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 If you're not watching The Event, you should be. Trust me. (Most people apparently disagree with me, but what do they know? :)) Freaking incredible, that show is. And confusing, but that might just be me. I'll definitely need to watch it again. (I may have spent half the ep confusing Simon and Sean, despite the fact that the guy who plays Sean looks distractingly familiar.) And tune in next week, of course. So hooked.

(OK, I looked them up. Sean (Jason Ritter) was Kevin Girardi in Joan of Arcadia, and Simon (Ian Anthony Dale) was Det. Choi in Day Break. And I know they don't look anything alike, okay? >_<)

Also TV-related, oh Castle, I missed you. Also awesome. I'd thought there was no way they were going to get my mind off the last ten minutes of The Event, and then that teaser. "Wait? What the fuck? WTF?!" Crazy. (And the UST is killing me, oh god, show.)

In RL news, the career fair was Thursday. (I tried to take pics of me in my suit and none of them came out very well, but I'll probably try and post one anyway as promised.) It went alright, and even though I had a hard time answering most of the recruiters' behavioral-interview-type questions ("tell me about a project you worked on where....") I ended up getting an interview with ARGO. That was Friday morning.

It didn't go noticeably well, but I didn't crash and burn, either. Should have been more prepared for a behavioral-style interview than I was (heck, should have been more prepared for any interview than I was; first thing he asked me was what I knew about ARGO, and I'd looked at their website but still couldn't tell him very much -- I'd also had the OS project due that night). He asked me about the OS project, and about a project where I felt like I hadn't been pulling my weight. That was pretty much the perfect question for me, haha, I feel like that all the time -- but I still think I might have chosen poorly. I told him what I did about it and thankfully he gave me the chance to also say what I should have done about it, so it may not have completely ruined me.

But the most interesting bit was he went and asked me for a time when I had to "suffer" for something I wanted. I stalled and thought, OK, I can either sit here racking my brain for ages trying to come up with something else, or I can give the obvious (if somewhat exaggerated) answer. So I decided it was better to answer. It didn't seem to phase him, or at least he was totally professional about it, but I really want this job, so I hope I didn't just screw myself over.

At any rate, the usual interview Q&A at the end went well. I asked what he liked about working there and he told me he'd come in as a programmer -- so I got to hear all about the technical details of the job and such, which was great. Then I asked if he had any concerns about my qualifications. He didn't, except that my knowledge of HTML is a pretty slim and apparently they use that a good deal. So I know what I'll be teaching myself this school year. :)

Now to wait another couple weeks to I find out about the on-site interviews (and whether I get one). Speaking of on-site, they're in Richardson (aka super close to my hometown). How awesome is that? I really hope this works out. *fingers crossed*
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