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1. USA, stop trying to kill me! BN and RP. )

2. Anyone know where I can find a streaming or direct dl link to this past Tuesday's Warehouse 13? Please? )

3. Belated Degrassi love. )

4. Most importantly atm, because I can't resist a good self-pimping opportunity, I've come back from behind and started kicking ass and taking names over at [livejournal.com profile] writing_game. If you're a WC fan, you should go check out my new fics over there. Currently I've posted eight of them -- three in the SPverse. Next up is a futurefic, and I'm also planning more MTF!Neal and hopefully a Monsters sequel. Most or all of them will be xposted eventually, but I've been seriously slow on making posts these days, so I can't promise they'll be up any time soon.

5. Dark Blue. )

P.S.: That QL/SN commentfic I've been working on? I flaked on it, and then I just plum forgot, and arghh, idek why I can't finish the thing. But I will. I will. *determined*
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OK, so I've literally been online all day today (up at 8:15 this morning, online by 9, it's now 7:30pm -- make that 8:30). Now that we've covered how much I Fail At Life, time for some tab closing, because I need to do something productive, and when things get this bad, that counts. Don't judge. *g*

Tab closing, aka random linkage:
Cut for length. )

In other news, have a cool article on Julia Serano and Ben Barres and a lolarious post from lower_tadfield. A+.

Speaking of grades: I ended up with an A (Tech Writing), three B's (Theory of Computation, Principles of Programming, and Numerical Methods), and a C (HCI) for this semester. Deserved an A in Theory, had been hoping for a B in HCI, but not failing Principles makes up for that. Basically. All in all, I'm okay with that. (Mostly. I emailed my Theory prof. We'll see.)

Oh, and lastly, I have been continuing to fail at WdM. Sigh. That's the only reason I'm writing this post -- because I opened my fic notebook, took one look at SP, and literally sighed out loud, slumped over, and had to use this to procrastinate. *sad panda* But as far as [livejournal.com profile] lgbtfest goes, at least I have my Seeker fill to look forward to on the 28th! :D

Pseudo-ETA: Oh, and my class has been going alright. Light-speed, though, geez! Unrelatedly, have some epic win: 65 Million Years With a Creationist.

1. Supernatural season 6 spoilers. Huh. I can has s6 nao plz? (And regardless if that's Sam or not, I'm not backing down -- that was, at the very least, not 100% Sam this time. Lucifer and all that blood can't have been good for him, you ask me.)

2. Cute dog rides turtle. :DDDD

3. For 99 years, OED got it wrong. Ha! At least Wikipedia doesn't take a century to figure out when it's screwed up! ;)
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Time for some tab-closing. It's mostly TV stuff. You can has.
Dexter )

And, next fall's TV lineups:
under the cut )

More links:
snip snip )
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I just spent the last twenty minutes trying to determine how to say what I have to say here about tonight's Cold Case episode, "Boy Crazy".

For those who didn't hear about it, the murder-of-the-week was FTM. 

First: I honestly don't feel I can fault the show entirely for using female pronouns for this character, because the way they set it up in the plot, there was no way for the MCs to find out they were supposed to refer to this guy as a guy, because no one else did when he was alive, either. I truly don't blame them for that. Other guys probably are, but I can't.

It might just come from being a long-time fan of the show and bias due to that, but I can see how that info would be difficult to work in. When even Sam's father called him "she", what else are Lilly and Scotty supposed to do? And that having been the sixties... well, it was just complicated. I can understand and give the writers the benefit of the doubt, here.

But moving on. As most CC eps are, this was painful to watch in places (although it didn't have as much of the tearjerking moment at the end as they tend to). That bit with Sam in the institution, tied down and screaming -- not going to be easily forgotten.

In the end, in this respect, I think it could probably have been worse. They at least made Sam a sympathetic character, right? And I also admit to being somewhat pleased Sam was gay. You don't see that often enough.

In the other respects -- as in, as an episode of CC in general -- I'd have to say this definitely wasn't one of my favorites. The ending was a little abrupt, the murder itself somewhat implausible (this isn't the first where a friend was the doer, and they all tend to feel that way to me), but it kept me.... if not "entertained", which seems like the wrong word for Cold Case, at least "watching the TV".

I was disappointed with this week's closing scenes, though. Generally, they keep the victim around longer than that. (Want to really get the audience in tears, first.) 

All in all, it was painful, and maybe not the best it could have been -- but it was also far better than it could have been, too.


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