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Cut for hugely-long college stuffs. Click for RL. )

Also, I printed off a bunch of Day of Silence speaking cards earlier, so I'm all set for that on Friday.

Speaking of, I talked to my speech prof yesterday, and he was happy to promise me a Monday slot for the informative speech. Yay.

Finally, Castle was pretty much made of pure awesome last night. The vest. Oh my God. I burst out in... okay, they might have been giggles... every time that thing was on screen. It was amazing. :D Win.
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TV. )
Missed Mentalist last night (you bet I'll be torrenting it) to meet with my group for the speech we were supposed to have today. Then today I get there and I'm hyperventilating and shit (like, for real, I was all tingly) and then the sub couldn't get the video camera to work so she cancelled class instead. *g* I'll be more prepared for Friday, honest.

Oh, and after that, I walked over to Goddard and rescheduled my rescheduled appointment, and as I was leaving the receptionist called me Justin. I didn't even know the people at the desk knew my real name! :D And then she was all "is that alright?". Of course it is! Silly receptionist.

Also I had a really good broccoli-cheese bread bowl from Quizno's. So I'm having a pretty freaking good day. Suprisingly enough. :)

Now to go change for work so I'm not late.
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Don't have a letter (apparently finals week is really, really busy for the campus counseling center; who'da thunk it?), but I've got a "release of confidential information" form that's a huge step in the right direction. I'm gonna see what I can do about getting a doctor's appointment or otherwise asking my GP if she'll prescribe me, and at least getting the blood tests done over the break. (God knows I'll probably be getting blood tests done anyway. Stupid anemia.) And Bryan gave me a second copy of the form, too, in case my GP wouldn't do it but I found a different doctor/endo who would.

Just... wow. I'm not even sure how to describe how this feels right now. It feels nice, though. Light, almost. Not what I would normally call happy -- you know, that manic fanboy type of glee -- but maybe this is what "happy" really is. Could be.
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I gave him a few letters I'd printed off from [livejournal.com profile] transletters and we finally got to spend a good long time in a session talking about T. It was really productive. He wants to spend some more time talking about another couple of things next week, but he said he has no problem with writing a letter.

I would lovelovelove for him to get most of it written before next week so I can get it before I go home for the break. Not holding out much hope for that, but with any luck at all I'll have it within the next couple of months. Which, in the grand scheme of things, well, okay, I can manage that wait. (I think. Damn you, Christmas break! >_<)

At any rate, if I know next week that he'll write me one, I can start getting on the ball with my PCP and educating her and seeing if she'll do my monitoring, etc, etc.

Cross your fingers and I'll keep you updated! Now off to do some Logic homework before 1323.
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TV (spoiler-free, cut for length) )

6. Re: Therapy, well, there goes my last shot at getting a script (or at least a letter) by my birthday. Oh well. I've already waited this long, right?

7. Re: Nano. It was Transgender Day of Rememberance two days ago, so I started some Samverse. It's still not finished, but I've got plenty to edit around and add to until it stops sucking. Day 20 word count: 125, day 21 word count: 110. All in the same story. So hopefully it'll get done soon. *cough* After all the homework I have to do today, of course.

8. Apparently LiveSearch took away all the good prizes and gave me back the tickets I paid for the headphones. And now all my headphones are broken and I don't have any more coming. Sadface.
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First, NaNo. 

NaNo stuff. )

Second, other stuff:

Therapy, T, and my neuroses, lol. )

GLBTF and TV. )

ETA: And I have a funny story! Yesterday in PMath, the professor was like, "So now... this is kind of like a game." And he writes on the board "Next     GAME" and I'm sure the guy next to me and I were not the only ones who lost spectacularly at that moment. It was hilarious. PS, you lose.


Sep. 25th, 2008 07:21 pm
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1. PMath exam. )

2. More on my travails with Records. )

3. I introduced Arielle to Roy Zimmerman, and hopefully she'll be entertained and come with me on Sunday to see him. Have to remember to bring $10.

4. Regarding legal name changes. (Question!) )

5. And speaking of therapy: sexuals (my therapist included) really need to stop being so focused on sex. D: It's annoying.

6. Finally! [info]writing_game week #50 is up! (Hard prompts for the lose, but hey. At least there's a game.)
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Got a therapy appointment scheduled for next week that I somehow managed to fit around both my school and work schedules.

And holy crap, "Lee Harvey Oswald". I'm not sure my thumbnail is ever going to recover from the end of that episode. So good though. Still lots of love, show, even after that finale.

And I haven't seen my roomie since this time yesterday. Bet she's hanging out with her clingy parents. Oh well, that's more time I don't have to be sociable. *g*

Oh, and...

Jul. 29th, 2008 06:06 pm
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I can't wait to get back to school. No idea what I'm going to do about everything, there -- I mean, if I'm gonna transition, the semester I change majors (that is, this coming fall) would definitely be the time to do it, but I don't know if I'm ready for all that yet. (Not to mention I need a name.) But, regardless, I need to be back there, if only because I'm missing GLBTF and therapy like whoa.

And Roy Zimmerman is coming to OU in September. How sweet is that? :)
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So, the other day, my parents and I went to the church for that counseling session I talked about a while back. It wasn't exactly... what any of us were expecting.

Details. )

Finally, I can't believe it's not even July yet. I have never actually looked forward to the end of summer break. This is a first. I want to get back to school NAO PLZ. Gah. 

ETA: I'm expecting all this parent-stuff to coalesce into some kind of a John-related Samverse plot bunny at some point. Hopefully. And I will post that other one sometime. I just can't decide whether it's any good or not. *shrug*
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And while I'm on the computer, a real update: Things have been going fantastic, and I'm happier (and more confident) than I've been in recent memory, despite my parents still not being completely on board with everything. I have my sister and Zera (thank you for the pronounage when you came over that day, btw. you're awesome!), so I can deal. And I'm definitely thinking about that therapy thing with my parents (still not too sure because basically everyone at that church knows our family and how awkward is that? Yeah. >_<)

Anyway, I also have a dilemma and could use some advice.

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And okay, I think that's it. Now back to your regularly-scheduled programming of fic, fic, and more fic. *g*
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OK, I just got a spam email from someone using the name Josef. It was amusing.

And now the requisite fan craziness, because SUPERNATURAL. (ETA: Next week's looks incredible! Excited already.)

And Moonlight. I CANNOT WAIT. I saw clips on YT, and this is going to be gloriously awesome. Just sayin'.

And Shoshanna's still sick. (Man, when she gets sick, she really goes all out.) *sigh*

Now, I gotta go print off some speaking cards cards before tomorrow. Later!
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(Oh, and one last thing! I accidentally mangled the font size on my computer and now every so often (as in, in some places but not others) it's gigantic. It's not the resolution and it's not properties-->appearance-->font size, either. If you have any other ideas, I'm all ears.)
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Just a quick list of happenings and whatnot as I think of things, since it's been so long since I've posted here:


Mar. 2nd, 2008 09:50 am
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1. Whatever the heck Shoshanna has must really suck. She's been sick for a week. :(
2. I recently discovered the now-cancelled show "Jeremiah" via YouTube and it is amazing. For real. Man. Except that it's getting really intense now and I couldn't sleep after the episode I watched last night. But still, so good.
3. People are getting dumber and dumber: http://www.slate.com/id/2185486/ 
(ETA: And here's more proof: http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/23421911/?GT1=43001)
4. This week is going to suck. Cross your fingers that I make it to Thursday alive? >_<

ETA: And the Dexter secret on PostSecret (http://postsecret.blogspot.com/) today totally wins the day. LOL.
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So, the campus is closed tomorrow because of the random ice storm.

Reason this is good? I had my Statics and Intro finals tomorrow and was completely unprepared for both of them. (What can I say, watching Eddie Izzard on YouTube was infinitely more fun than studying how to find the center of mass of an object. >_<)

Reason this sucks like whoa? I have a therapy appointment tomorrow. Or had, anyway. What am I supposed to do about that now? Postponed? Canceled? And how do I set up the next one now, anyway?

Gah. So inconvenient. *sigh*

And let me just say that if these exams get postponed till Saturday I'm going to hate the stupid weather for a long freaking time, because The Cliks are coming to Dallas on Saturday, and if I'm in town I might get to go. *crosses fingers*
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OK, so on Friday, I made a huge mistake. I watched Moonlight. And now I can't seem to stop. )

In other news: we had an interesting discussion in therapy today about which Heroes character I related to most. It actually got rather deep, which was kind of surprising -- but good, I guess, given the setting. :)

ETA: And, as if this at all surprising, Mick St. John is now in my NaNo, because he makes everything better. Even my crazy crack NaNo.
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Because I can't seem to stop finding things to share. Seriously, things just KEEP HAPPENING.

And today I made them happen, for once, which was exciting.

Annnd..... I think that's pretty much it. Next time, I'll try to save everything for one post and spare your f-lists, I promise.

(ETA: 85 on the Thermo test! Wasn't really expecting anything in particular, so I suppose it's good enough!)
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And in other news... Shawn, if you happen to be reading this: congrats on the T, man! :)


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