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Three more drabbles, crossposted from week 70 of [livejournal.com profile] writing_game.

A/N: Set during "Need to Know" (but no major spoilers). Written 8/30/10, partially rewritten 8/31/10. Prompt: "Seedy".

No Questions Asked

Peter stared into the magazine, not really seeing the words. One eye on his surroundings (the place seemed awfully shady), he wondered.

He wondered where they were. He wondered where Neal and Mozzie had gotten the money, what they’d done to get it. He wondered what was being hidden from him, what was going on just behind his back while he sat there in his hard plastic chair with his boring magazine. He wondered what he’d done with the Sports Illustrated.

He blinked, hard, and tried to focus, deciding he didn’t really want to know.

Except about the Sports Illustrated.


A/N: Written 9/4/10 for the prompts "boss"/"own"/"first-rate".

Ownership Rights

“No way am I sending you in on this one, Neal. Not a chance.”

“I can do it, Peter!”

“I know you can,” he said. “But I’m your boss. I own you, remember?”

Neal scuffed his left foot on the ground. “You never let me forget it.”

“Right. Which means I’m responsible for you. And that means ‘no way’.”

“Fine,” Neal agreed at last, still sounding unconvinced.

“But Neal? You did good work. If we’re lucky, once we hand this off to Organized Crime, Ruiz himself will have to thank you.”

Neal smiled genuinely at that. “Keep dreaming,” he said.


A/N: Futurefic, started 8/24/10 and finished 9/5. Prompts: "period" and "free". One word has been changed since this was originally posted.

Exit Paperwork

“Well, your time’s up. I sign this, you’re a free man.” Peter opened the drawer in his desk where he kept that particular paperwork, and stopped. He looked up at Neal, his eyes narrowing. “Neal.”

Neal grinned, and produced the form from a pocket in his jacket. “You’re almost too easy.”

“You’re impossible.”

“You wouldn’t have it any other way.”

Peter gave up on trying to look stern and settled for amused. “Do you want me to sign it or not?”

Neal offered him his pen.

He took it and then did a double-take. “Did you steal my pen, too?”
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