Mar. 26th, 2010

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Someone already claimed the prompt I wanted, you guys! ): And I know I could make a second claim on it, but I don't think I have enough ideas for it, anyway. So, what should I write? Think I should try and get SP done in time for the fest? Alternately, there's my trans!Dean story. Or that WH13 prompt. Or the Burn Notice one. ETA: Or the Psych one (2353, "Psych, Shawn/Gus, Shawn left home for many reasons - one of which was because he really didn't know how to tell his dad that he was Shawn and not Shawna. Gus was the only one he's told, and he's always known."). Or so many many other things. Or I could just give up and read everyone else's fic instead because I can't write long fic. Your thoughts?


*deep breath* More calmly: You guys should go claim things. Not enough of the transfic is getting claimed and this is a travesty.

In unrelated news and simply because it fit slightly better here than in the srs bzns post (religion, part 2) I'm planning for later, my coworker/supervisor A told me yesterday that I was in a dream she'd had. Apparently it was just a cameo, lol, where I literally ran in one side of the scene and out the other ("hey, there's Justi--aw, darn, there he goes."), which I think is hilarious. But the best part is she was like, "Yeah, and it was great, because I had this awesome car. And you'd had surgery -- I know I had no way of knowing that, but it was one of those things you know for no reason in dreams." Pretty fantastic dream all around. (And with luck surgery will be more than a dream soon; I'm narrowing my choices slowly but surely. Or, becoming more informed, at least. >_<)

ETA (3/27): Claimed my own WC prompt this morning (#3766). It occurred to me that a) my claiming it doesn't stop anyone else from also claiming it, b) if I don't get it finished, it's my own prompt, so it hopefully wouldn't be as disappointing, and c) I had left it vague so other people could have their own ideas -- and hadn't noticed the vagueness allows me to write any of the three ideas (past-fic, present-fic, bodyswap) I'd had in that verse and still meet the prompt. So, I think I may be able to do this. (And, um, I requested the last possible posting date, so. That ought to help, too. Heh.) Wish me luck!

ETA 2: Someone also claimed the MTF!Ellen prompt, the FTM!Dean prompt, and last year's FTM!Pepper-from-Good-Omens prompt. Way to be awesome, fandom. Sooo looking forward to May now.


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