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Oh my god you guys. Last week's LTM ("Beat the Devil"). Like I said, I really should be writing, but a) I made progress on my last section this morning with [livejournal.com profile] sashataakheru, and b) I figured that if I caught up, I'd have incentive to finish the fic before watching tonight's. (ETA: Which would have worked out better if I hadn't mistaken Eastern for Central, again. Seven. Not eight. Gah.)

And I really should have watched it ages ago because JASON DOHRING YOU GUYS. Aka Josef Kostan from ML. Playing a psychopath. It was amazing. I may have nightmares.

And I really want a LTM/ML crossover now. There's at least half a dozen ways that could play out, I want to see some of them! Pretty please?

Also, spoiler. )

P.S.: I wouldn't say no to LTM/Dexter, either. Just sayin'.

P.P.S.: Oh, and that preview for tonight's? Holy cow. o_O


May. 10th, 2008 08:41 am
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Apparently we're adding to that D in PMath a D in Dynamics and a 32 on the Circuits final. Why, yes, I am changing my major. >_<

And my parents are decidedly unhappy with the above and are restricting my computer time and taking away my laptop starting Monday. In a show of solidarity with my parents, the wireless on my laptop is on the fritz. (Good timing, computer! *headdesk*)

Finally: CBS, you're doing it wrong. The link that's supposed to let us watch "What's Left Behind" goes to "Click". Put WLB up please, kthx, because it's not on YT yet, either. And I need to check quotes for last night's drabble (which will be posted as soon as I have the direct quotes verified). (It was #11, by the way. #7 is in the works (isn't Talbot an awesome character?).)

Oh, and the clothes I bought online a while back? Turns out boys aren't young men. Now all my new clothes are huge and need to be returned/exchanged, and I'm probably going to get jipped because they were buy-one-get-one. Fail.

ETA: And as if I couldn't have screwed anything up more this past semester, I think I got busted for BitTorrent again. It's the only explanation I can think of for why I have a perfect wireless signal and zero Internet connection. x_x The fail, it is epic. Aaaaaand, we're working again. WTF, computer. *breathes sigh of intense relief*
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Really sorry about the overload of posting! (I think I may be taking a page out of your book, Leigh. Good thing/bad thing?)

But I couldn't help myself with this one. Because dear God, "Click". :D So. Much. Win.

Also, while I'm posting, I have a meme I snagged randomly from [profile] phoenix39:


May. 2nd, 2008 11:21 am
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Somebody in my hall has an alarm clock going off (God only knows why) right now, and it WON'T STOP. I'm about ready to take out a fucking wall to turn it off. >_<

Also, I signed up for Writo de Mayo (May!NaNo). Yes, I am an idiot. Made my goal a drabble a day (possibly with the exception of finals week, so I actually study). Right now, my word count is exactly zero. I might count "Sam I Am" from the other day; it was practically May then, right? Right.

Also, SN yesterday was win, and I'm totally looking forward to ML.

(Oh my God, turn it OFF. SOMEBODY. GAH. *seethes*)
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I really hope this makes sense; it's a lot less academic and more stream-of-consciousness than most of these sorts of things I've seen. *shrug*


So, thoughts? Agree? Disagree? Want to restore my faith in the show? Want to do some fanwanking? Whatever your reactions were, leave a comment and share!
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So, I just got back from the "Island party" (AKA Skillet concert).

Finally: That story I posted today? My awesome friend Zera wrote a sequel. It's linked in the original post if you'd like to read it.
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OK, I just got a spam email from someone using the name Josef. It was amusing.

And now the requisite fan craziness, because SUPERNATURAL. (ETA: Next week's looks incredible! Excited already.)

And Moonlight. I CANNOT WAIT. I saw clips on YT, and this is going to be gloriously awesome. Just sayin'.

And Shoshanna's still sick. (Man, when she gets sick, she really goes all out.) *sigh*

Now, I gotta go print off some speaking cards cards before tomorrow. Later!
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(Oh, and one last thing! I accidentally mangled the font size on my computer and now every so often (as in, in some places but not others) it's gigantic. It's not the resolution and it's not properties-->appearance-->font size, either. If you have any other ideas, I'm all ears.)
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Just a quick list of happenings and whatnot as I think of things, since it's been so long since I've posted here:

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(Of course, when I finally WANT to watch TMC, CBS took it off the site. Jerks.)

Anyone remember anything they may have said about how old Lance is?

I'm writing a one-shot crossover fic (or I will be, if I get the timeline worked out), and, well... IMWTK. Help?

ETA: Re: the whole "brothers" thing. Just to check, that was a vampiric bloodline, correct? As in, they weren't literally siblings? This distinction means the difference between my story being possible and not, so I figured it'd be a good thing to make sure of. 

(Also, I rewatched bits of TMC on YouTube, and the above question still stands. Stupid Lance, being all enigmatic.)

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 Short version: Okay, but not one of my favorites (*cough hack* "Out of the Past" *cough cough*).

Long version:

All in all, I'm pretty happy with all of yesterday's good TV, even if ML could have been better, and I'm looking forward to Psych next week, and hopefully finally getting a start on those ML crossovers I've been promising (can you say "demon-possessed vampires"? *grin*).
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But mostly the TV. 

In other news, I'm going back to school tomorrow afternoon, and classes start Tuesday (we get Monday off for rescheduled finals).

And the museum was awesome. Cool planes ftw.

Oh, and I got that Heroes: Saving Charlie book awhile back, since I had a 46%-off coupon. Haven't read it yet. Also haven't read Twilight yet, and don't really think I have the time before I leave (or rather, I have other things I'd rather be doing with my time), but I'll get around to it one of these days. (That and the bajillion other books I haven't read. With the writers' strike, I'm bound to.)

Just like I'll get around to those fics I've promised, Zera. Really I will. What else am I going to do 8:00 on Friday nights after TMC, anyway?
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Been a while, yeah? Here's what's new.

On the TV front, which is where my mind is at the moment so forgive me:

TV List )

And in other news:

1. I also got an iPod for Christmas. It is made of awesome. For real.

2. I actually started writing something this morning. A Moonlight/Journeyman crossover that unfortunately broke my brain with all the time travel and then kind of petered out after a few paragraphs. But I have faith because it was going to be awesome! So we'll see how that goes.

3. I'm going to get to go with my friend 

[profile] zerawolfe7to a WWII airplane museum in Addison this weekend. How cool is that? :)

3.5. Also, Zera, I promise that SN/ML crossover's gonna get written one of these days. I promise.

4. Finally, I got my pictures developed. Guess which ones didn't come out? That's right, folks, the ones of me in my binder. I have plenty of airshow pics, but, no joke, all three of those didn't come out somehow. *eyeroll* Mom offered the use of her digital, though, so one of these days before I go back to school I promise I'll get around to it. Really.

And I think that's it. Except that I got my grades, and I made three Cs (Thermo, Intro, and Calc) and two Bs (Statics and Physics), and have a cumulative 3.04. (So, it's acceptable. I have to do better next semester or I start losing parts of my scholarship [had to keep a 3.25], but for now it's okay.)
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Random TV fan stuffs ftw. Sorry, flist. (But for once, no spoilers!)

Firstly: I seez you, Moonlight. I seez ur MASSIVE SUBTEXT LULZ. *g* Because yeah. I'm not sure that diary even qualifies as subtext, it was so blatant. Ah, McBeth, how adorable you are. In other news, sad!Mick breaks my heart. For reals. And I think I might kind of like Josef now. (Yes, it DID take all that.) Still, Mick >> Josef. But it's all good.

Secondly: Mr. Kripke? I do believe you were right about your Christmas special. For it did indeed have the promised impalements, torture, and cannibalism, and it was indeed quite awesome. Nicely done. Cute and gorey and funny in the same episode -- only Supernatural can pull that one off, I think.

OK, I think that's it. Until next time, then. For now, I suppose I should study for my last final tomorrow (Intro to Aerospace Engineering, if you're curious). Not that the studying will make a bit of difference, but whatever.

ETA (12/20/07): Oh, Journeyman. How can CBS not pick you up and hang on to you foreverz? Especially with that strike and all. Because you are Made of Win. Dan, buddy, have a virtual hug. *hug* In other news, don't drop a frozen turkey on your dog. Thus sez teh Mythbusters. Good to know.
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OK, so on Friday, I made a huge mistake. I watched Moonlight. And now I can't seem to stop. )

In other news: we had an interesting discussion in therapy today about which Heroes character I related to most. It actually got rather deep, which was kind of surprising -- but good, I guess, given the setting. :)

ETA: And, as if this at all surprising, Mick St. John is now in my NaNo, because he makes everything better. Even my crazy crack NaNo.


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