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Because I'm apparently fixated on Neal sending cards to Peter. :) These drabbles were written and posted 8/26/10 at week 70 of [livejournal.com profile] writing_game (one word has been changed since then, but nothing important). The prompts were "everything was hand-lettered then, not like today" and "save", respectively.


They’d nearly caught him, but somehow Caffrey’d gotten out of the exhibit unnoticed.

Peter kept telling himself every failure meant more things they learned about how Caffrey ticked, that that could be what caught him next time.

He tried, but... it was his birthday; he’d hoped it would be better.

He slammed the car door a little too hard and went to get the mail as he headed into the house. On top was a postcard, addressed to him. He recognized the picture –- a piece from the exhibit. Resignedly, he flipped it over.

Happy birthday!

P.S.: Better luck next time.



Merry Christmas!

Happy birthday!

Wish you were here!

“You saved them? All of them?” Neal said, sounding half amused and half pleased.

Peter tried for seriousness, but failed to make the expression believable. He looked down at the cards instead. “They were evidence,” he said.

“If they were evidence, you wouldn’t have kept them here,” Neal declared.

Peter had to admit he was right. He let his face fall into his hand. “Oh, what have I done to the size of your ego?” he moaned.

“Nothing the house can’t withstand, I hope,” Elizabeth called from the hallway.

“Hopefully,” Peter agreed.

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Heee, too cute :D

September 23, 2010

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