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One week out from surgery. Got home from Cleveland yesterday. Too tired at the moment to tell that whole long travel story (hint: it did not go as well as the trip there), so I'll settle for two things: Cut for possible TMI/squick. )

OK, that's all. You get the crazy story tomorrow. It'll be worth the wait, trust me.

ETA: Also, sore sore sore. So not sleeping well tonight. ):

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Hey, guys! I'm kind of unfocused at the moment, but I'll try and make this detailed now so I don't forget everything later. Short version: Five hours out from surgery, surprised myself and the doctors with how well I'm doing. No nausea, barely any pain, nothing.

Really long version under the cut. )

Tl;dr: Things are good. Chest aches, but what can ya expect. We'll see how attempting-to-sleep goes, but staying awake is working out well.

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Spoilers for Happy Town 1x4, 'Sleight of Hand'. )

On surgery. Cut for length; TMI-free. )

My plans for tomorrow include depositing my checks (a tax refund and the stipend from my summer class-thing), acquiring a certified check and getting that in the mail to MetroHealth, and possibly going shopping for the various things I'll probably want a month from now (and work shoes, while I'm at it). And probably reading more of God Delusion, because I'm most of the way through Chapter 2 at the moment, and it just keeps getting better. I got thrown off by his quoting that Photoshopped sign as though it was real (anyone know if he's been informed otherwise since publication?), but apart from that, two thumbs up so far. (And this is a pdf I found online for free -- if there's interest, I'll stick it up on 4shared. ETA: Uploaded here.)

For now, though, I think it's time to call it a night.
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1. Mailed in my absentee ballot yesterday.
2. And got my hair cut.
3. And got a new ID, in which I look ten years old and strangely round, but don't have long hair, so it was so worth the $15.
4. Actually managed to finish most of the homework that was due today.
5. My intro post on [livejournal.com profile] yalitlovers. There be book recs and the pros and cons of Robert Cormier. :)
6. I just did laundry on Sunday, and I had to go do more laundry today because I forgot to wash my binder and my work clothes. Stupid me. And then I went and forgot to not put the binder in the dryer. *facepalm* At least it was the old one.
7. Working on SN futurefic for [livejournal.com profile] writing_game. With any luck, I'll have it done before the board closes.
8. Looking forward to GLBTF tomorrow. Hopefully Kali will be reminded to hook me up with that info she promised.
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"Because our team won, we celebrated by drinking till three in the morning -- I'm kidding, Mom, I'm kidding!"

The roomie's working on a Spanish assignment -- one of those "what you did this coming weekend" thing. She's on the phone with her mom getting help with the Spanish, and that just happened (after what was basically "I'm trying to think of what I'd do if I weren't totally boring"). I lol'd.

In other news... )

6. And have some links:
Antimetaboles people submitted to Slate's contest: http://www.slate.com/id/2200047/
Experiment looks at gender gap in wages by studying trans people: http://www.time.com/time/nation/article/0,8599,1847194,00.html
The sentences of Sarah Palin, diagrammed: http://www.slate.com/id/2201158/
Yet another Misha Collins interview, now with more homoerotic undertones: http://www.popgurls.com/article_show.php3?id=684
Finally, a hysterical SN oneshot in which Dean is turned into a blow-up doll: http://seerargent.livejournal.com/79901.html

And another Misha interview: http://www.scifichicks.com/2008/10/07/a-whole-lot-of-smiting-going-on/

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God, I did nothing today. Thursday felt like a Friday, and Friday felt like a Saturday, so today was like my extra day in the weekend. I meant to get up and do homework this morning and it just Didn't Happen At All. I've been on the Internet ALL FREAKING DAY lol. Except for the couple hours I spent with Sam. (In public, so I couldn't come out to her. :( Will probably do it over Facebook later tonight.)

Srsly, though. [livejournal.com profile] spn_castiel is way too busy to be on my flist when I don't have anything better to do; I spent ages looking at icons (and boy, do I need to make room for a Castiel icon. I've got a Castiel background now!) and reading fic, and I finally manage to pull myself away and what do I go do? Finish reading Fall to Earth, this QL fic I started reading one day a fairly long while ago. I fail.

Oh, I did finally try on my new binder today. Man, I'd forgotten how much tighter these things are when they're new. (Hooray Indian burns! *eyeroll*) Thumbs up, though. And they haven't changed anything, after all; I just wasn't looking at the old one next to the new one.

Really, though, I fail for slacking so hard. Haven't even watched the "Born in the Wrong Body" doc online that I'd meant to get to. For the lose.

And my hair is getting long again. I swear, it's like Harry Potter's hair; you hack it off and it just *poof* grows back. Stupid hair.

ETA, 10/5 11:54am: Came out to Sam just now via Facebook note. Will let you know how that goes.
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1. I'm already over halfway done with the PMath due tomorrow. Gonna finish it once I drag myself away from the computer. :)

2. The suitemate's watching... I think Sneakers? Anyone recognize "It's just you, me, and the FCC"? LiveSearch fails, and I'm curious.

3. The new binder came. It looks like they changed the material. Whatever, it's bound to work better than my old one.

4. I passed with two separate people today at the caf. I usually have a hard time passing there for whatever reason, so that was nice. (ETA: And I wasn't even binding. I love my button-down shirts.)

5. I watched "Blood Moon", QL 5x15, last night. So predictable. And it was worse than The Boogiem*n with the cheese; I lol'd HARD. Plus, Bathory was a woman. Fail, fact checkers. *eyeroll* I'd say that was one of the worst ones I've seen yet. But they're allowed a clunker every once in a while, right? Right.

6. Went to 1323 today. He gave us the majority of the code for the project tomorrow, so it wasn't a total waste. Still don't know when the midterm is, though. I guess I just have to pray that a) I haven't already missed it, and b) he announces it on the website. *shrug* They got through methods today. Soon enough, interesting things will happen. Which will mean I'll have to go again, but at least I won't be worried about missing tests anymore.
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1. I wiped the floor with my Logic midterm. If I'm unlucky, I got an A. If I'm lucky, I aced it. Goddamn, I love this class. I wonder if there's more you can take/do after this one. (Legal name on the test, though; really?! Argh. Decidedly not cool. I'm betting that explains the Facebook message, though.)

2. My old professor who keeps coming to Quizno's? I finally spoke to him.

Read more... )


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4. Ordered a new binder.

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5. Remember that story about the guy in my lab group?  

Read more... )
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1-8. Coming out, church, and and boring day-to-day stuff. )

I'm sure I'll come up with something else in a minute, but for now, that's it.

ETA: Alicia got back to me; it's fine -- she's proud of me, even. Hopefully she'll stop starting all her sentences with "girl" soon. :-/
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Just a quick list of happenings and whatnot as I think of things, since it's been so long since I've posted here:

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OK, guys, if I don't get a chance to update tomorrow (physics due tomorrow night, and NaNo and all), here's a pre-November entry for you.

And happy Halloween / Samhain / All Souls, everybody.
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First off, a friend of mine ([profile] zerawolfe7) was very helpful in working out issues in my NaNo plot, and I think I've got it mostly figured out now -- as much as I want to have figured out in advance, anyway.

And in other news, I recently contacted Kellogg's about their Frosted Mini-Wheats (upon discovering that they contain gelatin, which I don't eat because I'm a vegetarian and gelatin is made out of cow spine) to suggest that they take the gelatin out. Having used online contact forms before (for ABC, after Night Stalker got canned, and for CBS, after Jericho, etc), I was expecting a form letter in return. Instead, I got 1) an apology for the gelatin, 2) thanks for contacting them, 3) the sugggestion to try the organic frosted kind, which is gelatin-free, and 4) a coupon. The only kind I'd previously known was gelatin-free was the Unfrosted kind, so to find out about this other kind made my day. Sadly, something went wrong with the coupon printing, so I don't actually have a coupon, but they tried. I am very pleased with their customer service, gelatin or no.

Finally, in other, other news: God, I can NOT get that binder on. I tried again earlier, and by the time I gave up I had such a bad Indian-burn on my neck and arms that it looked like a sunburn. 9_9 (Admittedly, I'm freakishly white and turn red at the slightest provocation.) I can't imagine that I got the wrong size, but I'm starting to wonder. Suggestions?
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I got boxes today! Two in one day! Almost made up for the horrible, horrible experience that was today's Calc test. *eyeroll*

One was a "care package" Mom sent from home, with a camera and Parrotfish and candy in it. (The goal is to finish the book before November comes and NaNo takes over my life.)

The second one was my tri-top! Since I have a camera now, I'll be sure and take pictures for you guys... once I figure out how to get it on. >_<

In other news, my helix necklace ought to be here inside of a week.



Oct. 20th, 2007 06:40 pm
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I've officially ordered a binder! W00t! (I went with the tri-top, if you're curious.)

...And that was pretty much the only productive thing I've done today. *eyeroll*

Anyway, rest assured you'll be hearing about it when it comes because I will be EXCITED.


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Because I can't seem to stop finding things to share. Seriously, things just KEEP HAPPENING.

And today I made them happen, for once, which was exciting.

Annnd..... I think that's pretty much it. Next time, I'll try to save everything for one post and spare your f-lists, I promise.

(ETA: 85 on the Thermo test! Wasn't really expecting anything in particular, so I suppose it's good enough!)
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And in other news... Shawn, if you happen to be reading this: congrats on the T, man! :)
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So, as it's been a week, I have a few things to talk about. In no particular order:

And that should about do it. Until my next bout of free time, then. (Or until the Heroes premiere. One or the other.)


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