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Just finished watching yesterday's HT ("Sanctuary"). Wow. Wow wow. How was THAT for a mytharc ep? Geez. My opinon of this show has just skyrocketed. Awesome. Also? I think zip-lining down a cable car is in the top-ten list of coolest things I've ever seen. :D (And for the lulz, the COMICS. I about died. Freaking hilarious.)

Speaking of hilarious: yesterday's WC ("Vital Signs"). Cut for incoherent spoilers. ) THIS EP WINS FOREVER. Mhmm.

Oh, and Leverage was awesome, too. (Had a heck of a time believing that was Luke Perry, but -- yay, Luke Perry! It's been too long since Jeremiah!) The end in particular. <3

ETA: And how could I have forgotten about last weekend's Seeker, "Perdition"? To put it succinctly: My reaction. )

Finally, I am super-excited about tonight's SN, "Song Remains the Same". This Anna stuff is... disquieting..., but the rest of it? *glee* "This is a pivotal Supernatural episode for one big reason that will become obvious as soon as you see it, and in many ways, the final scenes play out a bit like the end of 'Changing Channels'." Yes plz do want. XD

ETA #2: SN spoilers. )

And, off topic, some links:
How freaking cool is this? http://casip.ou.edu/summer_session_galapagos.html Crying shame I have no time or money. And if you haven't already seen it, this, too; how cool is this? U.S. Tax Court Rules in Favor of SRS Deduction. Not that I make enough to pay taxes, but still. :)
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These two things are only in the same post because I am a lazy bum -- it's 11:30 and I should be going to sleep and it's quicker this way. Whatever.

Firstly, next week is my 1-year-on-T anniversary. Whoo for me. XD As I mentioned before, I didn't end up having to switch to shots, which I'm pretty excited about, 'cause yeah. Eek. My GP and I are pretty sure I don't have an allergy -- I think the irritation I was having was just from putting my binder on afterwards and getting confused/being an idiot. Which, hey, as long as I don't have to stab myself on a regular basis. I'm not out of the woods as far as maybe having been having a hystamine-type reaction, but we're just gonna keep an eye on it for now, and if you ask me, a) this itchiness doesn't seem localized, so I wouldn't think it'd be related, and b) itchiness >>> stabbing myself with needles, so I can't even really bring myself to care. *shrug*

I related news, I got a razor for Christmas (well, sort of: did you know they made razors not intended for use on your face? yeah. that was the kind I got for Christmas by accident; Mom exchanged it the other day), so I finally shaved today. Which was.... an experience. And pretty much a PITA -- annoying electric razor fail, or probably I'm just doing it wrong? -- but at least I didn't cut my face off and I'm no longer rocking the teenage-boy pseudo-mustache-thing. More or less. Lol. Hooray.

And speaking of "hooray". Shows coming back! :DDD

Cut for 'Resurrection' spoilers. )

Hooray, show. Hooray.

Now if WC would just come back already, I would be a happy fanboy. But I'll settle for Castle on Monday, I suppose.

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About to play Apples to Apples with the family, but quick update: Got my new driver's license! :D Unfortunately, my shiny new name is the second-smallest text on there (after my address), so the stupid F is gigantic in comparison, and who the heck's idea was that, but whatever.

Now all that's left is to get my new SS card (should be seeing that in the mail any day now), get that to Payroll when I get back to school, and then change my name with my bank and credit card. *sigh* PITA.

Trying not to think about once I get surgery and then I have to go through all this shit again with the gender marker. D: BUT IT WILL BE WORTH IT. *asplodes*

Oh, and I didn't have to change to shots. Yays. Expect a T update tomorrowish.
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I love my shows. I don't know how they all manage to be so amazing.

Lie to Me:

LTM (2x6, 2x7); cut for length. )

Castle: Equally great, although the three I finally caught up on (2x7-9) weren't my favorites. (ETA: Tonight's was fantastic, though, wasn't it? I was tearing up a little at the end there.)

White Collar: Show, I love you so much. "The Portrait" was TERRIFIC. I loved the end. <3 God, Neal just keeps getting more and more awesome. The whole thing with Kate broke me, though, omg. ):

Legend of the Seeker: I FREAKING ADORE THIS SHOW. CAPSLOCK DOES NOT EXPRESS HOW AWESOME IT IS. "Broken" really was kind of predictable for the most part -- e.g., the second "You don't want to know" came out of Cara's mouth, I remembered what that guy had said in "Denna" and went "Oh, god" out loud -- and yet, they still managed to make it the kind of awesome you can't look away from. And the parts I didn't see coming. Holy. Freaking. Cow. That is all. Already can't wait till next week!

And, Dexter: Holy crap, the end of "Hungry Man". I thought we'd already gotten our twist for the episode! Didn't see that one coming! Omg. Also, I love this show's writers, too. Awkward and creepy Thanksgiving dinner was awkward and creepy, and more-frequently-than-you'd-expect awkwardandcreepy at the same time! Trinity sure is a scary SOB, isn't he. Damn.

RL and NCT; cut for length. )
Gahhhh. Thank god for Thanksgiving Break. D:
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RL, in bullet points:
 > One week from yesterday will be my 6-months-on-T anniversary.
 > I posted a vlog on YouTube a few days ago if you missed it.
 > Yesterday I got my name change petition notarized (apparently at WaMu/Chase, the notary's free for customers); we (Dad and I) will be going to Dallas on Monday to get me fingerprinted and file the petition.
 > It's way too hot outside.

On the TV front, Spoiler-free, cut for length. )

Randomly, this article/video is hilariously awesome and win: United Breaks Guitars. XD

And finally, JuNo. My fail, let me show you it. :D )
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1. Still grounded. Gonna go out looking for a job next week, and with luck I'll find one and they'll ease up.

2. Last weekend, over the space of two days, I watched the entire six-episode miniseries The Lost Room. (Half the reason my parents want me out of the house; so much TV, and all the time in the world for it!) Can I just say, it was FANTASTIC. Relatedly, I'm now a ways into a Castle/LR crossover fic that's going to hopefully be equally awesome. Fingers crossed, anyway.

3. Also watched a bunch of XF this week ("Irresistible" through "Paper Clip" over the span of three or four days). Still haven't found my first-ever ep, though. I could've sworn I'd recognize it if I saw it, too. Dunno. At any rate: "Irresistible" was awesomely creepy, the makeup in "Dod Kalm" was damn near unbelievable, "F. Emasculata" is definitely in the top-5 most disgusting eps ever (not bad, though), "Soft Light" was pretty awesome, and "Fresh Bones" was really awesome. All in all, not bad at all.

4. For anyone not in the loop: Chastity Bono is transitioning (plus commentary from Jamison Green).

5. Oh, and we got a free month of premium channels, so I caught Stardust last night. You know that surrounded-by-puppies-and-flowers, warm-and-fuzzy feeling happy endings give you sometimes? That one that makes you feel like a ten-year-old girl but god it feels wonderful anyway? Yeah, that one. That's the ending of Stardust. *sappy happy expression* Yeeeaah. Great movie. *nod*

6. Finally, just remembered: my dad lost his job, so our insurance is changing, and I'm worried I'm going to have to switch to injections. D: So I'll definitely post more on the topic if there's anything new and different to note. Still on the gel for now; it'll be five months in three days. T update; cut for TMI. )

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Things that are just straight-up awesome:

1. There's less than a day till the Being Human season finale.

2. The fact that it's a season finale and not a series finale (except, well, y'know, in Britain, but that doesn't count. do they even have a word for "series finale"?).

3. I am totally officially dropped out of Numerical Methods. Cut for not-awesome. )

4. As mentioned, my awesome CS advisor is teaching Numerical Methods next fall. And not only that, but it's not Excel, it's some point-and-click graphical language created by National Instruments. Sounds like a good time. And I'll be motivated to work hard for her like I was for Professor P in Logic last semester, so that'll be helpful. :) With luck I'll get my A after all.

5. Finally, and I could be wrong about this, but I'm pretty sure Aunt Flo was supposed to have gotten here about a week ago. No sign! I could not be happier about that than I am. Hooray for T. :D

6. Also, my books are seriously made of awesome. Just saying. I think this'll be the first book I've finished for ages. Maybe since Just Add Hormones. I fail at reading. (I also fail at writing. Please don't close the [livejournal.com profile] writing_game board! I skipped one and now I have to write the spot I'm actually on....) Hopefully with the awesometastic way things are right now -- just this lack of Numerical Methods alone is a wonderful, wonderful feeling of relief -- I should start generally failing less pretty soon.

ETA: Oh, and this: Colorado reconsiders good Samaritan's ticket
ETA 2: Colorado withdraws good Samaritan’s ticket
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First, apparently Shannon wasn't hearing things: Bryan [my therapist] swears my voice is lower, too. :)

In more collegiate news...

Cut for tl;dr concerning my grades. )
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1. The caf has been amazing lately. Yesterday I had the best lunch ever -- veggie tacos, mashed potatoes, and strawberry cobbler. Om nom nom. Seriously, if there's anything better than chocolate cobbler with strawberry ice cream, it's strawberry cobbler + chocolate pudding. Mmmmm. And today there was mac & cheese and veggie chicken nuggets! ilu sfm cafeteria.

2. Speaking of yesterday and today, my voice has been cracking so much you'd think it was actually dropping. I'd be pleasantly surprised, since I haven't noticed anything else yet (on T for 25.5 days, for reference), but it's getting to the point where I'm rethinking just passing it off as a fluke. Suppose something's gotta happen first, right? Fingers crossed!

3. Got a mass email today from Alpha Sigma Kappa (Women in Technical Studies). It included this definition after "here's who we're looking for": "Girl: Anyone who self-identifies as a lady! So if you call yourself a gal, you've got this part all wrapped up." :)

4. Is Stress Pushing Spelling Snobs Over the Edge? Nope, we're always like that.

5. Does this dino (from the Creation Museum in Kentucky) remind anyone else of the little dino from Dinosaur Comics? I think it's the creepy excited look on his face. And before you ask, you bet I have more to say about the rest of those pictures, but that's the one reaction that didn't include a whole lot of *headdesk*ing and wtf. Although the raft thing was pretty frigging hilarious. *shakes his head in disbelief*

6. Oh, and yup, Internet's working again. Thank God.


Feb. 3rd, 2009 09:27 pm
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Oh, and in other news, I dropped by Health Services today to see what the on-campus pharmacy could do for me that Wal-Mart couldn't. Turns out, a lot. Got hooked up with another 15 days worth of T (charged it to the bursar, by the way, Mom; didn't have my new credit card in my wallet). So all is well on that front. Didn't even need to stretch out my last few after all. And now I don't need transportation when I have to get a refill. Hooray. :)

Now if it would just do something, that would be great. Fingers crossed!
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What exactly is this BS, Wal-Mart?

I get on your website, I make an account, I put in all my information and spend time making sure I'm picking the close-by store, etc, and what do I see when I hit submit? Big red message of doom. "We're sorry, but this prescription cannot be transferred. Please contact your pharmacist for details. Delete this prescription to submit."

DDDD: WTF. I need my T, Wal-Mart. I need it very soon. I need you to quit being stupid and give it to me, kthxbai.

Gahhhh. If I drop my dose back down to a packet a day, I can make it through Thursday, but it'll probably be even more red tape or who-even-knows-what to wade through to get it transferred somewhere besides Wal-Mart (namely, the campus pharmacy) now that it's settled all nicely in Wal-Mart's system. DDD: Craaaaap.
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I just realized I hadn't updated you guys on the trans stuff in a while, so since I have homework to be doing, that seemed like the perfect time. ;D (Speaking of, anyone more proficient at Excel than I am want to help make heads or tails of this Taylor Series Expansion assignment?)

Catching you up on things with my parents. )

Oh, and by the way, I just lost the Game. Thought you ought to know. ;-P

Anyway, back on topic, as far as T is concerned, I've been on two packets a day now since Friday. Still no noticeable changes. You'll be hearing about it when there are.
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Inauguration. Cut for politics and religion, lol. )

Things that happened a little closer to home today:

Cut for GIANT TEAL DEER re: school )

And I'm sure I'm forgetting something, but that'll do it for now. I'm gonna watch the Mentalist tonight, and Psych at some point on Hulu, and then there's classes tomorrow, so I'll have plenty of places to ramble on about anything else I forgot, lol.

PS: YouTube needs to go DIAF. )

T and TV.

Jan. 16th, 2009 10:05 pm
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I took my first dose at 9:15 this morning. So I've been on T for about 13 hours. Nothing new to report yet, of course, but I'm excited for tomorrow morning.

In other news:

TV. )
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Guess who has T gel? THAT'S RIGHT, FOLKS. :D

It was a whole long thing under the cut. )

I should have just taken the script to Walmart ages ago but whatever. I'm waiting till tomorrow morning to take it so I can do it on a scedule like you're supposed to, but I can't wait! (Also, the lady at the pharmacy when I dropped off the script "sir"red me. That might stop making my day eventually, but today is not that day, lol.)

In other awesome news, Being Human premieres January 25th.

ETA: And of course, Supernatural tonight! Going back to being scary, and it looks awesome!
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So, I've been saving up links for ages that I'll post here eventually in another post, but first, the most important news. Doctor's appointment was today. I HAVE A T SCRIPT. RIGHT HERE IN MAH ROOM. OMFG.

Still deciding whether to go fill it at Albertson's or something, or online -- my GP seems to be sure insurance won't cover it (and we DO live in TX), so I guess that means she didn't code it so there was a chance; and online would be easier for when I go back to school, I figure; but ANYWAY. The confusion can wait while I FLAIL WITH JOY.


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Don't have a letter (apparently finals week is really, really busy for the campus counseling center; who'da thunk it?), but I've got a "release of confidential information" form that's a huge step in the right direction. I'm gonna see what I can do about getting a doctor's appointment or otherwise asking my GP if she'll prescribe me, and at least getting the blood tests done over the break. (God knows I'll probably be getting blood tests done anyway. Stupid anemia.) And Bryan gave me a second copy of the form, too, in case my GP wouldn't do it but I found a different doctor/endo who would.

Just... wow. I'm not even sure how to describe how this feels right now. It feels nice, though. Light, almost. Not what I would normally call happy -- you know, that manic fanboy type of glee -- but maybe this is what "happy" really is. Could be.
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I gave him a few letters I'd printed off from [livejournal.com profile] transletters and we finally got to spend a good long time in a session talking about T. It was really productive. He wants to spend some more time talking about another couple of things next week, but he said he has no problem with writing a letter.

I would lovelovelove for him to get most of it written before next week so I can get it before I go home for the break. Not holding out much hope for that, but with any luck at all I'll have it within the next couple of months. Which, in the grand scheme of things, well, okay, I can manage that wait. (I think. Damn you, Christmas break! >_<)

At any rate, if I know next week that he'll write me one, I can start getting on the ball with my PCP and educating her and seeing if she'll do my monitoring, etc, etc.

Cross your fingers and I'll keep you updated! Now off to do some Logic homework before 1323.
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Well, shit. The hair dysphoria finally kicked in randomly just now. I was hoping I'd be able to get to Thanksgiving Break before then. D: Only a few more days... Changed my shirt, made it better. Awesome. Still need a freaking haircut, though.

In other news, Day 22 word count: 138. All within the last seven minutes of November 22nd. And not even with Write or Die. But it still mostly sucks. However, it does introduce Castiel into the Samverse, so I think that's a win. Will post when it doesn't suck. Which will be ASAP. I promise. I owe you, [livejournal.com profile] clex_monkie89. *nodnod*

IRL, I have so much homework today because I slacked the hell off yesterday like nobody's business. And now all I want to do is watch QL. So I figure I'll watch "A Single Drop of Rain" again, 'cause if I watch one I've already seen, then hopefully I'll be able to do homework at the same time. That's the plan, anyway; we'll see how it works out.

Oh, and I've been trying to do some more research for when I see Bryan again on the eighth. Besides all sorts of examples of T letters, I found a form to contact my doctor online; I figure I can ask if she'd prescribe and monitor my T, but I also figure she's not going to know anything about it, and they say not to include links, so idk; should I wait till I get home for Christmas, get an app't and bring her the SOC and Nick Gorton's book? That seems inefficient. But I guess at least then I'd know if I had the letter or not.... The other thing I'm wondering is if I could get Goddard's psychiatrist to write me the script. And apparently Goddard's got lab services that would probably monitor my levels while I'm here.... The Planned Parenthood rep who was at GLBTF that one time said something about their offering trans health care, but I don't have a car and don't even know exactly what they meant. *shrug* I'll get Bryan on the ball about the letter, I guess, and go from there. Keep your fingers crossed and I'll keep you updated.


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