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Sep. 25th, 2010 10:44 am
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I... still haven't decided what I think about the SN s6 premiere. I think I approve. Thinky-thoughts (and David Paetkau fanboying) under the cut. )

Unrelated to Supernatural:
The Plan To Keep ‘The Event’ From Losing Altitude, Plus Questions Answered (spoilers for the pilot). Tl;dr: They're rerunning the pilot tonight (you should watch it!), and they will actually answer questions, so no worries that it'll be like Lost in that regard.
Lauren Lee Smith and Tara Spencer Nairn join season two of 'The Listener' -- Of note: "13 new episodes are being shot for season two in and around Toronto until February of 2011." AKA Season 2 is really happening, you guys! \o/
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1. USA, stop trying to kill me! BN and RP. )

2. Anyone know where I can find a streaming or direct dl link to this past Tuesday's Warehouse 13? Please? )

3. Belated Degrassi love. )

4. Most importantly atm, because I can't resist a good self-pimping opportunity, I've come back from behind and started kicking ass and taking names over at [ profile] writing_game. If you're a WC fan, you should go check out my new fics over there. Currently I've posted eight of them -- three in the SPverse. Next up is a futurefic, and I'm also planning more MTF!Neal and hopefully a Monsters sequel. Most or all of them will be xposted eventually, but I've been seriously slow on making posts these days, so I can't promise they'll be up any time soon.

5. Dark Blue. )

P.S.: That QL/SN commentfic I've been working on? I flaked on it, and then I just plum forgot, and arghh, idek why I can't finish the thing. But I will. I will. *determined*
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So, I spent ages looking for a place to stream last week's Forgotten ep before tonight's aired, only to eventually figure out (after far longer than it had any right to take) that they didn't run last week and "Prisoner Jane" was this week's ep, instead. *facepalm* But the RSA was giving out free ice cream, so I got some of that instead, and "Prisoner Jane" was good, too. :)

ETA: Oh, and was that Aldis Hodge (Hardison from Leverage) playing the bad guy? Nothing on IMDb yet to confirm or deny, but man, I'm having HITG moments everywhere I look, it seems. (And speaking of, Mark Sheppard. I haven't seen his SN ep yet, but according to IMDb? Also everywhere. I mean, WC, BN, and WH13? Seriously. Everyone's everywhere. *boggles*

And to save the best for last: great news on the Listener front: CONFIRMED SEASON TWO in Canada. YESYESYESYESYES. *happy happy dance* (P.S., if you're an American like me (international folks might have other options, I think it's just us folks in the States who got screwed by NBC being stupid and cancelling it) who wants to follow along, I recommend joining [ profile] cdntvonthedl. That's where I (*cough*) acquired season 1. ;) [And because I'm just that awesome there's no Listener tag in that comm, here's the links (f'locked to that comm, so join if you want them!): season 1 and extras.]
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So, I'm trying to come up with more bunnies for when July starts next week. I already have... 25+, but I kind of want at least 50, so I even have a shot at reaching 50K. (Not that I think I'm going to, but a guy can try, right?)

Your bunnies, I wants to adopt them plz. )

In other news, Mental was pretty awesome last night, and then today I watched eps 8-13 of Listener (and jeez, that sounds like so many more than it felt), and am officially caught up on Season 1. Not bad, not bad. "Inside the Man" was... wacky and disjointed, but damn, that finale. Every time in the last ten or fifteen minutes the screen faded to black I would freak out that it was over and then sigh in relief when it came back. Man, it was so good; I don't know how I'm going to wait for Season 2. (At least it wasn't too bad of a cliffie!)

ETA: Oh, and if you don't know any of my fandoms, I'd still like to hear from you! All else fails, you can just pick a couple fandoms, suggest a crossover, and see if it means anything to me. Anything and everything helps! :)
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1. TMI Thursday )

2. Hulu is my enabler; aka The Listener is great. )

3. And then there were twelve [spoilers for Harper's Island episode 10, 'Snap']. )

4. Finally, Zera's coming over tomorrow! We're gonna watch the complete Lost Room straight through and it's going to be glorious. (I can only hope my newfound addiction to Listener isn't going to inhibit my enjoyment.) Television is an amazing, wonderful thing, isn't it.

Oh, and btw, if you missed the answers to that character meme, those are up. It was a blast. :)


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