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May. 7th, 2010 11:49 pm
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Should really be going to sleep -- I woke up at 4:30 this morning to write my entire (admittedly 3-page) HCI essay -- but while I'm here, a quick post. (Yes, quick for real. Really.)

1. I ought to hear back from Medalie's secretary Valerie about my July 2nd date any day now. From there, it's just travel plans, possibly some more paperwork, and practicing how to pronounce his name (because I've been mispronouncing it in my head for years, argh). (And happily, Zera's big on photography, so she'll be the designated Trip Picture-Taker/Video-Camera-Wielder; I expect you'll have a record of anything interesting to look forward to either here or on YT, once July rolls around.)

2. I'm also in the middle of my Letter of Defection from the RCC (which I randomly found out about from here; hooray for undirected Internet browsing). I'm really irritated to hear it's necessary to do this at all (the idea that they count as members everyone who was ever baptized into the church is bullshit, frankly), but all the same I'm kind of excited that I get to. It's like doing course evaluations when you hated the teacher -- it'll be fun. *evil grin*

3. Supernatural 5x21, you guys! I was incoherent. And that preview! O_O You can find my thoughts over at Dime's recap post, if you're so inclined.

4. Finally got an appointment for that haircut I've needed for about three weeks, lol. Oh, phones, why must you be so intimidating?

5. Incredibly behind on WdM. Sigh. Someone pick me another (besides 4) number between 1 and 5? 4 was really helpful, benebu -- I got started! \o/ -- but unfortunately, that section is now already ~150 words. And nowhere near done. Meaning that this fic is going to be a hell of a lot longer than the 5 sections, 200 words/section that I'd intended. ...Unfortunately. Because we all know how I am with long stories. D: Wish me luck! (Anyone want a word war?)
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Backwards, vague spoilers for Numb3rs 6x16, 'Cause and Effect'. )

Huge spoilers for Medium, 6x16 'How to Beat a Bad Guy' and 6x17 'Allison Rolen Got Married'. )

WC sf ('Out of the Box') spoilers. )

Spoilers for Castle 2x16, 'The Mistress Always Spanks Twice'. )

Anyway, before Castle were the BN finale (hooray for Garret Dillahunt continuing his streak of making an awesome villain in everything I watch), and WC's "Front Man", which: we can has some hurt/comfort already, you guys? Please? Hello, there was 1x13 'Front Man' spoilers ). A+.

Oh, and there was Human Target on Wednesday, too, that I watched, that was as crazy-actiony-awesome as usual (and hey, there should be a BN crossover with that, that would work well. someone get on that!).

And that's it for the relatively recent TV. The Psych finale is conspicuously absent, I know; I'll be watching that rerun tomorrow.

In other news, college and RL stuff. ).

Roy Zimmerman )

Last but not least, I saw this hilarious WC vid to "Skullcrusher Mountain", and in so doing was introduced to Jonathan Coulton. Check him out, he's hilarious, and the songs on that page are free to stream in full. My faves are "Re: Your Brains", "Skullcrusher Mountain", "Code Monkey", and most of the others that I've listened to, but to list them all would rather defeat the purpose of favorites. ;) Enjoy.
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These two things are only in the same post because I am a lazy bum -- it's 11:30 and I should be going to sleep and it's quicker this way. Whatever.

Firstly, next week is my 1-year-on-T anniversary. Whoo for me. XD As I mentioned before, I didn't end up having to switch to shots, which I'm pretty excited about, 'cause yeah. Eek. My GP and I are pretty sure I don't have an allergy -- I think the irritation I was having was just from putting my binder on afterwards and getting confused/being an idiot. Which, hey, as long as I don't have to stab myself on a regular basis. I'm not out of the woods as far as maybe having been having a hystamine-type reaction, but we're just gonna keep an eye on it for now, and if you ask me, a) this itchiness doesn't seem localized, so I wouldn't think it'd be related, and b) itchiness >>> stabbing myself with needles, so I can't even really bring myself to care. *shrug*

I related news, I got a razor for Christmas (well, sort of: did you know they made razors not intended for use on your face? yeah. that was the kind I got for Christmas by accident; Mom exchanged it the other day), so I finally shaved today. Which was.... an experience. And pretty much a PITA -- annoying electric razor fail, or probably I'm just doing it wrong? -- but at least I didn't cut my face off and I'm no longer rocking the teenage-boy pseudo-mustache-thing. More or less. Lol. Hooray.

And speaking of "hooray". Shows coming back! :DDD

Cut for 'Resurrection' spoilers. )

Hooray, show. Hooray.

Now if WC would just come back already, I would be a happy fanboy. But I'll settle for Castle on Monday, I suppose.

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Real life )

TV )

NaNo )
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Well, shit. The hair dysphoria finally kicked in randomly just now. I was hoping I'd be able to get to Thanksgiving Break before then. D: Only a few more days... Changed my shirt, made it better. Awesome. Still need a freaking haircut, though.

In other news, Day 22 word count: 138. All within the last seven minutes of November 22nd. And not even with Write or Die. But it still mostly sucks. However, it does introduce Castiel into the Samverse, so I think that's a win. Will post when it doesn't suck. Which will be ASAP. I promise. I owe you, [livejournal.com profile] clex_monkie89. *nodnod*

IRL, I have so much homework today because I slacked the hell off yesterday like nobody's business. And now all I want to do is watch QL. So I figure I'll watch "A Single Drop of Rain" again, 'cause if I watch one I've already seen, then hopefully I'll be able to do homework at the same time. That's the plan, anyway; we'll see how it works out.

Oh, and I've been trying to do some more research for when I see Bryan again on the eighth. Besides all sorts of examples of T letters, I found a form to contact my doctor online; I figure I can ask if she'd prescribe and monitor my T, but I also figure she's not going to know anything about it, and they say not to include links, so idk; should I wait till I get home for Christmas, get an app't and bring her the SOC and Nick Gorton's book? That seems inefficient. But I guess at least then I'd know if I had the letter or not.... The other thing I'm wondering is if I could get Goddard's psychiatrist to write me the script. And apparently Goddard's got lab services that would probably monitor my levels while I'm here.... The Planned Parenthood rep who was at GLBTF that one time said something about their offering trans health care, but I don't have a car and don't even know exactly what they meant. *shrug* I'll get Bryan on the ball about the letter, I guess, and go from there. Keep your fingers crossed and I'll keep you updated.
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1. Mailed in my absentee ballot yesterday.
2. And got my hair cut.
3. And got a new ID, in which I look ten years old and strangely round, but don't have long hair, so it was so worth the $15.
4. Actually managed to finish most of the homework that was due today.
5. My intro post on [livejournal.com profile] yalitlovers. There be book recs and the pros and cons of Robert Cormier. :)
6. I just did laundry on Sunday, and I had to go do more laundry today because I forgot to wash my binder and my work clothes. Stupid me. And then I went and forgot to not put the binder in the dryer. *facepalm* At least it was the old one.
7. Working on SN futurefic for [livejournal.com profile] writing_game. With any luck, I'll have it done before the board closes.
8. Looking forward to GLBTF tomorrow. Hopefully Kali will be reminded to hook me up with that info she promised.
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ID woes. )

I fail at life.

On the upside, I spent my entire 50-minute Intro to Programming class working on one Logic problem, and I think I'm finally done (if I'm lucky, which I'm probably not), or at least 90% of the way there.

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God, I did nothing today. Thursday felt like a Friday, and Friday felt like a Saturday, so today was like my extra day in the weekend. I meant to get up and do homework this morning and it just Didn't Happen At All. I've been on the Internet ALL FREAKING DAY lol. Except for the couple hours I spent with Sam. (In public, so I couldn't come out to her. :( Will probably do it over Facebook later tonight.)

Srsly, though. [livejournal.com profile] spn_castiel is way too busy to be on my flist when I don't have anything better to do; I spent ages looking at icons (and boy, do I need to make room for a Castiel icon. I've got a Castiel background now!) and reading fic, and I finally manage to pull myself away and what do I go do? Finish reading Fall to Earth, this QL fic I started reading one day a fairly long while ago. I fail.

Oh, I did finally try on my new binder today. Man, I'd forgotten how much tighter these things are when they're new. (Hooray Indian burns! *eyeroll*) Thumbs up, though. And they haven't changed anything, after all; I just wasn't looking at the old one next to the new one.

Really, though, I fail for slacking so hard. Haven't even watched the "Born in the Wrong Body" doc online that I'd meant to get to. For the lose.

And my hair is getting long again. I swear, it's like Harry Potter's hair; you hack it off and it just *poof* grows back. Stupid hair.

ETA, 10/5 11:54am: Came out to Sam just now via Facebook note. Will let you know how that goes.
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Guess who's finally got an appointment to get his freaking hair cut? That's right: I do! Will post pictures.

In other news, I didn't like "Raped" (QL 4x06) as much as everyone else seems to. It just felt like "L&O:SVU, now with more Sam and Al!". The end was hilariously awesome, though. No one has deserved to get their ass kicked more (well, except for Hamilton in Angel).
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Going to sleep soon so I can wake up early and finish a lab report. But just to update you guys really quick:

Read more... )

OK, that's all. Night, folks.

ETA: Slate, ilu too: "Send us your dreams about Sarah Palin". I lulzed. Also, Sarah Palin FAQ for anyone who might be interested.

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Finished all my homework, amazingly. Thank you, Logic, for being fun and easy. :D (And thankfully, I was done with the CS project already, so I could finish the hard Logic question in that class instead. And then read fic. Lots of shiny, pre-series QL fic.)

But seriously, God, I hate Tuesdays. Much much much too long. I need a massage or some shit; being out doing stuff from 8:30 to 6:30 is just not even right. (Breakfast was a donut and lunch was a Snickers, lmao.)

Also, coworker? How hard is it to use male pronouns? God's sake. D: *needs a haircut so bad it's not even funny anymore* (At least I haven't been hassled in the restroom yet. Something to be grateful for.)

Oh, and I saw one of my favorite professors today when I was working (the guy I had for CS for Non-Majors in freshman year). I wanted to say "hi" really bad, but I figured he wouldn't recognize me. (Ah, the joys of being trans: being recognized and not being recognized are equally crappy options.) :(

*sigh* I'm going to go watch some QL now. I need it. And maybe finish the rest of that fic. (ETA 2, 10:30pm: Oh, wow, "Another Mother". I... I have been felled by the adorable cuteness that is Al and Teresa. *dies and is dead*)

ETA: Just remembered something else. I think I had, like, a heart attack or something at work today. I'm trying to make sandwiches and all of a sudden there's this shooting pain up by my heart. Didn't feel binder-related, so beats me what it was, but it scared me half to death. Not to mention it hurt like whoa. :(

P.S.: That memo I missed from work? Apparently they'd put a sign up saying that we were going to come in at 1:00 instead of noon on Sunday. No one was too miffed about my screwing up, though; they just missed me. Apparently, they've had folks just not show up one day and then they never see them again. (Even had one go to the bathroom and never come back. Lol wtf.) Anyway, yeah, so it's fine. Yay.

P.P.S.: Will vlog again when my stupid hair is short again.

ETA: P.P.P.S.: Maybe I should put up a sign, too. "Coworkers and superiors: Male pronouns, please. That would be he/him/his. Thank you, Justin." >_<
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I owned over at [livejournal.com profile] writing_game. For serious. 69 points. It was pretty amazing. I'll be sure and crosspost all those (23) drabbles here, at FFN, and probably over at [livejournal.com profile] quantumleap100  when I get a chance. This next game is looking awesome, too; the "danger man" table is absolutely perfect, plus I've already written a "dialogue-only" drabble for Z that I think is arguably the best thing I've written in the fandom (and possibly ever) to date. S'gonna be sweet.

Oh, and have a funny story. I was walking home from work today, and all of a sudden I hear all this boom, boom, loud strings and horns, powerful, excited music. Just coming from everywhere. And my first thought was that someone had decided to spice up life by adding background music, lol. (Turned out it was the "There's only ONE OKLAHOMA" music coming from the stadium. But it would totally make awesome background music. It just screams, "I rock, and I could save the world if I wanted to!" :D)

P.S.: On Wednesday, every club in the world met. I went to AIAA (the highlight was the video from last year where OU'd had the honor of having the only plane to ever catch fire at competition) and GLBTF (they finally showed us where the office was! and the library has Kate Bornstein! *dance*).

P.P.S.: My friend Sam and I are going to get together tomorrow, I think. Yay for that.

P.P.P.S.: I still need a haircut. D:
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Updates. )
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My hair had been starting to grow out again, so I went to get it trimmed the other day. And it was kind of amusing, so I thought I'd share.

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So, as it's been a week, I have a few things to talk about. In no particular order:

And that should about do it. Until my next bout of free time, then. (Or until the Heroes premiere. One or the other.)
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So, I'm supposed to be doing Thermodynamics, but I thought I'd post on LJ instead.

Lots of stuff's been happening lately. I went home for Labor Day weekend, and that was nice. We had a party-type thing at our house with a bunch of relatives and their SOs and my cousin's insanely hyper puppy. It was fun.

And I got to go back to my church again, since I was home and all. That was cool. Even brought a friend; figured at least we'd get to see each other that way. :) It, also, was fun. And one of the leader-people there promised to get ahold of the hard copy for the "Harry Potter and the UU Principles" sermon they're having in a couple weeks, if there is one, and save it for me, since I have to miss it. So I'm happy about that, because, come on: A Harry Potter sermon? That's a can't-miss if I've ever heard one.

Anyway, I should get to the homework. Until next time!


Aug. 30th, 2007 04:01 pm
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I don't really have anything in particular to say, but I thought I should update anyway in an attempt to keep this current. I'm sure I can come up with something...

...And I'll do my best not to make that "something" television. Because, yes, I know no one cares. (That doesn't stop 4400 from being Completely Amazing, but I'll try not to ramble on about it.)

What I will ramble on about is the annoyance of trying to put an email together for Health Services that asks what I want to ask, makes sense, and doesn't make me sound moronic or assholish.

Possibly, asking on here will help me put into words what it is that I want to ask them, so I'll try that, I guess.

The goal is to find out whether they have anyone there I could get counseling with who might "get it". We're not just talking "working knowledge of TSs and the SOC", here, either, ideally. I'm afraid someone along those lines (while still better than your average bear, I would suspect) might not understand the whole "not a girl, but not really a guy, either" thing, and might try to push me into something just because they themselves are mentally stuck in the gender binary or whatever. I might go the whole way one day, to be sure, but I don't want anyone convincing me to do anything because they think there's no other way; what I need is someone who'll help me come to a decision about what I actually want for myself and my life.

Failing finding this at college, however, there is a therapist in OKC (ETA: who it seems I'd mentioned before; I'd forgotten) whose website (http://www.doctorgassaway.com/) specifically mentions, among other things, his understanding that gender identity issues do include what he words "feeling like both genders in a mix". Two things keep me from going directly to Dr. Gassaway, though. 1) Transportation; he's in OKC, I'm in Norman, and I don't have a car, and 2) Finances; while it's true I'm saving good money on school due to my scholarship, it's also almost certainly true that getting counseling from someone associated with the school itself would be far cheaper than not, so I feel I at least have to try.

But how do I ask? I sure don't know. *shrug* Ideas would be welcome.

Also, the other thing that's been bugging me lately (besides my hair; God, I want it cut again so bad!) is my lack of a new name. I've HATED my birth name for basically forever, but have never been able to come up with something I like better that I feel fits me. (There was even one time a bunch of my friends and acquaintances and I were talking about names and coming up with names for each other that fit each of us better than our actual name. No one could come up with one for me. I was disappointed, because I would have gladly taken on a nickname if one had been found. I've since thought, once I came out to myself as FTM-vector genderqueer or whatever you want to call it, that it might have been because they were only considering female names, but opening up the entire gender spectrum has not appeared to have hepled my search.)

So, one of these days, I will take some pictures and stick them up on [personal profile] namechange and see what the folks there have to say. I figure I'm probably just too close to it all at this point. But I lack a digital camera currently, so it might be a while unless I use some pics other people took that they tagged me in on Facebook. I dunno.

It still bugs me, though, that I have to keep using this name I can't stand. And it might be easier to pick a new one if my last name wasn't... ridiculous. The thing is long, and completely impossible to pronounce. So, of course, it's hard to find a first name that sounds right (or even just "not bizarre") with it. I'd change it, but all told I don't really mind it (it can be fun, when it's not a hassle), plus I love my family to death and it would probably hurt all of us if I did.

So, who knows. As for the first names I've thought about, I really like "Cameron", but add three more syllables for the surname and things start getting a little unwieldy, so I suppose not. And I keep coming back to "Lucas", for some reason; it's probably just that I can't quite let go of my birth name (which also starts with an L) however much I'd really like to, so I'm not sure how good of an idea that one is. *shrug*

But all this basically dictates that I'm stuck how everyone sees me and refers to me, for now. And the haircut situation is not much better. For those who don't know me, I've had hair at least halfway down my back for as long as I or anyone else can remember. (The sole reason for this was "well, I've been growing it this long, so let's see how long I can get it".) After all the gender stuff started hitting me, I realized how sick of it I actually was. I got it cut to my shoulders and sent ten-and-a-half inches to Locks of Love.

The stylist was worried I'd freak at how much shorter it suddenly was, but, frankly, that was one of the best decisions I've made in recent memory. And right after the haircut, I was thrilled. It was so much shorter, and it was great. But when the lady cut it, she tried to make it have some sort of inherent style (since I'd told her I hate to style it or anything; I'm a wash-and-wear sort of person) and it looks painfully girly. This, of course, pisses me off, as I now look in the mirror and see "guy trying to pass as a girl and it's not working" even more than I used to. (And that particular self-image, in fact, was one of my huge clues that something wasn't right with me, gender-wise. My goal now is to try and fix how people see me so it matches how I see myself.)

Anyway, I'd love to get a more masculine/androgynous haircut (those shag cuts? I'm so jealous!), but not only do I have the biggest ears the world has ever seen (so my mom's a little apprehensive about getting my hair short enough that it no longer hides them, and I can't say I blame her), but also, I live in the South, y'know? Where am I going to find someone who cuts hair in Oklahoma / North Texas who I'm not going to weird out?

And now that I've rambled and ranted for an hour and a half, I suppose I've found enough stuff to write about. ;)

So, until next time, then.
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Thought, since it's my first day of sophomore year and all, that I'd post another entry and catch up anybody who might be reading this.

First thing, re: my last entry. The concert was a lot of fun. It was pretty boring for the first five hours or so, till Flyleaf and Evanescence. (I spent most of that time talking off and on to Josh and watching these adorable lesbians who were three rows in front of me.) I knew exactly two Flyleaf songs and most of the Evanescence ones, so that was cool. (ETA: Less cool when the femme half of the aforementioned lesbian couple decided to stand on a chair directly in my line of vision for half of Evanescence's act, but whatever.) Korn took forever to come on, and once they'd played the one song I know by them ("Coming Undone"), I kind of started wanting it to be over. But it wasn't for, oh, another six songs or so. Then it was crazy getting out of the place and out of the parking lot and so late by the time he got me home. Then I had to wake up early the next day and pack. (But I got all the packing done and we only left about ten or fifteen minutes late.)

So Saturday we got here and got moved in and it was all sunny, then we went out for lunch to Carino's and when we left there it was pouring. Crazy Oklahoma weather. Hasn't been keeping that up, though, thankfully.

Saturday I chilled, mostly, and Sunday I got the rest of my books and chilled some more. My roommate got in about 7:45, and we got introduced and such things, and then it was 7:55 but I felt like I had to ask her if she needed help moving in, just to be nice and social and whatnot. She said just with the mirror (what she brought a mirror for in the first place is beyond me, as we already have a perfectly good one; must be some girl thing about full length mirrors that I can't grasp), so I went down and helped her with that and only ended up missing the first minute or so of 4400, which, well, could have been worse, so I was happy. And MAN was that episode good or what?? I hope they don't have to kill Tom like they killed Matthew to rid him / the world of the person from the future in him. I can't see them having to, since they've made Tom such a likeable and important character from the very beginning, but...still.

Dead Zone ruled too, as always, then I went to the mandatory floor meeting (the roomie didn't) and it was pretty fun. We went over rules and stuff, with the RA offering hilarious anecdotes of rule-breakers when she had them, which was most times. ("I saw someone smuggle in a dog once; their bag moved in the elevator...", "Once, somebody had a ferret they kept under their sink...", "And one time, someone had a duck. They kept it in their bathtub.", "Oh, and the cameras in the trash room turn and follow you now, so don't, like, light a phone book on fire and throw it down the chute because they'll know. Yes, someone did that once, too." and so on. Quite amusing.) And there were brownies at the meeting and I also made friends with this Astrophysics major named Mary, which was cool, because she's in Physics III this semester and I'm only in two, so she can/will help me with my homework. Which I'm going to need, because as I think I've mentioned, I have last year's terrible professor again. If you can teach yourself, the man's awesome. He's hilarious, interesting, keeps your attention, etc. I suppose it's better than nothing. But I can't teach myself, and sadly, he can't teach me either. So we'll see how that goes. At least his class is curved steeply. Who knows what's gonna happen if I try to make it as an engineer in the real world, but for now, I'm cool with just passing the class again. And Mary told me the teacher I'd been suppposed to have is actually worse than the one I do, so I guess it worked out after all.

Wow, that was a ginormous block of text. Sorry about that.

Anyway, so the first class I had today was Physics, with the aforementioned awful prof. It was the same as last semester, more or less, except for a couple things. One, he said he's going to try and not use as many PowerPoints, but rather the chalkboard instead. Which is bad. Especially since lots of people can't read his handwriting. Me, it's more of a problem following his thoughts when they're not laid out on the slide for you, but I can never really follow him anyway, so I guess it's okay.

Two, it's E&M, and is basically vectors, vectors, and more vectors. So hopefully, it'll be easier. He seems to think so, anyway. And Erin (pretty much a physics genius) is in the class with me, so she'll maybe be able to help, along with Mary. We'll see.

Next was Calculus III. I dropped from Honors into Regulars this semester, and have pretty much never been so glad I did something in my life. Yes, already. I loved my old Honors Calc prof to death, great guy, but again, if you didn't get something... it was pretty fast-paced, so you were kind of screwed unless the homework helped. His class was curved hugely as well, so when I made a C last semester (got owned by a couple homeworks and a test, and it kind of showed), I knew it was over for me. The part of Calc I'd had in HS had passed, and I needed Regulars to be able to follow it. 

I was worried that, with the Reg classes not being curved as steeply, if at all, I'd miss something and it would fail me, but it's looking like I'm gonna be okay. I mean, we went over sequences today and limits of sequences, and the prof went into the technical definition of a limit only so we'd know it existed -- we don't have to use it. (Of couse, I knew it existed; I'd been forced to memorize and try to understand it both previous semesters in Honors.) Somehow, he made it make sense. Took out one of the Greek letters, explained the other one as "Epsilon is the Error, that's how I remember it", and it suddenly became clear. Astonishing. Now, if he keeps this up and I can just keep up with the homework, it won't matter that he doesn't curve at all. *shivers* Still, it would be nice.

Finally, Statics. I had no clue how to get to the building, so I took a Howdy Week golf-cart kind of mostly meant for freshmen, but whatever, I look like a freshman anyway, so no one really cared. And, if you can believe it, even the guy driving the golf-cart wasn't sure how to get there. But we used my map and found it and now I think I'll be okay, since Alicia helped me find my way back. Because she's in that class too (I know her from CS for Non-Majors first semester; she's AeroE like me), and that's pretty awesome that I have a homework buddy. Gonna have to race to a left-handed desk in class though, since there's another lefty, but it's okay. As for the class, we didn't do a whole lot, so I don't really know what it'll be like, but the bridge-building project doesn't sound too bad.

Hmm, what else....

I haven't seen Sam or Becky yet. They're my two main friends from here, besides Tracy, the dragon Otherkin. Whom I haven't seen either, actually. God. I need to get out more.

Speaking of getting out more, I'm gonna try and go to the GLBTF (Gay/Lesbian/Bi/Trans/Friends) meeting, if I can figure out where/when it is. My gay friend Eric thinks it's Thursdays, but who knows? Idk what it'll really be like, but I'm really, really interested in finding out.

And speaking of that, I really will email Goddard (the Health Center) one of these days, to see what they can tell me about therapy there and whether there's anyone there who's experienced in gender dysphoria. Because it would be kind of useless otherwise. Failing that, I'll have to look more into that guy in OKC. According to his website, he even seems to be aware that gender identity doesn't have to be one or the other, which is great. Expensive, but I need someone like that, so hopefully Goddard can provide.

And my mom seems to want me to tell my sister. Says she thinks she [my sister] will be mad when she finds out I/we have been keeping something like this from her. But as I told Mom, not only do I not want to tell her and then be wrong or something, but also, I don't think she'll be terribly surprised. I mean, this is my sister we're talking about. She's told me that I wouldn't like a certain thing of hers because "you're not a real girl" and also that "you're not a girl, so you wouldn't know, but...". Both of which, naturally, made my day. Apparently I come off a little butch? :) But yeah. I think she'd roll with it, mostly, really I do. What I wouldn't give, though, for a reaction like Lonelyrabrat got from his little sister. Here's the poem she wrote, which he posted on some LJ comm for us (can't recall which):

So, yeah, totally awesome. Gotta love people like that. Hold on to them tight, because they're so, so wonderful.

Just like my parents, who when they left OU, gave me a goodie bag that ended up containing oodles of candy and a book called "God Thinks You're Wonderful" with a note in it. ...Might as well post that, too, I suppose.

Please remember that we love you -- no matter what.

Just as God is -- we are always here for you.

You are never alone.

We wish only the best for you and want you to be happy.

You are always in our thoughts and of course, our prayers.

We love you!

Mom & Dad

So yeah. I love them to death, and I'm so, so grateful.

I know the minute I post this I'm going to remember something I forgot to write, but for now, this is good.

Till later, then.

P.S.: One of these days, I might post the diary entries I've been keeping lately throughout all this gender crap. I don't know. I'm still really worried about what's going to happen with my RL friends who've Friended me, as none of them have mentioned this yet but I know they'll see it all eventually. Ah, I don't know. We'll see how I feel the next time I'm in an LJ-posting mood.

ETA: Yeah, I remembered something else. My hair has been bugging the shit out of me. Like, really seriously hardcore kinds of driving me crazy. When it was longer, it could just kind of sit behind me and be forgotten about, but now, it's always in my face and my eyes and my mouth and driving me nuts! I want it shorter so bad. Gah. One of these days, maybe. Hopefully.

[Further edited to remove my birth name from my parents' letter. *facepalm*] 

[And edited even more to remove unconscionably identifiable info (professors' last names, roommate's recognizable first name, etc). I promise this is the last edit.]


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