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In list form for the purpose of conciseness, because boy was it a long day.

Our insane trip from CLE to ORD to DFW, 7/8/10. )

And to think the only bad thing that happened on the way there was no one on our flight's being able to find the right baggage carousel.

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One week out from surgery. Got home from Cleveland yesterday. Too tired at the moment to tell that whole long travel story (hint: it did not go as well as the trip there), so I'll settle for two things: Cut for possible TMI/squick. )

OK, that's all. You get the crazy story tomorrow. It'll be worth the wait, trust me.

ETA: Also, sore sore sore. So not sleeping well tonight. ):

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Drains are out, foam is off, and I'm finally clean again. Hooray. Long story under the cut, as usual.

Snip snip. )

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Saw some fireworks out the window last night. That was fun.

Surgery update. Cut for length. )

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Still doing pretty good. Tl;dr. )

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Hey, guys! I'm kind of unfocused at the moment, but I'll try and make this detailed now so I don't forget everything later. Short version: Five hours out from surgery, surprised myself and the doctors with how well I'm doing. No nausea, barely any pain, nothing.

Really long version under the cut. )

Tl;dr: Things are good. Chest aches, but what can ya expect. We'll see how attempting-to-sleep goes, but staying awake is working out well.

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Jun. 25th, 2010 04:39 pm
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An update to this post:

Got loads of help from ftm with the court-order thing -- including contact info for someone who actually knows what they're talking about, and a sample petition (why didn't I think of FTM_DFW to begin with? silly me). I'll probably wait to ask about the passport problem until after surgery, since I don't have any need for a passport in the forseeable future, anyway.

And as far as the DART situation: DART board approves trans protections. \o/

In other news, surgery in less than a week! And I downloaded BitTorrent again and got hooked up with more TV, so between that, Hulu, and MegaVideo I should be set for ages. :D (And thankfully BN and RP air on Thursday nights so I won't be totally stoned while watching next week's -- I'm so excited for those! Yesterday's were awesome: spoilers. ) Shows, you are too good to me.)

Also looking forward to another TZ I haven't seen ("The Mind and the Matter") at 4:30am tomorrow. And then a party. Should be fun.


Jun. 23rd, 2010 01:35 pm
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By the way, folks. Cleveland? Not in the same timezone as Dallas.

Just so you know. XD

(Translation: I missed my phone consult by an hour. Oops.)
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So, apparently having no homework, no TV, and no fic with due dates any time in the foreseeable future leaves me bored out of my mind. Jeez. I'mma have to start working on NCT or one of the SP sequels or something. Boooored.

In other news, less than two weeks until top surgery! I. Am. So. Stoked. *flails* (Except that I fucked up one of my new button-down shirts with stain remover, gdi. Wtg, self.)

Cut for document-changing worries. )

Ugh. At least after all this it'll be over and I can move on with my life. 9_9

ETA: Oh, hellll no, DART. "DART Guts Transgender Policy".

Further ETA: Posed the questions in paragraph 3 over at [livejournal.com profile] law_questions and [livejournal.com profile] legal_questions; hopefully they can help out.
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As has been posted and crossposted ad nauseum all over LJ, gender changes on passports no longer require proof of surgery as of today. So I thought, hey, maybe I can change my passport and then use that as ID when I'm flying to Cleveland instead of my license. Anything to make the trip easier, right?

Except apparently not, since I went over to United to make sure you could change the Secure Flight info that the TSA'd asked for when I bought the ticket, only to find that you can change literally everything (including your name and DOB) except for your gender. Instead of the drop-down menu, there's just "Gender  On file". WTF.

Sure, it's unlikely I could have gotten a new passport in three weeks, but still. Thanks for nothing, whoever's fault that is. Way to be.

ETA: Relatedly, Sons of Maxwell's third United song is out. If you haven't heard them, here's "United Breaks Guitars", "United Breaks Guitars Song #2 (Mrs. Irlwig)", and "United We Stand".


Jun. 9th, 2010 07:20 pm
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1. Defection letter is in the mail.

2, 3. Surgery. )

4. Cut for TMI. )

5. Finished another part of SP yesterday (and I really do need a SP tag, I think; I'll have to make one eventually), and started part 1. That's three down, two halves to go. I'm concerned I'll have too much for section 2 and not enough for section 1, but we'll see. At least, if all else fails, there's one last Amnesty Wednesday next week.

6. Got billed by OU today for summer. That class I thought I was getting paid for? Apparently since I got course credit, I have to pay tuition. Since, naturally, that's $1600 I can't exactly afford at the moment, I was on the phone with the Bursar's office, and the registrar, and Continuing Ed, and at least three other people, before finally ending up... at the voicemail of the woman I've been corresponding with by email about this class to begin with. D: Yeah. So I just hung up and sent her an email; we'll see where that goes. Wish me luck on playing dumb and begging out of that. ETA )

7. TV. )

ETA: 8. Finished God Delusion. It was really good. You should read it. See a couple posts back for the download link.
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Spoilers for Happy Town 1x4, 'Sleight of Hand'. )

On surgery. Cut for length; TMI-free. )

My plans for tomorrow include depositing my checks (a tax refund and the stipend from my summer class-thing), acquiring a certified check and getting that in the mail to MetroHealth, and possibly going shopping for the various things I'll probably want a month from now (and work shoes, while I'm at it). And probably reading more of God Delusion, because I'm most of the way through Chapter 2 at the moment, and it just keeps getting better. I got thrown off by his quoting that Photoshopped sign as though it was real (anyone know if he's been informed otherwise since publication?), but apart from that, two thumbs up so far. (And this is a pdf I found online for free -- if there's interest, I'll stick it up on 4shared. ETA: Uploaded here.)

For now, though, I think it's time to call it a night.
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Anyone up for a word war? I wrote 90 more words yesterday, but I'm definitely not gonna get the rest done without some external motivation. If you want to word war/cheerlead/whatever, hit me up on AIM (LoneTread).

In other news, I've been putting all my plans for top surgery together over the last couple of days. Provided I can get ahold of Bryan and he can get a letter to Medalie, this is really going to happen. I'm stoked.

ETA: 66% done (well, technically I still to polish and trim section 5 till I'm happy with it, but we'll count it). Not bad at all, if I do say so.
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One final down (HCI; and let's just not talk about it), three more to go.

In other news, I dug back into the [livejournal.com profile] ftm archives again and rediscovered this post wherein people were sharing price quotes (and mine, as I'd thought, was on the high end -- second-highest) and the fact that Medalie's cheaper depending on which surgery center you go to (there's three). And so I emailed Valerie again to try and get it scheduled someplace else cheaper. I'd thought I'd have to switch days to manage that -- which I was totally up for, if it'd save me several hundred dollars -- but she emailed me back today and that wasn't necessary. :D

So, July 2nd it is, and now $5715. *thumbs up* Can't wait!

Quick post.

May. 7th, 2010 11:49 pm
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Should really be going to sleep -- I woke up at 4:30 this morning to write my entire (admittedly 3-page) HCI essay -- but while I'm here, a quick post. (Yes, quick for real. Really.)

1. I ought to hear back from Medalie's secretary Valerie about my July 2nd date any day now. From there, it's just travel plans, possibly some more paperwork, and practicing how to pronounce his name (because I've been mispronouncing it in my head for years, argh). (And happily, Zera's big on photography, so she'll be the designated Trip Picture-Taker/Video-Camera-Wielder; I expect you'll have a record of anything interesting to look forward to either here or on YT, once July rolls around.)

2. I'm also in the middle of my Letter of Defection from the RCC (which I randomly found out about from here; hooray for undirected Internet browsing). I'm really irritated to hear it's necessary to do this at all (the idea that they count as members everyone who was ever baptized into the church is bullshit, frankly), but all the same I'm kind of excited that I get to. It's like doing course evaluations when you hated the teacher -- it'll be fun. *evil grin*

3. Supernatural 5x21, you guys! I was incoherent. And that preview! O_O You can find my thoughts over at Dime's recap post, if you're so inclined.

4. Finally got an appointment for that haircut I've needed for about three weeks, lol. Oh, phones, why must you be so intimidating?

5. Incredibly behind on WdM. Sigh. Someone pick me another (besides 4) number between 1 and 5? 4 was really helpful, benebu -- I got started! \o/ -- but unfortunately, that section is now already ~150 words. And nowhere near done. Meaning that this fic is going to be a hell of a lot longer than the 5 sections, 200 words/section that I'd intended. ...Unfortunately. Because we all know how I am with long stories. D: Wish me luck! (Anyone want a word war?)
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Of course it'd be now, after I've said ":D Yeah, sure, let's set a date", that I start having major second thoughts related to realizing, hey, Medalie's more expensive than Raphael even without the travel ($6110 vs $6000). :-/

Dammit, self, make up your mind already.
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I have about a bazillion things that need addressing, so here goes.

Cut for length and spoilers. )

OK, I’m at almost two pages in Word – I hope my cyberethics essay can get this long! – so I should call it a day and go have lunch. Later!
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Really should be sleeping, so I'll make this quick. Numbered list tiems, as I think of things.

1. Taylor, I will get those NCT notes to you. Honest I will. Maybe this weekend. Bother me about it if I don't, seriously. I want to get this done as much as you want me to. (Although SP might have to take precedence initially, because of the fest -- do you watch WC?).

2-4. RL )

5. Check out the fics at http://community.livejournal.com/intoabar/. They are fantastic. Particularly the WC/Firefly one and the WC/Dresden Files one. Go. Read. Enjoy.

6. I love everything Jonathon Coulton has ever written. At the moment, I'm particularly enjoying "Creepy Doll". A+.
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Woman Sues Doctor After Catching Fire During Surgery

Holy shit. That is all. D:

Relatedly: I've had a massive avalanche of homework and such this week, so I haven't yet gotten around to emailing Medalie (did get around to taking my pictures themselves, though). Even so, (was deciding between Medalie and Raphael, if I haven't mentioned that here; I did here) I'm starting to lean towards Raphael. Still not sure, though. Gahh. ): I guess I'll see what Medalie says and what other pics I can dig up, and go from there. :-/ I just want it all to be decided and happening already! I can has summer nao?
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Someone already claimed the prompt I wanted, you guys! ): And I know I could make a second claim on it, but I don't think I have enough ideas for it, anyway. So, what should I write? Think I should try and get SP done in time for the fest? Alternately, there's my trans!Dean story. Or that WH13 prompt. Or the Burn Notice one. ETA: Or the Psych one (2353, "Psych, Shawn/Gus, Shawn left home for many reasons - one of which was because he really didn't know how to tell his dad that he was Shawn and not Shawna. Gus was the only one he's told, and he's always known."). Or so many many other things. Or I could just give up and read everyone else's fic instead because I can't write long fic. Your thoughts?


*deep breath* More calmly: You guys should go claim things. Not enough of the transfic is getting claimed and this is a travesty.

In unrelated news and simply because it fit slightly better here than in the srs bzns post (religion, part 2) I'm planning for later, my coworker/supervisor A told me yesterday that I was in a dream she'd had. Apparently it was just a cameo, lol, where I literally ran in one side of the scene and out the other ("hey, there's Justi--aw, darn, there he goes."), which I think is hilarious. But the best part is she was like, "Yeah, and it was great, because I had this awesome car. And you'd had surgery -- I know I had no way of knowing that, but it was one of those things you know for no reason in dreams." Pretty fantastic dream all around. (And with luck surgery will be more than a dream soon; I'm narrowing my choices slowly but surely. Or, becoming more informed, at least. >_<)

ETA (3/27): Claimed my own WC prompt this morning (#3766). It occurred to me that a) my claiming it doesn't stop anyone else from also claiming it, b) if I don't get it finished, it's my own prompt, so it hopefully wouldn't be as disappointing, and c) I had left it vague so other people could have their own ideas -- and hadn't noticed the vagueness allows me to write any of the three ideas (past-fic, present-fic, bodyswap) I'd had in that verse and still meet the prompt. So, I think I may be able to do this. (And, um, I requested the last possible posting date, so. That ought to help, too. Heh.) Wish me luck!

ETA 2: Someone also claimed the MTF!Ellen prompt, the FTM!Dean prompt, and last year's FTM!Pepper-from-Good-Omens prompt. Way to be awesome, fandom. Sooo looking forward to May now.


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