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1. As you can see, I have finally updated my 15. That's been a really long time coming (...understatement), so you should go check them out. As always, if you know who made any of the ones that lack proper credit, let me know.

2. I bothered [livejournal.com profile] clex_monkie89 and [livejournal.com profile] sashataakheru on AIM last night and think I finally have a suitable plot for the WC bodyswap fic. Which is good, because it's extraordinarily appropriate for my first prompt on [livejournal.com profile] writing_game this board, "extenuating circumstances", but I couldn't write that until I'd worked out several large promblems (like not knowing what caused the bodyswap). So, I can write now!

2b. Except that I have loads of homework. Argh. I hope I'll find that sufficient motivation to actually get some homework done.

3. Unfortunately, the WH13 fic is not going so well. Sigh. But at least I'm not on a clock for that one.

4. Speaking of fic with deadlines, oh god the SN/QL. *headdesk* OP of that prompt, if you're reading this, I AM SO SORRY. D: I will finish that fic. One day. Hopefully soon. I will. Honest. DDD:

5. I watched the Psych finale yesterday  morning. <3333 Now all I've got left to catch up on are Dark Blue and Happy Town. (And while I'm on the subject of TV, how disappointed am I that Lone Star and The Event are in the same timeslot? VERY. I mean, obviously, Event is going to have to take precedence, but still. It saddens me.)

6. I went back to TO and the Werelist for the first time in about five years today (technically, I'd been back at TO a couple years ago to update my gender on my profile, but I didn't stay long). Actually remembered my passwords, even. My Werelist account had been deleted, but I made a new one. Hadn't realized how much I missed all those guys. It's good to be back.

7. Saw Toy Story 3 for free at Meacham on Friday night. Such a happy-making movie. \o/ :DDD *love*

Now, time for lunch, then homework, then fic. *nodnod* We'll see how well that works out.
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1. Still grounded. Gonna go out looking for a job next week, and with luck I'll find one and they'll ease up.

2. Last weekend, over the space of two days, I watched the entire six-episode miniseries The Lost Room. (Half the reason my parents want me out of the house; so much TV, and all the time in the world for it!) Can I just say, it was FANTASTIC. Relatedly, I'm now a ways into a Castle/LR crossover fic that's going to hopefully be equally awesome. Fingers crossed, anyway.

3. Also watched a bunch of XF this week ("Irresistible" through "Paper Clip" over the span of three or four days). Still haven't found my first-ever ep, though. I could've sworn I'd recognize it if I saw it, too. Dunno. At any rate: "Irresistible" was awesomely creepy, the makeup in "Dod Kalm" was damn near unbelievable, "F. Emasculata" is definitely in the top-5 most disgusting eps ever (not bad, though), "Soft Light" was pretty awesome, and "Fresh Bones" was really awesome. All in all, not bad at all.

4. For anyone not in the loop: Chastity Bono is transitioning (plus commentary from Jamison Green).

5. Oh, and we got a free month of premium channels, so I caught Stardust last night. You know that surrounded-by-puppies-and-flowers, warm-and-fuzzy feeling happy endings give you sometimes? That one that makes you feel like a ten-year-old girl but god it feels wonderful anyway? Yeah, that one. That's the ending of Stardust. *sappy happy expression* Yeeeaah. Great movie. *nod*

6. Finally, just remembered: my dad lost his job, so our insurance is changing, and I'm worried I'm going to have to switch to injections. D: So I'll definitely post more on the topic if there's anything new and different to note. Still on the gel for now; it'll be five months in three days. T update; cut for TMI. )

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Trailer for SN 4x15. Wow. Just... wow. Is it March 12th yet?

Also, some odd news.
Pa. filmmaker, ACLU raise 'hell' in court
Drag queen becomes homecoming queen

And this is exciting! Sci Fi Channel Wants To Return To Oz With Tin Man Series I hope they do. Not quite sure what they'd do with it -- it wrapped up pretty well as it is -- but I'd watch it. More of Neal McDonough kicking ass in that hat, yes please. :)

Some Slate stuff:
A week in the life of Demetri Martin. Old, but still very funny.
Don't Give an Oscar to The Reader. I've seen several trailers for this movie and had no idea what it was about until I read this article. Boy, ignorance is bliss.
The mystifying, abysmal new ads for Gatorade.
And I followed that last link to The Quest for G (here), where intentional hilarity and unintentional hilarity collide into a Gatorade commercial/Monty Python homage that I can't really describe except to say that it's incredibly funny and you should totally watch it.

Finally, I totally want to see the DLM movie. The lack of Rube and original!Daisy is not cool, but it sounds like they managed okay without them.
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It was good. I don't know what everyone's problem was. Yes, it did watch like a two-hour-long episode, but it didn't feel like a fourth-season Twilight Zone where they dragged a half hour on for an hour (or like S9's "Sunshine Days", which dragged on for about an eternity). It watched fine; I was entertained. Very glad Skinner was in it. In fact, my biggest problem with the movie was the beaver on DD's face for the first half of it. *g* Trufax.

TL;DR: I enjoyed it. *thumbs up*

Off to go read the last 17 pages of FTF now. (I was so close to finishing it first!) 

ETA: FTF was good, too; particularly the end. And I randomly discovered today that Stephen King cowrote "Chinga" with CC. That explains why it was so creepy, then.
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So, I decided just now, on a whim, that I'm going to be spoiler-free for Season 3 (or at least 3x01...), but if anyone else would like some, here's Comic-Con spoilers for Heroes volume 3: http://www.buddytv.com/articles/heroes/live-from-comiccon-heroes-21520.aspx

Also, I've heard exactly one good review of XF:IWTB from the critics, two from fans, and everything else was negative. Now with this unfortuntate business cropping up over in queer_rage, I'm a little worried. Still going to see it, but nervous all the same. (I was trying to stay spoiler-free for this movie, too, but it's been a little dificult. Maybe I should have tried harder.)
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1. Posted that Moonlight fic I talked about a while back, "War Stories". I'm pretty happy with it.

6. Screw you, ovaries. Didn't you get the memo? GTFO.
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God, I am so excited already.

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BuddyTV Heroes article: http://www.buddytv.com/articles/heroes/heroes-season-3-premiere-may-b-20917.aspx

Check out that Season 3 trailer. *mind boggles with glee*

OK, now back to your regularly-scheduled programming of "Oh my God, the X-Files movie is coming!" (Yes, I'm a bad fan because I haven't seen the first one yet and, heck, I'm still making my way through the episodes, but I am so going to the freaking theater for that one at some point. Probably scarily soon after it comes out.)

Oh, and speaking of, I now own every season but #2. Barnes and Noble, I love you and your buy-two-get-the-third-free month-long DVD sale. For the freaking win.

And hey, X-Philes on my flist? I'm trying to come up with the name of the ep that got me into the show. Mostly so I can finally see how it ended. See, I discovered it really late one night on TNT, and so I only watched the teaser, and then the VCR decided to fail at life and not tape the rest. All I can remember is that someone's kid (daughter, I think) got kidnapped or something. And I remember the room in the teaser was kind of weirdly dark, in a way I would recognize on sight but can't describe. The ep isn't "Obliette" or "Sein und Zeit". Ideas?


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