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ABC burned off the last of the Forgotten eps last night. I was surprised, really, that it turned out they'd decided to air the finale with the rest of the season and these other two now. I'd said before they started that that would be something a nice person would do, and these are TV execs, not nice people. :P No real spoilers; cut for length. )

Seriously, this isn't normally the sort of show I'd get on DVD, but I hope they come out with it, because I want it pretty bad. <3 Show, I'll miss you.


Mar. 30th, 2010 08:02 pm
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Just finished watching "Donovan Doe" (1x15), which is almost certainly Forgotten's series finale. And... cut for huge spoilers for Forgotten 1x15. )
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Fandom/TV post ought to be coming on Sunday after LotS (which, can't wait!!). And will no doubt be huge, so brace yourselves. ;)

Anyway, I'll probably forget some things, since I forgot to bring my notecard with my notes on it down to the computer lab, but here's the good parts of real life lately.

1. Laptop. )

2. Valentine's Day card. )

3. Me, my dad, and top surgery. )

4. Progress on various fics (WC, DB, SN). )

ETA: Read more... )
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So, I spent ages looking for a place to stream last week's Forgotten ep before tonight's aired, only to eventually figure out (after far longer than it had any right to take) that they didn't run last week and "Prisoner Jane" was this week's ep, instead. *facepalm* But the RSA was giving out free ice cream, so I got some of that instead, and "Prisoner Jane" was good, too. :)

ETA: Oh, and was that Aldis Hodge (Hardison from Leverage) playing the bad guy? Nothing on IMDb yet to confirm or deny, but man, I'm having HITG moments everywhere I look, it seems. (And speaking of, Mark Sheppard. I haven't seen his SN ep yet, but according to IMDb? Also everywhere. I mean, WC, BN, and WH13? Seriously. Everyone's everywhere. *boggles*

And to save the best for last: great news on the Listener front: CONFIRMED SEASON TWO in Canada. YESYESYESYESYES. *happy happy dance* (P.S., if you're an American like me (international folks might have other options, I think it's just us folks in the States who got screwed by NBC being stupid and cancelling it) who wants to follow along, I recommend joining [livejournal.com profile] cdntvonthedl. That's where I (*cough*) acquired season 1. ;) [And because I'm just that awesome there's no Listener tag in that comm, here's the links (f'locked to that comm, so join if you want them!): season 1 and extras.]
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Yeah, I know I've been posting a lot, but I just ran across these and thought other folks might like to know.

ABC axes 'Eastwick,' orders more 'Forgotten' Five more episodes = great news!

Robert Patrick to appear on 'Chuck'
I really need to start watching this show, don't I.

'Numb3rs' fans can count on closure
I don't want to see it go, but if it has to, then I'm happy with this.

And unrelatedly, but while I'm posting links: the first chapter of Nightlight, the Twilight parody. XD

ETA: And also OT, happy news story: The Pink Dress.
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Procrastinating --> LJ post that is probably going to end up being gigantic. Ah well. At least I'll finally be caught up and I can start getting better about making more smaller posts rather than fewer huge ones. Hopefully.

First, as always: TV.

Cut for Supernatural spoilers. )

Cut for vague FlashForward spoilers. )

Mentalist, after SN, sure had its work cut out for it. It was no contest, in comparison, but still very good even so. Jane is just awesome.

Cut for Legend of the Seeker s2 spoilers. )

Cut for length. )


NaNo, plus important news for anyone following my progress on NCT. )

Which will be finished once I say two more things. The first: I got two shirts from ThinkGeek and they are awesome. I Never Finish Anyth, which I've wanted for years; and Enough Social Interaction, which is just plain hilarious. :D

The second thing: more links.
15 Supernatural Crossovers We Want to See
13 Scariest Episodes of Supernatural
Awesomest candidate for TX governor ever
Annoying Food Jingles
BuddyTV article/interview re: the end of FF's "The Gift" (spoilers)
TV Shows Most Likely to be Cancelled
Creepiest Children's TV Shows
'Being Human' to be Americanized (please don't!)

OK, all caught up. Until next time!
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Somehow, despite the fact that I only have one class and work, Mondays are always so exhausting. So I thought I'd update LJ while I relaxed.

TV (see the tags for a list of shows discussed under the cut) )

More name change madness. )

Finally, three four things:

1. The fire alarm has gone off three times in the past two nights, at 5:30am, 7:30am, and last night at 12:45am. THIS NEEDS TO STOP IMMEDIATELY. DX

2. NCT isn't dead yet! It's coming along, slowly but surely; the notes document (in which I'm including the actual text of the story as I write it, my notes and ideas about things to come that I haven't written actual text for yet, and massive chunks of text copied from (*cough*) websites (*evil grin*) (and in one case, from an interview on the DB site)) is about 9.5 pages long now. Which doesn't say a whole lot about the story itself, given that there's still flashbacks I need to (somehow) incorporate into the present timeline of the story itself, some bizarre tense changes I recently introduced that I now need to deal with by changing the tense of the entire story, and a(n Excuse) Plot I have yet to figure out -- but it's still promising! I have hope, anyway. :)

3. Links:
a) Obama's speech at the HRC National Dinner. <3333
b) Legend of the Seeker on DVD. :D
c) And the comment thread that explains so much about Twilight it's scary-yet-wonderful.

4. I finished "Wizard's First Rule"! Finally! All 820 pages of it. FTR, the show is better, but the book isn't half bad either. I don't think I'll read the next one, though, unless s2 is particularly awesome; books of that length are just too much of a commitment. For now, it's onto "Dexter by Design", and then finishing "American Gods".

Now, time for dinner and then skipping LTM and Castle in an attempt to figure out what on earth we're supposed to do for this Data Structures project. >_< Until next time!


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