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Sep. 25th, 2010 10:44 am
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I... still haven't decided what I think about the SN s6 premiere. I think I approve. I was definitely very, very confused for large parts of it, but I'm used to that and never let that keep me from liking something (case in point: The Event). I think my problem was it just felt, idk, different, for a while (and I had a hard time getting over the idea that the people closest to Dean could somehow think he'd rather have Lisa and Ben than Sam and hunting. Um wut no). And I was really not sure about the end, initially. I think I'm coming around in favor, though, all told. 

I definitely approve of:
  • The new title card (awesome, y/y?).
  • David Paetkau (got so distracted by seeing his name in the credits that I missed quite a bit of the beginning. Those new characters are one of the reasons the ep rubbed me the wrong way -- something seems off about them, or something, idk -- but he got A WHOLE LITTLE SCENE practically to himself! I needed more of him in my life since there's been a lack of Flashpoint; thank you, Show -- I have never been so glad you shoot in Canada).
  • "Pest control" (lol win!).
  • The creepy goings-on involving djinn and werewolves and the like. This sounds like it could easily be awesome.
So, yeah. One thumb up, I guess. We'll see about the second one as it goes on. I'm hopeful.

Unrelated to Supernatural:
The Plan To Keep ‘The Event’ From Losing Altitude, Plus Questions Answered (spoilers for the pilot). Tl;dr: They're rerunning the pilot tonight (you should watch it!), and they will actually answer questions, so no worries that it'll be like Lost in that regard.
Lauren Lee Smith and Tara Spencer Nairn join season two of 'The Listener' -- Of note: "13 new episodes are being shot for season two in and around Toronto until February of 2011." AKA Season 2 is really happening, you guys! \o/
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