morning. So I've been on T for about 13 hours. Nothing new to report yet, of course, but I'm excited for tomorrow morning.

In other news:

TV. )
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TV (spoiler-free, cut for length) )

6. Re: Therapy, well, there goes my last shot at getting a script (or at least a letter) by my birthday. Oh well. I've already waited this long, right?

7. Re: Nano. It was Transgender Day of Rememberance two days ago, so I started some Samverse. It's still not finished, but I've got plenty to edit around and add to until it stops sucking. Day 20 word count: 125, day 21 word count: 110. All in the same story. So hopefully it'll get done soon. *cough* After all the homework I have to do today, of course.

8. Apparently LiveSearch took away all the good prizes and gave me back the tickets I paid for the headphones. And now all my headphones are broken and I don't have any more coming. Sadface.
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For the second day in a row, I put off writing until 11:45 and Write or Die saved the day. So once again, I wrote for the QL transfic and it didn't turn out very well (I think something is horribly, maybe unfixably, wrong with my chronology in that story), but it was writing. And Sam kicked a 'phobe in his smug little face, so it was fun, too. :D

Day 14 word count: 135/100.

The victory noise on Write or Die almost gave me a heart attack, though, lol.

On an entirely different note: Numb3rs tonight was good, but next week looks fantastic.

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I love television. Depending on your definition of spoilers, spoilers may follow.

SN, 11H, GW, #s, Twilight )

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Don's =D look at the end? I wanted to hug him.

That's all. Just thought you should know.

Oh, and so I can find it later: Heroes Season 3 on BuddyTV

And I almost forgot, I have a story! Arielle warned someone today for using someone else's ID, so I mentioned to her what I was telling Liam the other day, about feeling annoyed that I hadn't been bothered about mine yet. And she tells me about one day when I got lunch or whatever at Quizno's and actually had to pay with my ID and my coworker Chelsea was working the register instead of Arielle. Apparently Chelsea asked her afterwards, "So does Justin have a twin or something?" Since I look just like the girl on my ID, after all, save the hair and the name. (Arielle said she was like, Oh God, how do I explain this tactfully...?) Lolol. I was amused.

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Yesterday (1-3) )

Today (4-7) )

ETA (9:02pm):
Why can't I ever catch a break? Someone's watching a CSI:Miami marathon over in the TV lounge, and a huge group of people is watching some anime thing on the first floor. I wonder how much I'd have missed if I go up to the 12th floor really fast...

ETA (10:02pm): Hooray for the study hall having a TV lounge. Numb3rs was pretty terrifically angsty, but I guess this means I'm going to have to catch it next week, too; I need to see the conclusion to this story arc.


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