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Anyone up for a word war? I wrote 90 more words yesterday, but I'm definitely not gonna get the rest done without some external motivation. If you want to word war/cheerlead/whatever, hit me up on AIM (LoneTread).

In other news, I've been putting all my plans for top surgery together over the last couple of days. Provided I can get ahold of Bryan and he can get a letter to Medalie, this is really going to happen. I'm stoked.

ETA: 66% done (well, technically I still to polish and trim section 5 till I'm happy with it, but we'll count it). Not bad at all, if I do say so.

Quick post.

May. 7th, 2010 11:49 pm
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Should really be going to sleep -- I woke up at 4:30 this morning to write my entire (admittedly 3-page) HCI essay -- but while I'm here, a quick post. (Yes, quick for real. Really.)

1. I ought to hear back from Medalie's secretary Valerie about my July 2nd date any day now. From there, it's just travel plans, possibly some more paperwork, and practicing how to pronounce his name (because I've been mispronouncing it in my head for years, argh). (And happily, Zera's big on photography, so she'll be the designated Trip Picture-Taker/Video-Camera-Wielder; I expect you'll have a record of anything interesting to look forward to either here or on YT, once July rolls around.)

2. I'm also in the middle of my Letter of Defection from the RCC (which I randomly found out about from here; hooray for undirected Internet browsing). I'm really irritated to hear it's necessary to do this at all (the idea that they count as members everyone who was ever baptized into the church is bullshit, frankly), but all the same I'm kind of excited that I get to. It's like doing course evaluations when you hated the teacher -- it'll be fun. *evil grin*

3. Supernatural 5x21, you guys! I was incoherent. And that preview! O_O You can find my thoughts over at Dime's recap post, if you're so inclined.

4. Finally got an appointment for that haircut I've needed for about three weeks, lol. Oh, phones, why must you be so intimidating?

5. Incredibly behind on WdM. Sigh. Someone pick me another (besides 4) number between 1 and 5? 4 was really helpful, benebu -- I got started! \o/ -- but unfortunately, that section is now already ~150 words. And nowhere near done. Meaning that this fic is going to be a hell of a lot longer than the 5 sections, 200 words/section that I'd intended. ...Unfortunately. Because we all know how I am with long stories. D: Wish me luck! (Anyone want a word war?)
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I have about a bazillion things that need addressing, so here goes.

Cut for length and spoilers. )

OK, I’m at almost two pages in Word – I hope my cyberethics essay can get this long! – so I should call it a day and go have lunch. Later!
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So, I won NaNo. Progress on NCT for thirty days straight. One day my progress was hardly progress (hardly anything), but what the heck, I'm counting it.

And the progress actually helped! The last couple of days I listed out and numbered all the scenes I'm going to need (because the day before, I decided I'd write it in scenes rather than trying to make it one big huge epic. So, something closer to "Sam I Am", rather than what it was probably gonna end up like ("Motivations" [three chapters that ended up as one short one] or "Tracks" [still not finished], neither of which are happy endings). This means it's going to be a lot shorter than it really deserves, but hopefully that at least it'll get finished, because I've already written more parts of it than I thought I had. :)

Besides NCT, I've written a mostly-terrible MTF!Neal fic that I intend to rewrite at some point. Then of course there's that one's related RPF bunny that I hope to write as well. And besides all that, new Samverse is coming! I was inspired this morning, and it turned out crappily, but I've rewritten crap in that 'verse before and had it turn out all right, so we shall see.
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Procrastinating --> LJ post that is probably going to end up being gigantic. Ah well. At least I'll finally be caught up and I can start getting better about making more smaller posts rather than fewer huge ones. Hopefully.

First, as always: TV.

Cut for Supernatural spoilers. )

Cut for vague FlashForward spoilers. )

Mentalist, after SN, sure had its work cut out for it. It was no contest, in comparison, but still very good even so. Jane is just awesome.

Cut for Legend of the Seeker s2 spoilers. )

Cut for length. )


NaNo, plus important news for anyone following my progress on NCT. )

Which will be finished once I say two more things. The first: I got two shirts from ThinkGeek and they are awesome. I Never Finish Anyth, which I've wanted for years; and Enough Social Interaction, which is just plain hilarious. :D

The second thing: more links.
15 Supernatural Crossovers We Want to See
13 Scariest Episodes of Supernatural
Awesomest candidate for TX governor ever
Annoying Food Jingles
BuddyTV article/interview re: the end of FF's "The Gift" (spoilers)
TV Shows Most Likely to be Cancelled
Creepiest Children's TV Shows
'Being Human' to be Americanized (please don't!)

OK, all caught up. Until next time!
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If anyone's curious. It came to a total of 38, counting two different versions of one plot separately, of which I finished 10 and posted 5.

List under the cut. )
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So, this is going to be a huge update full of everything I haven't got a chance to say, yet, as I think of it. Expect random. 

JuNo )

TV (Philanthropist, Mental, BN, RP, Leverage, Dark Blue) )

The Name Change Saga )
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RL, in bullet points:
 > One week from yesterday will be my 6-months-on-T anniversary.
 > I posted a vlog on YouTube a few days ago if you missed it.
 > Yesterday I got my name change petition notarized (apparently at WaMu/Chase, the notary's free for customers); we (Dad and I) will be going to Dallas on Monday to get me fingerprinted and file the petition.
 > It's way too hot outside.

On the TV front, Spoiler-free, cut for length. )

Randomly, this article/video is hilariously awesome and win: United Breaks Guitars. XD

And finally, JuNo. My fail, let me show you it. :D )
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The product of Day 1 of our July NaNo: 725 words of Listener AU transfic (ETA: is it really AU if it could possibly happen in canon?) that I'm really proud of. Enjoy. And happy Canada Day. (Spoilers for all of season 1, btw.)

Reflections in a Broken Mirror )
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So, I'm trying to come up with more bunnies for when July starts next week. I already have... 25+, but I kind of want at least 50, so I even have a shot at reaching 50K. (Not that I think I'm going to, but a guy can try, right?)

Your bunnies, I wants to adopt them plz. )

In other news, Mental was pretty awesome last night, and then today I watched eps 8-13 of Listener (and jeez, that sounds like so many more than it felt), and am officially caught up on Season 1. Not bad, not bad. "Inside the Man" was... wacky and disjointed, but damn, that finale. Every time in the last ten or fifteen minutes the screen faded to black I would freak out that it was over and then sigh in relief when it came back. Man, it was so good; I don't know how I'm going to wait for Season 2. (At least it wasn't too bad of a cliffie!)

ETA: Oh, and if you don't know any of my fandoms, I'd still like to hear from you! All else fails, you can just pick a couple fandoms, suggest a crossover, and see if it means anything to me. Anything and everything helps! :)
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X-Files. )

Also, I wrote more of that Castle/LR crossover, got to the part where my OC, Dante, encounters a cop and Things Happen, and had a question. So I got online to ask the good folks at [livejournal.com profile] ask_a_cop, and while I was there, did some research. Lo and behold, I'd forgotten again that Castle's set in NYC. I don't know why I have such a hard time remembering that, honestly. It just seems like all my shows are either set in California, D.C., or Miami, so I get confused, I guess. At any rate, this could pose a problem. And I don't have a comm yet to ask questions about NYC, although I contacted the mod over at [info]newyorkers to see if they'd be open to that. (If so, I'll be sure to add them to the list, along with [info]law_questions and [info]lawquestions_au.) While I wait for a response, anyone else up to answering a lot of random questions about NYC? I sense a lot of rewriting in my future if I got the right impression from Google Street View, so I may as well get it right.

Finally, have a meme (stolen from [livejournal.com profile] sashataakheru):

Character List Meme:
1) Make a list of 15 characters and assign each character a number.
2) Without telling anyone who's on the list or the character's assigned number, get questions from your flist about what they'd like to know about them, i.e. "If 3 and 4 were trapped in a cave together with only a blanket and a toothpick, what would they do?"
3) Post list and answers.

Anyone want to give me questions? You know you want to! ;)

ETA: And I still have no idea what I'm writing for JuNo next month (that would be the pseudo-NaNo Zera and I are doing). Your cracky plots, suggest them to me!
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Going home tomorrow morning; no point in taking summer school if I can't keep my scholarship. I did make an A in Comm, though. 49/50 on the career paper, 99 on the LTM paper (it was exactly six pages, and for the first time ever I could have happily gone on longer if I'd had the time and space); 94, 96, and 88 on the exams; 92 on the speech, and 100% on everything else. I pretty much win. (And I wish all my homework could be about TV. I'd be making a 4.0.)

Caught up on Harper's. )

Also caught up on Mental. It was even better than the first one. Spoiler cut. )

And I think that's everything. Oh, except I'll probably post the FP fics later today; I'm halfway a third of the way (apparently I can't subtract) through my Dexter set on w_g, but I'm going slow enough that I doubt I'll have the oppportunity to switch back.

But speaking of writing, I'm also thinking of doing a little summer-NaNo thing with Zera. Especially with being grounded from the computer once I get back (parents aren't happy with the GPA situation, y'know), might as well give it another shot.
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RL, cut for length. )

Randomly, how awesome is this?: Dexter Author Stages Cameo. Proving he still likes the show. Good for him.

Being Human fandom is my new crack. )

And Day 30 word count: 111. I win! Didn't finish Sunday's drabble (which is QL, because the BH bunnies I had the other day weren't biting Sunday) because I was tired, but it's not bad, and I'll try to get it up soon. Plus all that Samverse I owe [livejournal.com profile] clex_monkie89. (Unfortunately, as far as the QL is concerned, I'm having the same problem with my brain plagiarizing other people's fics (in particular, "Stolen Bliss"), so hopefully I'll manage to make the idea my own.)

And one of these days, I'll finally get rid of a couple of my Dexter icons or something and make room for QL and BH.
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Written for 10_inspirations. I'm considering claiming Being Human general series over there. They're such great prompts, but I don't know.

Anyway, the past two days' word count have been spent on this one drabble (which kind of got away from the prompt, but what can ya do).
Day 28: 138; 29: 117. (I'm going to be sad when this is over.)

For the prompt:
"Nobody drinks alone.  Every demon, every ghost from your past and every memory you've held back follows you home." -- Keith Urban : Nobody Drinks Alone

Nobody Drinks Alone (100 words) )

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This was Day 25's output. I fixed it up just a minute ago and thought I'd post it. Drabble, spoiler-free.

Christmas in June )
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A few of tonight's [livejournal.com profile] mini_nanowrimo  word prompts (namely, "dishonest", "left", and "alive") inspired this one; the inspiration might be more apparent when I add that my brain read the last two as "left alive", but it doesn't really matter. Regardless, here we have my first foray into the shiny new Being Human fandom. Unfortunately, I've just spent most of my afternoon (when I wasn't eating Thanksgiving dinner and having forced family time, lol) reading really good fanfiction, so I'm not sure mine's up to par. Why getting into a new fandom is always like this, I don't know, but I'd appreciate complimentary or constructive feedback.

Day 27 word count: 137.

Secrets Go Both Ways (100 words) )
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Real life )

TV )

NaNo )
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Day 23 word count: 116/100.

Guess the Samverse will be tomorrow or something, because only having one point at [livejournal.com profile] writing_game  was killing me. Set during the teaser of "The Leap Home, Part 2"; 100 words.

Baptism by Fire )
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Well, shit. The hair dysphoria finally kicked in randomly just now. I was hoping I'd be able to get to Thanksgiving Break before then. D: Only a few more days... Changed my shirt, made it better. Awesome. Still need a freaking haircut, though.

In other news, Day 22 word count: 138. All within the last seven minutes of November 22nd. And not even with Write or Die. But it still mostly sucks. However, it does introduce Castiel into the Samverse, so I think that's a win. Will post when it doesn't suck. Which will be ASAP. I promise. I owe you, [livejournal.com profile] clex_monkie89. *nodnod*

IRL, I have so much homework today because I slacked the hell off yesterday like nobody's business. And now all I want to do is watch QL. So I figure I'll watch "A Single Drop of Rain" again, 'cause if I watch one I've already seen, then hopefully I'll be able to do homework at the same time. That's the plan, anyway; we'll see how it works out.

Oh, and I've been trying to do some more research for when I see Bryan again on the eighth. Besides all sorts of examples of T letters, I found a form to contact my doctor online; I figure I can ask if she'd prescribe and monitor my T, but I also figure she's not going to know anything about it, and they say not to include links, so idk; should I wait till I get home for Christmas, get an app't and bring her the SOC and Nick Gorton's book? That seems inefficient. But I guess at least then I'd know if I had the letter or not.... The other thing I'm wondering is if I could get Goddard's psychiatrist to write me the script. And apparently Goddard's got lab services that would probably monitor my levels while I'm here.... The Planned Parenthood rep who was at GLBTF that one time said something about their offering trans health care, but I don't have a car and don't even know exactly what they meant. *shrug* I'll get Bryan on the ball about the letter, I guess, and go from there. Keep your fingers crossed and I'll keep you updated.
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TV (spoiler-free, cut for length) )

6. Re: Therapy, well, there goes my last shot at getting a script (or at least a letter) by my birthday. Oh well. I've already waited this long, right?

7. Re: Nano. It was Transgender Day of Rememberance two days ago, so I started some Samverse. It's still not finished, but I've got plenty to edit around and add to until it stops sucking. Day 20 word count: 125, day 21 word count: 110. All in the same story. So hopefully it'll get done soon. *cough* After all the homework I have to do today, of course.

8. Apparently LiveSearch took away all the good prizes and gave me back the tickets I paid for the headphones. And now all my headphones are broken and I don't have any more coming. Sadface.


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