Jan. 23rd, 2010

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What the heck is wrong with me, you guys? The Trans Hammer, I has it and I wield it like a crazy person. )

And speaking of weird ideas, I should be posting one or two of them to [livejournal.com profile] whitecollarfic fairly soon (once I remember to bring my new external HD down to the computer lab with me). I’m open to your thoughts on whether I should crosspost this one.

In other news, been watching Human Target. It’s entertaining, but what was up with that second ep (“Rewind”, I believe it was called; with the plane)? Spoilers. )

Have also been, as usual, loving everything else: Castle, Forgotten, Leverage, BH, SN, BN. And just recently caught up on Mentalist and, as mentioned, Flashpoint.

To be more specific about Mentalist: OH. MY. GOD. SHOW. Next Thursday now please?! My main thoughts:
Spoilery, esp for Throwing Fire and Bleeding Heart. )

And, about WC (and SN and BN): YAY IT’S BACK. More specifically about WC: THAT SCENE. OMG YOU GUYS. I think the writers were reading the fic. You know, the one about Neal and his dislocated arm? Yeah. (“They want hurt!Neal? Let’s give them some.”) Hmog. I barely remember a thing in that episode that happened before “Peter, I trust you” because my brain went to its bunk just up and left the premises under the weight of all that AWESOME H/C. Still not enough H/C for my tastes, but my tastes run heavy on the stuff (can you say “non-con”? I may be writing one, *shame*), and at least this means there was canon that ought to inspire fic. Hopefully lots of awesome fic, am I right? :D

Holy crap, this is 800 words of LJ post. I wish I could write fic this long. I suppose that’s about it, anyway. If you have thoughts, or plot bunnies, or whatever… you know where to comment.


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