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There's longer posts I've been meaning to make, but instead, I'll make this short one.

Small things (school, Fair loot, Day Break). )
  • Biggest news: I have to go to court after all. My buddy Mr. Guy must have been mistaken. ): Shirl, the woman from the court who told me so, first gave me the option of 9/1. A Wednesday. I'm thinking "holy heck, if they make me go down on a Wednesday again...". And then she suggests 9/3 (Friday, two weeks from today). So alright then, Shirl. The third it is. At least it's not a Wednesday. I may even be able to find someone besides my parents to get me back down there, seeing as that's Labor Day weekend. Here's hoping.
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    Last Monday, I went to Dallas and filed my sex change petition. Long story is long. )

    Tl;dr: Got my sex change petition filed. And I don't even have to go to court! \o/
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    Worked out the issues in my newest QL/SN fic (for this prompt from [livejournal.com profile] comment_fic) and I'm almost done. Or at least, I will be once I start typing up the rest of what I've written. *eyeroll* It's been a lot of fun, though, really. :D

    Thinking of writing WC for [livejournal.com profile] writing_game this board (after the above fic, of course), and just getting back into the swing of things over there. I don't know, though, I'm not sure the prompts are sparking a whole lot; we'll see, I guess. (And I'm kinda disappointed about the new PC rule -- half the fun was taking those out of the obviously-intended context and using them some completely different way!)

    Finally, [livejournal.com profile] multi_ficathon is coming back from hiatus! You should all join and help it come back to life properly. Because it's fun.

    ETA: Oh crap. Just discovered a massive, epic, gigantic plot hole in my fic. ASDF;KLJH THIS STORY IS DRIVING ME INSANE. /o\

    ETA 2: I think I solved my plot hole. By leaving it and ascribing it to a miracle/"God did it". Hey, this is the one story I can get away with that shit. And I'm almost done, so any way I can avoid completely changing the story to fix it, I'm all over that. :) Still kind of disappointed about it, but what can ya do.
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    BN, RP, TZ )

    Speaking of TV, Is FlashForward Heading to Starz? I certainly hope so. You can always find it online, after all, someone just has to make more first.

    And I'd like to take this moment to pimp the Neal Caffrey Is In Your 'Verse Making It Awesome fest (with which I am unaffiliated, but it's fabulous). You can also have this hilarious clip of Matt Bomer on Leno.
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    Short version: All my shows are awesome and fun. I had to strategize to get all my Tuesday shows in yesterday (watched Degrassi in WC and WH13's timeslot, then Covert Affairs, then the WH13 rerun, then the WC rerun), but it was well worth it.

    Long version under the cut. )

    Shows, I love you. Keep up the good work.

    Part 2 of this post, to include BN, RP, and TZ, coming Friday.
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    Quick things:

    RL )

    3. Anyone see the supposed trans character on Degrassi tonight? I, uh, must have watched the wrong Degrassi or something. Idek. Halp? ETA: This explains my problem -- TeenNick decided to air the last of s9 first, so they're behind Canada for a few days. Meaning I didn't watch the wrong thing and Adam is coming, I just have to be patient.

    4. I'm working on a SN/QL crossover for comment_fic. I'm partway in and I need your help! Question: What do you suppose God would like to say to Sam Beckett? I mean, obviously Sam has questions -- how should I answer them? (Pre-QL-finale, fwiw. But I could be persuaded otherwise by a particularly good suggestion or two.) Seriously, even if you don't know QL at all, you can just suggest God-type conversation topics, they might help. *hopeful*

    5. ...Uh, I just wanted a #5. Here, have the WC s1 gag reel.
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    In list form for the purpose of conciseness, because boy was it a long day.

    Our insane trip from CLE to ORD to DFW, 7/8/10. )

    And to think the only bad thing that happened on the way there was no one on our flight's being able to find the right baggage carousel.

    ETA: First | Next
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    Still sick (Mom thinks I have strep, arghh), but dude, my shows. YOU GUYS. <3

    1. White Collar. Spoilers for 2x1. ) (ETA: I just found out they called this episode "Withdrawal". Fantastic double-meaning title is fantastic.)

    2. Covert Affairs. Spoilers for the series premiere. )

    Tl;dr: Well done, USA. Now keep it up for Psych, BN, and RP and you will have one happy fan on your hands.
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    1. NCT )
    2-5. Various other fics )

    Anybody got requests? What should I be writing? What would you like to see?

    P.S.: In RL-news, I have the sore throat from hell, and the return-trip-from-Cleveland post is coming within the next two days, I promise. Also, passport stuff. )
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    One week out from surgery. Got home from Cleveland yesterday. Too tired at the moment to tell that whole long travel story (hint: it did not go as well as the trip there), so I'll settle for two things: Cut for possible TMI/squick. )

    OK, that's all. You get the crazy story tomorrow. It'll be worth the wait, trust me.

    ETA: Also, sore sore sore. So not sleeping well tonight. ):

    ETA 2: First | Next
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    Drains are out, foam is off, and I'm finally clean again. Hooray. Long story under the cut, as usual.

    Snip snip. )

    ETA: First | Next
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    Saw some fireworks out the window last night. That was fun.

    Surgery update. Cut for length. )

    ETA: First | Next
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    ABC burned off the last of the Forgotten eps last night. I was surprised, really, that it turned out they'd decided to air the finale with the rest of the season and these other two now. I'd said before they started that that would be something a nice person would do, and these are TV execs, not nice people. :P No real spoilers; cut for length. )

    Seriously, this isn't normally the sort of show I'd get on DVD, but I hope they come out with it, because I want it pretty bad. <3 Show, I'll miss you.
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    Still doing pretty good. Tl;dr. )

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    Hey, guys! I'm kind of unfocused at the moment, but I'll try and make this detailed now so I don't forget everything later. Short version: Five hours out from surgery, surprised myself and the doctors with how well I'm doing. No nausea, barely any pain, nothing.

    Really long version under the cut. )

    Tl;dr: Things are good. Chest aches, but what can ya expect. We'll see how attempting-to-sleep goes, but staying awake is working out well.

    ETA: Next


    Jun. 25th, 2010 04:39 pm
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    An update to this post:

    Got loads of help from ftm with the court-order thing -- including contact info for someone who actually knows what they're talking about, and a sample petition (why didn't I think of FTM_DFW to begin with? silly me). I'll probably wait to ask about the passport problem until after surgery, since I don't have any need for a passport in the forseeable future, anyway.

    And as far as the DART situation: DART board approves trans protections. \o/

    In other news, surgery in less than a week! And I downloaded BitTorrent again and got hooked up with more TV, so between that, Hulu, and MegaVideo I should be set for ages. :D (And thankfully BN and RP air on Thursday nights so I won't be totally stoned while watching next week's -- I'm so excited for those! Yesterday's were awesome: spoilers. ) Shows, you are too good to me.)

    Also looking forward to another TZ I haven't seen ("The Mind and the Matter") at 4:30am tomorrow. And then a party. Should be fun.

    The Event

    Jun. 24th, 2010 07:27 pm
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    Embedded preview under the cut. )

    I need this show to be on the air. Now please, NBC. *flails*

    Although the fact that BuddyTV called it "the new Lost" kind of makes me cry a little inside. We all know what happened to the last show they called that. D:


    Jun. 23rd, 2010 01:35 pm
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    By the way, folks. Cleveland? Not in the same timezone as Dallas.

    Just so you know. XD

    (Translation: I missed my phone consult by an hour. Oops.)
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    Part I:

    Been all over the blogosphere today, and ran across this post that I wanted to address. Cut for length. )

    Part II: Links. )

    Part III: Poems. )
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    1. Four hours? In two weeks? TNT, you are too good to me. I love you. Now if you would just hurry up and premiere Dark Blue so I'm no longer in danger of death-by-squee whenever the previews come on, that would be great.

    2. I don't consider this a spoiler; cutting just in case. ) :D I can has this Leverage/WC crossover nao plz?! Do want.


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