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1. USA, stop trying to kill me! BN and RP. )

2. Anyone know where I can find a streaming or direct dl link to this past Tuesday's Warehouse 13? Please? )

3. Belated Degrassi love. )

4. Most importantly atm, because I can't resist a good self-pimping opportunity, I've come back from behind and started kicking ass and taking names over at [livejournal.com profile] writing_game. If you're a WC fan, you should go check out my new fics over there. Currently I've posted eight of them -- three in the SPverse. Next up is a futurefic, and I'm also planning more MTF!Neal and hopefully a Monsters sequel. Most or all of them will be xposted eventually, but I've been seriously slow on making posts these days, so I can't promise they'll be up any time soon.

5. Dark Blue. )

P.S.: That QL/SN commentfic I've been working on? I flaked on it, and then I just plum forgot, and arghh, idek why I can't finish the thing. But I will. I will. *determined*
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1. How did I forget to mention my favorite part of last HT? The gas mask scene. Omglol. "Feeding the cat. *casually pulls on gigantic gas mask*" Best line ever.

2. Oh my god "Swap Meat" was fantastic. And it gave me so many Samverse bunnies I don't even know what to do with myself. XD *glee*

3a. Seriously, guys. I am going to keep linking this post until someone responds. Anyone? Anyone? Bueller?

3b. Zera could still use the luck, too. Don't you want to read it? I want to read it!

BN, and some real life intruding on my fanboying. *g* )
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So, it's September. The really-long unexpected LJ hiatus was part forced and then part just that I couldn't find the time, but I'm back now! (Hooray! Right? Right?) Now to get on with the really long update.

First, the TV rambling, of course, to make it easier for those who aren't interested to skip it. TV (QL, Mental, Psych, et al) )

Relatedly, I've been all over the place fandom-wise since I got reacquainted with the internets. First, BuddyTV links I've been saving for you guys:
The Five New Shows You Must Watch This Fall
Flash Forward
Lucifer is Coming: How SN Stole Twitter

Oh, and speaking of Supernatural, spoilers, and my thoughts on the s5 premiere, 'Sympathy for the Devil'. )
Moving on...

I was also introduced to these Twilight-series recaps last weekend and they pretty much ate my weekend because they're awesome. The basic point is that she's reading the books so we don't have to, because they're that bad. Heh. And they sure sound it. I mean, Edward twirling part of her engine around in his hands while he gives her that little guilt-trip? Drop it in Criminal Minds and it'd almost be great writing. I don't know how anyone can think he's romantic/a good boyfriend/not a sociopath. *shudder* But so as not to offend, that's all I'll say about that, too. (Oh, except that I woke up the other day with a QL/Twilight bunny in my head. I'll just wait till she makes it through Breaking Dawn and then I'll take a crack at that, because boy would it be an improvement. And Sam roundhouse-kicking Edward wouldn't hurt, either. :))

Finally, in the last two three fandom-related things I think I have to say:
1. I think my new Dexter book is here. Tomorrow the post office opens and I can go get my package. Omgyay.
2. Despite the fact that I don't really like the song and am not completely sold on the ship, this vid (NSFW) is without a doubt the best one in the Dark Blue fandom. Seriously. Watch it. You don't have to have seen the show, and this will make you want to.
3. I am in love with both "Wizard's First Rule" by Terry Goodkind (440ish pages/836, and counting), and the TV series, Legend of the Seeker, that was based off those books. We're talking "watched one episode, found the entire series on Hulu on legendoftheseeker.com (go to the 'full archive' tab), and watched the entire 22-episode first season within the space of two weeks" kinds of love. If you need more encouragement than that to watch it: Craig Horner, who plays the MC, looks like the lovechild of Stuart Townsend and Misha Collins. And there's swordfights. Lots of them. I'm serious, guys. (And you have plenty of time to catch up! Season 2 premieres Nov. 7. Go, go, watch and enjoy!)

Onto other things:
Some news links, some news on how the name change is progressing, and some random. ) Here's the two best vids I've found for LotS, just to give you even more reason to watch and to make sure you don't miss them: one to Breaking Benjamin's "Blow Me Away" and a shippy one to Natalie Merchant's "My Skin".

Okay, that's all. Until next time. Which hopefully will be sooner than, say, NaNo. ;)

ETA: The documentary referred to in this (good) article about a trans British boy is now available on YouTube. Here, if anyone's interested.

ETA 2: Also, risking TMI ).
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So, this is going to be a huge update full of everything I haven't got a chance to say, yet, as I think of it. Expect random. 

JuNo )

TV (Philanthropist, Mental, BN, RP, Leverage, Dark Blue) )

The Name Change Saga )
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RL, in bullet points:
 > One week from yesterday will be my 6-months-on-T anniversary.
 > I posted a vlog on YouTube a few days ago if you missed it.
 > Yesterday I got my name change petition notarized (apparently at WaMu/Chase, the notary's free for customers); we (Dad and I) will be going to Dallas on Monday to get me fingerprinted and file the petition.
 > It's way too hot outside.

On the TV front, Spoiler-free, cut for length. )

Randomly, this article/video is hilariously awesome and win: United Breaks Guitars. XD

And finally, JuNo. My fail, let me show you it. :D )
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Going home tomorrow morning; no point in taking summer school if I can't keep my scholarship. I did make an A in Comm, though. 49/50 on the career paper, 99 on the LTM paper (it was exactly six pages, and for the first time ever I could have happily gone on longer if I'd had the time and space); 94, 96, and 88 on the exams; 92 on the speech, and 100% on everything else. I pretty much win. (And I wish all my homework could be about TV. I'd be making a 4.0.)

Caught up on Harper's. )

Also caught up on Mental. It was even better than the first one. Spoiler cut. )

And I think that's everything. Oh, except I'll probably post the FP fics later today; I'm halfway a third of the way (apparently I can't subtract) through my Dexter set on w_g, but I'm going slow enough that I doubt I'll have the oppportunity to switch back.

But speaking of writing, I'm also thinking of doing a little summer-NaNo thing with Zera. Especially with being grounded from the computer once I get back (parents aren't happy with the GPA situation, y'know), might as well give it another shot.
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Applied for an internship, then caught up on Harper's. (Up to ep 6 now.)

Blood, guts, and red herrings, oh my! )

Mental )

And I decided to switch fandoms at w_g at 20 points instead of 40, but I might switch back at 60, so I'll probably hold off on posting till the board closes, just in case.

Finally, unrelatedly: awesome (re: Prop 8), hilarious (re: viral Amazon pages), and trufax (re: Prop 8).

Okay, time to go watch LTM for my paper! (These are the days I love school.)


May. 29th, 2009 03:37 pm
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College )

TV )

Comm class (assignments, trangst, and The Cute Kid Whose Name Is Not Sam) )

Finally, I've been writing quite a bit of FP fic recently for the newest w_g board (60). It's all FP transfic, and I'll post it here when I'm officially done (i.e., when I switch fandoms over there), just so I can make sure all the sequels and so on are organized properly. So keep an eye out for that if you're interested. It's been a lot of fun, I can tell you.

ETA: Further update: Grades are up. I made a C in Java II. I calculated every possible GPA and several impossible ones, and apparently the only way I could make a 3.25 is if I got an A in Comm (which I will), an A in Dynamics (which is possible), and an A in 13 more hours worth of classes (which I can't even possibly take that many classes). So, yeah, that sucks. ): *sigh*


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