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1. Posted that Moonlight fic I talked about a while back, "War Stories". I'm pretty happy with it.

6. Screw you, ovaries. Didn't you get the memo? GTFO.
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Another linebyline prompt ("transient beauty") bunny bit me. So have a McBeth drabble. (On the comm it's titled the same as the prompt, because of the rules of the comm, but I'm big on one-word titles, and I like this better, so I'm changing it for archival elsewhere (i.e. here and as a chapter of Twilight of the Dawn).

[ETA: Heh, 11:21. Yeah, I am such a geek.]
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Notes: The first version of this, "Dialogue", was 88% dialogue and 12% speech tags. Drabbles are supposed to be introspection, though -- and that story was basically Mick thinking out loud, anyway -- so I took the ideas that had been the basis of "Dialogue" and turned them into this, which I think came out marginally better. And I finally got the end rewritten not five minutes ago, so now hopefully it's improved from there.

Different )
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Title: Selfish
Fandom: Moonlight
Word Count: 100
Rating: T

[profile] un_love_you #08 – I'm cruel.
Table: http://lonetread.livejournal.com/14758.html#cutid1
A/N: Spoiler-free for the post-strike eps; set during LLF. Also, I didn't check the quotes on the this one; sorry if I paraphrased.


Selfish )

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1. I started this back in April and finally finished it last week. Hence, it's not set anywhere specific in the current timeline. I'm going with "AU to Sonata". *shrug*

2. Pre-smut. Which is as close as I'm ever going to get to it, for the record; even this squicked me a little and I don't really like it all that much. Hopefully you all do.

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Adopted )

Rewritten, 50 words longer and with the plot it was originally intended to have:

Sorry )
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For the record: if/when the long version of this story ever gets off the ground, this scene will be fleshed out and include more interesting things than all this dialogue, like lots of violence (the boys start it, of course).

But for now...

Standoff )
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Posting these in one entry because they're companion pieces intended to be read together.

Human )


Vampire )
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Cheese warning! I can't stress this enough. I mean, really. *gag* (Oh, and spoilers for the finale, "Sonata"!)

Present )
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The first version of this ("Friends and Enemies") was my least favorite of all of my un_love_you drabbles. I finally officially deleted it (as of 6/3/08). Here's the new response to that prompt, written 5/28/08:


It's still not really any good, but at least now it's not horrible. :)
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This is for un_love_you prompt #5. I was going to make it 26 and save 5 for a turning fic, but I really only need one of those (#9, of course), so I reworked the numbers, and here's #5, "Playing Games". (Spoilers for LLF.)

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Only have time to post one, but that's probably for the best, anyway.

Inhuman )
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Title: Breaking Point
Fandom: Moonlight
Word Count: 100
Rating: K+

[profile] un_love_you #10 – I'm broken.
[This wasn't really what I was expecting from this prompt (that is, angsty Fever!McBeth), but hey, at least I wrote something, right?]


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Wrote this last night, but just finished finding a clip on YT and editing the story for quotes and misordered actions. Here's the final product. Progress: 12/30 on the table, 11/31 on Writo de Mayo.

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