Jan. 9th, 2010

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These two things are only in the same post because I am a lazy bum -- it's 11:30 and I should be going to sleep and it's quicker this way. Whatever.

Firstly, next week is my 1-year-on-T anniversary. Whoo for me. XD As I mentioned before, I didn't end up having to switch to shots, which I'm pretty excited about, 'cause yeah. Eek. My GP and I are pretty sure I don't have an allergy -- I think the irritation I was having was just from putting my binder on afterwards and getting confused/being an idiot. Which, hey, as long as I don't have to stab myself on a regular basis. I'm not out of the woods as far as maybe having been having a hystamine-type reaction, but we're just gonna keep an eye on it for now, and if you ask me, a) this itchiness doesn't seem localized, so I wouldn't think it'd be related, and b) itchiness >>> stabbing myself with needles, so I can't even really bring myself to care. *shrug*

I related news, I got a razor for Christmas (well, sort of: did you know they made razors not intended for use on your face? yeah. that was the kind I got for Christmas by accident; Mom exchanged it the other day), so I finally shaved today. Which was.... an experience. And pretty much a PITA -- annoying electric razor fail, or probably I'm just doing it wrong? -- but at least I didn't cut my face off and I'm no longer rocking the teenage-boy pseudo-mustache-thing. More or less. Lol. Hooray.

And speaking of "hooray". Shows coming back! :DDD

Cut for 'Resurrection' spoilers. )

Hooray, show. Hooray.

Now if WC would just come back already, I would be a happy fanboy. But I'll settle for Castle on Monday, I suppose.


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