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About to play Apples to Apples with the family, but quick update: Got my new driver's license! :D Unfortunately, my shiny new name is the second-smallest text on there (after my address), so the stupid F is gigantic in comparison, and who the heck's idea was that, but whatever.

Now all that's left is to get my new SS card (should be seeing that in the mail any day now), get that to Payroll when I get back to school, and then change my name with my bank and credit card. *sigh* PITA.

Trying not to think about once I get surgery and then I have to go through all this shit again with the gender marker. D: BUT IT WILL BE WORTH IT. *asplodes*

Oh, and I didn't have to change to shots. Yays. Expect a T update tomorrowish.
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I have a list of things I wanted to say that I left at home (I'm in the computer lab at the moment, semi-working on my take-home Stats final while waiting until my Data Structures review session at 5:00), so I'll save the fandom stuff for another post (expect LotS, Dexter, and BH).

Long college ramblings. )

In other news, I finally solved the weird work mystery involving my coworker K. I have two cards that I use regularly on campus; one is my ID card, with the right name on it, and the other is the Loyalty Card (X amount of extra points for living on campus again), that they printed before I got my name changed, so it still has my old name on it. And K runs the cash register a lot at work. So that explains everything. (And thank god she doesn't appear inclined to question me about it directly -- that'd be way too awkward a conversation to have in a crowded line if I even wanted to.)

In other, unrelated news, my secret got posted over at fandomsecrets, and while that is, apparently, just me, I got the only commenter someone to watch the show, so success! (And I'm consoling myself with the fact that it's just because no one watches the show that no one agrees with me and trying not to remember that I got way more comments for that Island secret way back when, and no one'd read that, either.

Finally, I randomly discovered this song (see "Music"; 5:57, SFW) on YT and can't stop listening to it. <3
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The week of doom (last week) has apparently decided to last two weeks. D:
The week before Dead Week can kill. )

And clearly it takes being overwhelmed with school work to get me to be productive, because I've totally been cleaning and doing laundry and whatnot. And last night instead of more paper I wrote an epic emo poem. And then this last night/this morning -- well, I knew those trans bunnies come in twos, but I was still hoping to not have to fend off FTM!Neal Caffrey quite so soon. On the contrary, I don't think I've had a muse this insistent since Chloe Logan. I haven't written anything yet -- that poem was time-wasting enough as it is -- but hopefully I won't forget it all before Saturday comes and I have a spare second to write it down. Wish me luck with that. (Also, if anyone happens to know or have a good guess as to how old Neal and/or Elizabeth are, I'd appreciate that info thrown my way. I am so bad with ages, you have no idea, lol. And um, apparently no matter what version of Neal I'm writing, Neal and Elizabeth are BFFs. Lol, I don't know either. I just write what they tell me. I blame that fic where they were brother and sister ("brother dearest", and all its prequels and sequels.))

TV (spoiler-free) )

Weird work mystery. )

Finally, my birthday (22! yay?) was not as bad as it started out. Yay for that. Thanks for the wall posts/cards/cake/good thoughts, guys. And even the renditions of "Happy Birthday". ;D Oh, and thanks for the virtual cookie, [livejournal.com profile] obsessed1. Happy holidays to you as well. They can't get here soon enough for my tastes!
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Somehow, despite the fact that I only have one class and work, Mondays are always so exhausting. So I thought I'd update LJ while I relaxed.

TV (see the tags for a list of shows discussed under the cut) )

More name change madness. )

Finally, three four things:

1. The fire alarm has gone off three times in the past two nights, at 5:30am, 7:30am, and last night at 12:45am. THIS NEEDS TO STOP IMMEDIATELY. DX

2. NCT isn't dead yet! It's coming along, slowly but surely; the notes document (in which I'm including the actual text of the story as I write it, my notes and ideas about things to come that I haven't written actual text for yet, and massive chunks of text copied from (*cough*) websites (*evil grin*) (and in one case, from an interview on the DB site)) is about 9.5 pages long now. Which doesn't say a whole lot about the story itself, given that there's still flashbacks I need to (somehow) incorporate into the present timeline of the story itself, some bizarre tense changes I recently introduced that I now need to deal with by changing the tense of the entire story, and a(n Excuse) Plot I have yet to figure out -- but it's still promising! I have hope, anyway. :)

3. Links:
a) Obama's speech at the HRC National Dinner. <3333
b) Legend of the Seeker on DVD. :D
c) And the comment thread that explains so much about Twilight it's scary-yet-wonderful.

4. I finished "Wizard's First Rule"! Finally! All 820 pages of it. FTR, the show is better, but the book isn't half bad either. I don't think I'll read the next one, though, unless s2 is particularly awesome; books of that length are just too much of a commitment. For now, it's onto "Dexter by Design", and then finishing "American Gods".

Now, time for dinner and then skipping LTM and Castle in an attempt to figure out what on earth we're supposed to do for this Data Structures project. >_< Until next time!
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So, today was my court date!

Cut for length. Lots of length. Because, big surprise, it didn't get any less overcomplicated. )

In short, I am legally Justin James [lastname]. *happy dance*
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So, it's September. The really-long unexpected LJ hiatus was part forced and then part just that I couldn't find the time, but I'm back now! (Hooray! Right? Right?) Now to get on with the really long update.

First, the TV rambling, of course, to make it easier for those who aren't interested to skip it. TV (QL, Mental, Psych, et al) )

Relatedly, I've been all over the place fandom-wise since I got reacquainted with the internets. First, BuddyTV links I've been saving for you guys:
The Five New Shows You Must Watch This Fall
Flash Forward
Lucifer is Coming: How SN Stole Twitter

Oh, and speaking of Supernatural, spoilers, and my thoughts on the s5 premiere, 'Sympathy for the Devil'. )
Moving on...

I was also introduced to these Twilight-series recaps last weekend and they pretty much ate my weekend because they're awesome. The basic point is that she's reading the books so we don't have to, because they're that bad. Heh. And they sure sound it. I mean, Edward twirling part of her engine around in his hands while he gives her that little guilt-trip? Drop it in Criminal Minds and it'd almost be great writing. I don't know how anyone can think he's romantic/a good boyfriend/not a sociopath. *shudder* But so as not to offend, that's all I'll say about that, too. (Oh, except that I woke up the other day with a QL/Twilight bunny in my head. I'll just wait till she makes it through Breaking Dawn and then I'll take a crack at that, because boy would it be an improvement. And Sam roundhouse-kicking Edward wouldn't hurt, either. :))

Finally, in the last two three fandom-related things I think I have to say:
1. I think my new Dexter book is here. Tomorrow the post office opens and I can go get my package. Omgyay.
2. Despite the fact that I don't really like the song and am not completely sold on the ship, this vid (NSFW) is without a doubt the best one in the Dark Blue fandom. Seriously. Watch it. You don't have to have seen the show, and this will make you want to.
3. I am in love with both "Wizard's First Rule" by Terry Goodkind (440ish pages/836, and counting), and the TV series, Legend of the Seeker, that was based off those books. We're talking "watched one episode, found the entire series on Hulu on legendoftheseeker.com (go to the 'full archive' tab), and watched the entire 22-episode first season within the space of two weeks" kinds of love. If you need more encouragement than that to watch it: Craig Horner, who plays the MC, looks like the lovechild of Stuart Townsend and Misha Collins. And there's swordfights. Lots of them. I'm serious, guys. (And you have plenty of time to catch up! Season 2 premieres Nov. 7. Go, go, watch and enjoy!)

Onto other things:
Some news links, some news on how the name change is progressing, and some random. ) Here's the two best vids I've found for LotS, just to give you even more reason to watch and to make sure you don't miss them: one to Breaking Benjamin's "Blow Me Away" and a shippy one to Natalie Merchant's "My Skin".

Okay, that's all. Until next time. Which hopefully will be sooner than, say, NaNo. ;)

ETA: The documentary referred to in this (good) article about a trans British boy is now available on YouTube. Here, if anyone's interested.

ETA 2: Also, risking TMI ).
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So, this is going to be a huge update full of everything I haven't got a chance to say, yet, as I think of it. Expect random. 

JuNo )

TV (Philanthropist, Mental, BN, RP, Leverage, Dark Blue) )

The Name Change Saga )
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RL, in bullet points:
 > One week from yesterday will be my 6-months-on-T anniversary.
 > I posted a vlog on YouTube a few days ago if you missed it.
 > Yesterday I got my name change petition notarized (apparently at WaMu/Chase, the notary's free for customers); we (Dad and I) will be going to Dallas on Monday to get me fingerprinted and file the petition.
 > It's way too hot outside.

On the TV front, Spoiler-free, cut for length. )

Randomly, this article/video is hilariously awesome and win: United Breaks Guitars. XD

And finally, JuNo. My fail, let me show you it. :D )
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Cut for hugely-long college stuffs. Click for RL. )

Also, I printed off a bunch of Day of Silence speaking cards earlier, so I'm all set for that on Friday.

Speaking of, I talked to my speech prof yesterday, and he was happy to promise me a Monday slot for the informative speech. Yay.

Finally, Castle was pretty much made of pure awesome last night. The vest. Oh my God. I burst out in... okay, they might have been giggles... every time that thing was on screen. It was amazing. :D Win.
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TV. )
Missed Mentalist last night (you bet I'll be torrenting it) to meet with my group for the speech we were supposed to have today. Then today I get there and I'm hyperventilating and shit (like, for real, I was all tingly) and then the sub couldn't get the video camera to work so she cancelled class instead. *g* I'll be more prepared for Friday, honest.

Oh, and after that, I walked over to Goddard and rescheduled my rescheduled appointment, and as I was leaving the receptionist called me Justin. I didn't even know the people at the desk knew my real name! :D And then she was all "is that alright?". Of course it is! Silly receptionist.

Also I had a really good broccoli-cheese bread bowl from Quizno's. So I'm having a pretty freaking good day. Suprisingly enough. :)

Now to go change for work so I'm not late.
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TV and college stuff, cut for length. )

Also, I'm rocking over at [livejournal.com profile] writing_game. Turns out having new eps of BH to work off of is extremely helpful. I'll crosspost here when I get a chance, but they're over there if anyone's interested.
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So, the tab-closings I promised? Not going to happen, because Firefox died for the last time the other day and took my 11 windows and 80+ tabs down with it. (I did all my grieving already, and can laugh about it now, but still. *sigh*) Regardlesss, I do have some links for you! One of which is down now, but which said that BH is premiering being screened somewhere on 1/16; I'm hoping that means the premiere is soon to follow. Because I'm excited despite this interview with Adrian (the new Mitchell), which makes me a sad panda. D: Oh, but apparently Russell Tovey's gay, which explains rather a lot, frankly. Also, not related to TV at all, have an interesting Newsweek article about procrastination and a Slate article on the rights of healthcare workers with regard to abortion.

In other news, I was incredibly productive yesterday: I balanced my checkbook (the direct deposit's finally working!), Facebooked a couple friends for a ride home (no luck so far), finished my CS homework (darn you, integer division! I should have caught that!), and emailed GLBTF with my intention to run for secretary when they have elections in the spring. All that's left is a beta job, a couple other things I've had on the backburner for a while (Logic notes), and to rewrite the TDOR Samverse fic and the Castiel Samverse fic to my satisfaction (may or may not be possible).

Then finals and therapy on Thursday, and the semester is over and I can get my As and go home! :D

Oh, and the other day, Caitlin told me her family got a Christmas card from my family and Mom used my real name in the signature. :D My mom is awesome. Of course, this meant Caitlin and her mom had to tell her dad, who was all "o_O" about it, apparently, but he'll probably warm up to it. And her mom's still great about it, too, yay.

So, things are pretty terrific, all around.

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Real life )

TV )

NaNo )
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Effectively reverse-chronological order:

Logic midterm. )

NaNo. )

Advising, etc. )

Teh ghey. )

Oh, and internshippy stuff! They told us at Career Services' "How to Land an Internship" thing I went to that internships don't chase you down, but apparently this one does! :) The nice Wal-Mart people I think I mentioned in my Career Fair post? Well, I emailed her my resume but slacked off on figuring out how to get a transcript, etc, and then I figured it was too late, that kind of thing that I sabotage myself with all the time. However, on Monday, I got an email as follows:

Email from the Wal-Mart recruiter. )

How awesome is that? Looks like I get a second chance, and I won't be letting this one go by.

For now, though, got to go do piles and piles of homework. D: Worst week EVAR.

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Cool NaNo comm. Check it out! )

Also, I wrote another fic for [livejournal.com profile] writing_game, and I've got another two or three in the works, seeing as it'll be open till Wednesday. Not crossposting the newest one here, since I'm too lazy, but go check it out there if you want.

Small rage; will probably be crossposted later. )

ETA: Rage crossposted to tranny_rage: Lipservice: You're doing "ally" wrong.

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Things of note:
1. The other earbud on my iPod headphones broke. That leaves, out of two pairs of headphones, 0.5 that works. I hope my new ones from LiveSearch come soon.
2. On Sunday, I ran into one of those people from last semester that I've been avoiding because the whole "btw, I transitioned" thing is so awkward. His name's Jimmy and he works at the caf, and it was extra awkward because he saw me and recognized me but couldn't remember my name. I went through my options and eventually just managed, "Um. Actually, I changed it. It's Justin." He was just like, "Oh, okay" -- which I expected, but it's still awkward whether or not they're good people. *shrug*
3. The RA friended me back. No comment or anything. Haven't seen her since then.
4. At the caf today, they had hot chocolate cobbler, and it was definitely that kind of day (y so windy, Oklahoma?). So I get some after dinner and turns out they're out of vanilla ice cream. "We only have strawberry ice cream," says the girl working there, very apologetically. ONLY? Hot chocolate cobbler (which, for those who've never had the pleasure, is effectively undercooked brownie batter) and STRAWBERRY ICE CREAM? That sounded like whole new levels of awesome, and so I was all over that. It was delicious. In the future, cafeteria, please make it known that you have strawberry freaking ice cream. And don't be so sorry about it! That's a highlight, not a drawback, y/y?
4. I think I'll do another vlog soon.
5. Cross your fingers that inspiration for that futurefic for writing_game comes tonight.

ETA: Ah, televsion was an adventure tonight. The adventure, and ep talk (SN 4x06 'Yellow Fever', and Eleventh Hour). )
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 Yesirree. Today was pretty freaking terrific.

1. Chilled out, had work, and then came home and watched QL. While I was watching it, I was pretty engrossed, and then I hear, "Justin!", and it's my roommate, trying to get my attention so our RA could do a maintenance check. And inside I was like ":D".

2. Re: the Eagle. )

3. Then I hung out and chatted with Kali and it was good times also.

4. Re: cute dogs. )

I hope everyone else's night rocked as much as mine. Off to watch the last three or so minutes of "Good Morning, Peoria" now.

ETA: Also, I friend-requested my RA today. Will let you know what comes from that. 

Further ETA: Ah, pronouns. )
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I did it. So far, I've gotten comments from seven people who didn't already know, and every single one of them has been positive.

And I changed my name on Facebook after I posted the note, which took -- instead of the 24 hours they'd said it would -- about 10 seconds. So you can go friend me now if you want. :D

Finally, completely off-topic: I should be doing homework, but I honestly can't stop watching this fanvid. (There's a dl link here if you need to have it, too.) Spoilers for SN 4x03, "In the Beginning".

*drags self away to the Logic homework and puts the vid on repeat in the background*

ETA (8:26): Or not. But at least I'm doing laundry, right? Also, Tracy's friend Mike commented that it explained a lot, and when I asked what he meant, sent me this message:

"it's weird how things happen, last year i started to fall for you...every girl/woman...w/e...has either ended up being bi or transgendered. it's kinda funny to me i guess. i kinda figured things were gonna work out like this that's why i didn't persue it...you just didn't ever look like you were all that comfortable in your own skin, if that makes sense."

Called that one, didn't he? Life sure is funny sometimes.


Oct. 9th, 2008 08:33 am
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I just got an email that I won a bookstore gift card in some raffle they had during Howdy Week. Sweet.

I do wish, though, that they'd have trusted me to have noticed by now that my name's different in different places. "I don't know who you'd talk to if this is a problem". It's okay, folks: I do, I've talked to them, and *gasp* it's not a problem. You can stop pointing it out now. For Pete's sake, it's about as annoying as "Did you know your hair is green?!" that I get if I've been swimming too much. ORLY? WOW. NO I HAD NO IDEA. 9_9

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1. He did postpone some of the PMath after all. There's only three more questions to do. One-and-a-half down, one-and-a-half to go.

2. Apparently I'm not getting paid. I/they must have screwed up something with the direct deposit. I'll be asking about this tomorrow, for sure.

3. Misha Collins interview with TVC: http://www.tv.com/story/11686.html

4. Crazy Dexter article (an actor was nearly stabbed on set): http://www.tv.com/story/11691.html

5. Got a package slip on Friday after work. I wonder which package it is. I'm excited. :) [ETA: My DVDs are here!]

6. Mom and Dad called today. Nothing especially noteworthy. Except when Mom used my birth name and then was all, "I mean... *pause*.... *more pause*....*topic change*" and it was pretty super awkward. Ah, well, they're getting there. I can wait.


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